5 Biggest Go Karting Tracks London!

There is no shortage of both outdoor and indoor go karting tracks in London. 

Attempting one of London’s amazing go karting tracks is a must, regardless of whether you’re a novice, a karting devotee, or even the next Lewis Hamilton.

If one wishes to compete in F1, they must begin with go-karting. Go Karts are smaller single-seater racing cars that may be operated by drivers as young as six years old and have a minimal learning curve.

However, you don’t have to be a future champion to enjoy Go Karting. There are numerous locations in London where Go Karting may be experienced.

Go karting provides all the thrills of auto racing, but without the requirement for a licence or prior driving experience.

In London, there is no better way to satisfy your urge for speed than with a session of fast and furious go karting!

Face off against your friends, family, or coworkers on straightaways and hairpins as you unleash your inner speed demon.

Here are the city’s biggest and most exhilarating go-kart tracks.

List of the biggest go karting tracks London:

  • TeamSport Go Karting, Docklands
  • Revolution Karting, Mile End
  • Capital Karts, Barking
  • Queens
  • TRAQ

1. TeamSport Go Karting, Docklands

Located directly on the banks of the River Thames, this one-of-a-kind attraction offers 800 meters of thrills, and the addition of a mezzanine means you may enjoy a multi-level ride.

Each of you will board a 200cc Biz Evo 3 go kart capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

These top-of-the-line karts are lightweight and easy to maneuver, so it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert driver or have never driven a car before.

You will be able to reach speeds of up to 40 mph in brand-new petrol karts as you navigate tight, hairpin bends and go full throttle down long, straight stretches of track.

Currently, the average lap time at this track is 52 seconds. Consider yourself capable of setting a new record.

Additionally, TeamSport has tracks in Tower Bridge, Edmonton, Acton, and Mitcham.


Track length: 800m

Price: From £39 per person

Address: 3 Herringham Road, Greenwich Peninsula, London, SE7 8NJ

2. Revolution Karting, Mile End

This premier outdoor 750-meter track is situated at Mile End on the Central Line, just two stops from Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street.

This is one of the quickest go-karting courses in central London, with their Bowman electric karts capable of speeds more than 45 mph.

Not only are they better for the environment, but they also provide lightning-fast acceleration and ensure that larger drivers are not left behind, as can happen with some gasoline engines.

You can pick between competing in an Open Race against the clock or a Grand Prix where you’ll compete against each other in heats. The top drivers will proceed to the thrilling final race.

In addition, with races beginning at just £25 per participant for two laps around the 550-meter floodlit track, it’s also rather affordable. This is perhaps one of the least expensive go-kart circuits in London.


Track length: 750m

Price: From £45 per person

Address: The Arches, 422-424 Burdett Road, London, E3 4AA

3. Capital Karts, Barking

The indoor go-karting track at Capital Karts is by far the longest in the United Kingdom, measuring a staggering 1,050 meters.

In fact, it is three times the length of a typical indoor go-kart track and nearly twice the length of most multi-level circuits, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

It also features 20 hair-raising turns and an 80-meter main straight where you can really put the pedal to the metal.

The sleek go karts themselves are equipped with 270cc Honda engines that can reach 45 mph, and they have adjustable seats and pedals for maximum comfort.

You will get 15 minutes of practice to familiarise yourself with the course and karts and to decide your starting grid position.

Then there will be a 35-minute race. There will be a trophy presentation for the three fastest drivers, so bring your A-game, ladies, and gentlemen!

This go-karting track’s location in Zone 4, near Upney and Barking on the District Line, makes it easily accessible, and its starting price of £27.50 per person makes it a good value.


Track length: 1,050m

Price: From £50 per person

Address: Unit 1, Rippleside, London, IG11 0RJ

4. Queens

Queens offers a unique go-karting experience in London. You can attempt ice karting, in which you race go karts across a massive ice rink.

Imagine ice skating coupled with go-karting, or James Bond gliding his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish across a glacier while drifting like in Fast & Furious!

The ice rink provides less friction than a typical go-kart course, allowing you to race with an almost weightless sensation.

On this slick surface, you won’t be able to travel as quickly, but you can still reach speeds of roughly 20 mph.

You will receive comprehensive safety training before you are outfitted and ready to hit the ice.

Each of you will receive two 10-minute periods on the track in which you will race against one another, adding a healthy dose of competitive spirit and banter to your enjoyable day out.

At Queens, you may also try your hand at ice skating, curling, and bowling before or after dining at the on-site restaurant or bar.


Track length: 1,000m      

Price: From £35

Address: 17 Queensway, Bayswater, London, W2 4QP


TRAQ in Croydon, Greater London, is a popular destination for a day of excitement and amusement.

They provide Arrive and Drive sessions in which you can compete against your friends in 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals.

They also include Endurance Races, in which you must work as a team to defeat your opponents on the track and (hopefully) leave them in the dust!

Grand Prix is certainly one of their most popular events. You will become familiar with the karts during four heats of practice, two semi-final races, and a final race.

The winner will receive a trophy, champagne, and bragging rights for life (or at least the remainder of the day).


Track length: 1,200m

Price: From £35

Address: Jessops Way, Croydon, Greater London, CR0 4TS