Is Holloway Safe? Is It Gentrified?

Islington’s inner-city neighborhood of Holloway is well known for a variety of things, and it is a vibrant residential area that has seen major gentrification and regeneration as a result of significant investment over the course of time. Due to its tight ties and linkages to the rest of the city, this area is well … Read more

Is Uxbridge Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Uxbridge is the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Hillingdon and a suburban town in West London. It is one of the key metropolitan centers noted in the London Plan and is located 15.4 miles west-northwest of Charing Cross. The Wixan tribe, which was established in various areas of Middlesex in the seventh century, … Read more

Is Seven Sisters Safe? (+FAQs)

South Tottenham’s multiethnic and diverse neighborhood Seven Sisters surrounds the intersection of the High Road. The area is plagued with crimes as compared to other neighborhoods of London. It is frequently inhabited by corrupt people, muggers, burglars, and people with unusual behavior. Despite this, a number of families reside there, and recently, due to the … Read more

Is Isle Of Dogs Safe? A Good Place To Live?

East London, England’s Isle of Dogs, which is home to the Cubitt Town, Millwall, and Canary Wharf neighborhoods, is a sizable peninsula that is surrounded on three sides by a significant meander in the River Thames. In the past, the region was a part of Poplar’s larger borough as well as the Manor, Hamlet, and … Read more

Is Homerton Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Homerton is one of many areas of London undergoing change as it emerges from a bleak period marked by crime and violent activities. While many of the previous perceptions of Homerton being an unsafe area are still present, crime rates have drastically decreased, property prices are rising day by day, and new residents are helping … Read more

Is Edgware Safe? (Plus Other FAQs)

Edgware is a suburban community in northern Greater London that is located primarily in the London Borough of Barnet but also includes a tiny portion of Harrow. With its own commercial district, Edgware is located 9.5 miles to the northwest of Charing Cross. Up until the 1920s, Edgware was a village, and the high street’s … Read more

Does Hyde Park Close? (Plus FAQs)

Hyde Park was originally made during the reign of King Charles I and is considered one of the biggest royal parks in London.  The park is not only beautiful, but it also serves as a venue for many big events and festivals, such as music festivals, exhibitions, summer festivals, Winter Wonderland, and much more.  Tourists … Read more

Is Limehouse Safe? Is It Posh?

Limehouse is a pleasant area in East London that is home to professionals and families. Life revolves around the water in this town, which is just a stone’s throw from the Thames and is bisected by two canals. Limehouse Basin, which was established by the Regents Canal Company in the early 1800s, is brimming with … Read more

Is Colindale Safe? (Plus FAQS)

Colindale is by far one of the most dangerous areas in London. It is true that there has been no murder in Colindale recently, but there have been several violent and street crimes reported.   If you keep an eye out and be careful when you go out alone at night, you will be okay. In … Read more

Is Forest Gate Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Forest Gate is a neighborhood in the London Borough of Newham, which is located in East London, England. It’s a 7-mile drive northeast of Charing Cross. The name comes from the area’s proximity to Wanstead Flats, the southernmost section of Epping Forest. Forest Gate was once a hotbed of the 1960s music scene and continues … Read more