London Japantown: Complete Guide (+FAQs)

Official Japanese communities in cities and towns outside of Japan are known as Japantowns. J-town, Little Tokyo, or Nihonmachi are other names for Japantowns. Japanese is the native language of almost 17,000 people in London because it’s a long flight back. London has its own Japantown, where you can get your fill of Japanese food … Read more

Average Height For Men In London: A Guide

The average height of both boys and females has increased significantly over the last century, but it varies significantly depending on geography and a variety of other factors, such as genetics, hormones, nutrition, weight, etc. It is believed that a male is usually taller than his great-grandfather on average. However, the amount of height gain … Read more

Is Peckham Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Peckham is a good place to live, but it does have its drawbacks, as does any other area. Despite the Metropolitan Police’s best efforts, Londoners are nonetheless at risk of experiencing criminal activities on the streets of the city. Peckham is said to be the most dangerous location to live in the city. Peckham is … Read more

What Is Heavy Cream In The UK?

Heavy cream is a must-have ingredient, and with good reason. Soups, sauces, handmade butter, ice cream, and sour cream are just a few of the dishes that call for it. It’s prepared from the high-fat component of fresh milk and is sometimes called heavy whipping cream. When you leave fresh milk to stand, a thick … Read more

Making Friends In London In Your 20s: A Complete Guide

Making friends in your twenties in London is quite difficult. It is true that you make friends spontaneously in educational institutes, workplaces, and certain social groups. But you will often find yourself getting estranged from your friends or acquaintances and find yourself alone after graduation or after your shift is over. This is particularly true … Read more

Is Brentford Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Brentford is a town in West London, England, that is part of the Hounslow London Borough. It is located 8 miles west of Charing Cross, near the junction of the Brent and Thames rivers. In Brentford, there used to be gangs that made it difficult for the people living there. But now things have been … Read more

Is Battersea Safe? Is It Posh? (Plus FAQs)

Battersea has been rated as one of the safest and best London areas to live in for its high-security measures, pleasant environment, unity, outdoor spaces, great houses, and transportation links.  The place is filled with well-known sights that one can visit with their family. These sights for sore eyes will leave you in awe.  Given … Read more

Thames Water Bill Too High: Why & What To Do

Thames Water is the largest water and wastewater services provider in the United Kingdom, supplying 2.6 billion liters of drinking water and treating 4.7 billion liters of wastewater every day. Your water bill is either based on a fixed rate or the amount of water you really use, as detected by a water meter. The … Read more

Is Dalston, London Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Dalston is a district in East London that is part of the Hackney borough of London. It is located 4 miles north of Charing Cross. Dalston is reported to be the second most dangerous location to reside in Hackney, with 2,286 offenses. The number of theft and handling crimes reported by police this year was … Read more

Is Deptford Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Deptford, which is expanding day by day, is located in New Cross. It offers plenty of nice houses, schools, universities, transportation links, restaurants, amusement parks, and much more.   It was once fairly run down, with a constant presence of criminals, and alcoholics, but it has greatly improved in the last 30 years. The place feels … Read more