12 Of The Biggest Interior Design Firms In London!

London is home to some of the biggest and most reputable interior design firms in the world. 

These firms are known for their exceptional talent, unique design styles, and ability to transform any space into a work of art. 

Let’s look at some of the biggest interior design firms in London.

1.      Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners is a global architecture and design firm founded by Norman Foster in 1967. 

The firm has its headquarters in London and has worked on several high-profile projects including the British Museum, London City Hall, and the Millennium Bridge. 

Its interior design projects are known for their sleek, modern, and minimalist design style.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7738 0455

Website: https://www.fosterandpartners.com/

Address: Riverside, 22 Hester Road, London, SW11 4AN, United Kingdom.

2.      SHH Architects & Interior Designers

SHH Architects & Interior Designers is a London-based design firm that specialises in creating high-end residential and commercial interiors. 

Their portfolio includes a wide range of projects including luxury hotels, restaurants, and private residences. 

Moreover, their style is characterized by a modern yet timeless aesthetic, with a focus on attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Contact info:

Tel: +44(0)20 8600 4171

Website: https://shh.co.uk/

Address: 1 Vencourt Place, Hammersmith, London, W6 9NU, United Kingdom.

3.      Studio Ilse

Studio Ilse is a design firm founded by Ilse Crawford in 2001. It specializes in interior design, product design, and branding for luxury hotels, restaurants, and private residences. 

Their style is characterized by their warm, inviting, and tactile approach, with a focus on creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7928 0550

Website: https://www.studioilse.com/

Address: 162-164 Abbey Street, Studio 4, Neckinger Mills, London SE1 2AN.

4.      Candy & Candy

Candy & Candy is a luxury interior design and development firm founded by Nick and Christian Candy in 1999.

They have worked with the most exclusive properties in the world, including One Hyde Park in London and The Plaza Hotel in New York City. 

They use luxurious and  unique materials to create exclusive designs. 

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0)20 3841 9600

Website: https://candyldn.com/

Address: 49 Upper Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 2BR.

5.      Kelly Hoppen Interiors

Kelly Hoppen Interiors is a design firm founded by Kelly Hoppen in 1976. 

This interior design firm specializes in high-end residential and commercial interiors and has worked on projects around the world. 

They use neutral colors, clean lines, and focus on texture and natural materials.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0) 207 471 3350

Website: https://www.kellyhoppeninteriors.com/

Address: Unit 5 Vencourt Place, London, W6 9NU.

6.      David Collins Studio

David Collins Studio is a London-based interior design and architecture firm founded by the late David Collins in 1985. 

They are known for their work on luxury hotels, restaurants, and private residences, and have worked on projects around the world. 

Furthermore, they focus on creating spaces that are both glamorous and sophisticated.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0)20 3651 3325

Website: https://www.a-ldn.com/

Address: 37 – 41 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JH, United Kingdom.

7.      Anouska Hempel Design

Anouska Hempel Design is a design firm founded by Anouska Hempel in 1998. They have manufactured many luxurious yacht designs, as well as many high-end residential and commercial interiors.

They also use bold colors and patterns that make their projects unique and exclusive.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0)207 938 1515

Website: https://www.anouskahempel.com/

Address: 27 Adam and Eve Mews, Kensington, London, W8 6UG.

8.      KLC School of Design

KLC School of Design is a leading design school based in London. The school offers a range of design courses, including interior design, garden design, and architecture. 

KLC is known for its innovative approach to design education and has produced some of the most talented designers in the industry.

Contact info:

Tel: 02082263775

Website: https://www.londonsoftwaretraining.co.uk/

Address: 17 Sheep Lane, E8 3FA, London, United Kingdom.

9.      Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio is yet another big and exclusive London-based interior design firm founded by Martin Brudnizki in 2000. 

This firm has worked on many high-end projects around the world. They use sophisticated colors and decent designs for their projects.

Contact info:

Website: https://mbds.com/

Address: Unit 301-307, Level 3 South Dome, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XE.

10.   Tom Dixon Studio

Tom Dixon Studio is a design and manufacturing firm founded by Tom Dixon in 2002. 

The firm offers furniture, lighting, and accessories, and has won several awards for its innovative designs. 

When you see their projects, you will notice their use of industrial materials, minimalist design, and a focus on creating functional, yet visually striking products.

Contact info:

Website: https://www.mytheresa.com/

11.   Sophie Paterson Interiors

Sophie Paterson Interiors was founded by Sophie Paterson in 2008 and specializes in high-end residential interiors.

Sophie Paterson always wanted to create unique designs, hence always used exclusive materials for her projects. She focuses on creating comfortable and livable spaces.

Contact info:

Tel: (+44) 1372 462 529

Website: https://www.sophiepatersoninteriors.com/

12.   Laura Hammett Interiors

Laura Hammett Interiors is a design firm founded by Laura Hammett in 2008. This firm, like the others, has also worked with many high-end projects around the world. 

They have always used bold and bright colors, as well as luxurious materials in all their projects. 

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7731 7369

Website: https://laurahammett.com/

Address: Marlin House, 40 Peterborough Road, London, SW6 3BN, UK.