3 Of The Biggest Apple Stores In London!

Apple has combined its design expertise and creativity into its flagship locations across the world. The Apple Stores are architectural wonders and represent the pinnacle of contemporary design.

Each Apple Store has been created with the tiniest of details in mind to attract the attention of its customers and to demonstrate that Apple is a trendsetter and a cut above the competition.

The construction of Apple retail locations was a brilliant idea, and as of the time of writing, 395 Apple stores have been opened throughout the globe.

The Apple Corporation has garnered numerous architectural awards for its mastery of retail design.

Glass bridges, glass stairs, steel box constructions, entire glass cubes, and the Genius Bar are among the most distinctive and trend-setting elements of Apple Stores.

Each Apple Store is equipped with a Genius bar that provides clients with technical assistance and repairs for Apple goods.

There are over 500 Apple Stores in 25 countries, generating millions of dollars annually.

In the United Kingdom, there are a total of 39 Apple stores, with three of the largest locations being in London.

List of the biggest Apple stores in London:

  • Apple Store, Regent Street
  • Apple Store, Convent Garden
  • Apple Store, Brompton Road

1. Apple Store, Regent Street

The first biggest Apple retail store in Europe opened on Regent Street, London on November 20, 2004.

This Apple Store at Regent Street was Europe’s first opportunity to experience Apple’s distinctive retail locations, where customers could shop for and learn about the company’s revolutionary goods and services.

This store’s architecture consists of glass staircases, a glass bridge, and a magnificently illuminated glass ceiling. It is housed in an Edwardian-era structure of historical significance.

The Apple Store on Regent Street combines the building’s traditional stone front with a contemporary retail interior of glass, stainless steel, and stone.

The store also features two floors where customers can purchase and learn about the latest Apple products.

This includes dedicated sections for music, movies, and photography; a 14-meter-long Genius Bar; and The Studio, a new addition to Apple’s retail stores.

The Studio is the creative hub of the store where customers can receive free one-on-one assistance with their creative projects from highly trained Apple Creatives.

They specialize in photography, publishing, movie-making, and music.

The two specially equipped studio classrooms offer hands-on technical instruction for Mac beginners and professionals, led by Apple Experts; and a 64-seat state-of-the-art theatre where visitors can attend workshops, special events, and watch demonstrations of Apple’s latest products.

At the Apple Store on Regent Street, knowledgeable sales associates are available to assist customers in learning about Apple’s newest products.

Visitors can test-drive the entire product line of Apple, including the new iPod photo, the newest member of the iPod family as well as the entire line of Apple notebooks and desktop computers.

Customers can also visit the Genius Bar, where a Mac Genius from Apple will answer any Mac-related issues.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7153 9000

Address: 235 Regent St., London W1B 2EL, United Kingdom

2. Apple Store, Convent Garden

In 2010, Apple opened its 300th store and the 2nd biggest location in London at Covent Garden.

At the prominent address of No. 1 The Piazza, their futuristic devices are housed in a sensitively renovated historical building, mixing the old and the new flawlessly.

The store is tucked away behind a portico, so it’s not immediately apparent.

However, once inside, the great arches extend around the room’s perimeter in Yorkshire stone exposed brickwork, which pairs beautifully with the oak flooring, and the glass roof provides an abundance of natural light.

At this store, four levels are staffed by three hundred employees who are prepared to assist you in acquiring iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

You can schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar to discuss device issues or repairs. Several walk-in spots are available.

The staff can also help you set up your device and discuss the advantages of utilizing Apple devices at work with their business team.

In addition, there are numerous lessons and workshops held throughout the day to help you master the fundamentals, such as the most efficient way to use your iPad, as well as more complicated activities, such as video editing.

Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and develop new abilities at the store through a calendar of events during school breaks that will teach them the fundamentals of coding or character and music creation.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7447 1400

Address: 1-7 The Piazza, Covent Garden, London

3. Apple Store, Brompton Road

The Apple Store located at 17-27 Brompton Road is the newest and the 3rd biggest store in London. It opened its doors on July 28th.

This Apple outlet is one of seven new flagships in the recently completed Knightsbridge Estate, which has 1.5 acres of retail space and is home to renowned luxury department stores and designer boutiques.

The seating at the foot of each planter serves as a social meeting area for customers, blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoors and bringing nature right into the business.

Visitors enter through the center arcade, whose dimensions resemble those of the old Brompton Arcade, which was constructed in 1903 on the exact same site.

This new Apple Store is the first in the nation to include an ‘Apple Pickup’ click-and-collect system where consumers can pick up their purchases without having to wait.

Apple’s new Brompton Road shop features a variety of free activities every last Thursday of the month, including training and presentations on fitness, creativity, and other topics.

And this new store is all about sustainability since it is powered by 100 percent renewable energy and its interior design is inspired by forests and trees.

Customers are given a package of wildflower seeds to plant in their gardens, or if they don’t have a garden, they can plant them in the park.

This store was inspired by the vegetation in Hyde Park to create this cheery image. However, as always with Apple, it’s the details that matter.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 3089 3009

Address: 17-27 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 9LF, United Kingdom