Taxis and apps at London Heathrow Airport

Types and details of service, fares, location of stops and length of trip

black cabs

stop location

Outside the terminal exits

Estimated fees

The average fare from Heathrow Airport to Central London ranges from £49 – £92, depending on the traffic on the route and the area within Central London. There is a minimum fee of £3.20 + £2.80 extra for taking it inside the airport. On Christmas and New Year holidays there is another extra fee of £4. All units are metered and many of them are wheelchair accessible.

journey time

Between 30 and 60 minutes depending on traffic.

private taxis


Private transfer service in electric vehicles licensed to operate at Heathrow. With fixed rates and customer service counters in the Arrivals areas of all terminals. Rates and reservations


Britain’s largest taxi comparison site allows you to compare the most competitive quotes from customer-reviewed fleets.
Prices are fixed and include ‘Meet & Greet’ in the Arrivals area.
It has a transfer service between Heathrow and more than 550 cities in the United Kingdom.
It allows you to book individual and return trips up to 12 months before your trip. You can pay with credit cards or PayPal.
Fares to central London from £29. Rates and reservations

Uber and Lyft apps

collection points

Terminal 2 – Level 4, Row H (Short-stay car park 2)
Terminal 3 – Level 3, Row A (Short-stay car park Park 3)
Terminal 4 – Level 1, Private Hire Pick-up
Terminal 5 – Level 1, Row R ( Short stay parking 5). Fares start at £30.