6 Of The Biggest DFS Stores In The UK

In the competitive retail market for home furnishings, DFS has made a name for itself in the UK.

It has built a solid reputation for providing a wide selection of high-quality furniture and great customer service over the course of a long history spanning several decades.

This article focuses on the top six DFS locations in the UK, highlighting their unique qualities, great product offerings, and engaging in-store experiences.

These stores are certain to satisfy your furniture fantasies, whether you’re looking for a comfortable sofa, a classy dining set, or fashionable accessories.

1.      DFS Manchester

The DFS store in this northern powerhouse, Manchester, which is a thriving city, stands out as a true gem in the DFS crown.

Every customer will discover their ideal piece of furniture in this vast store’s outstanding variety, which includes both traditional and modern pieces.

Sofa lovers will find a wide selection of comfortable and fashionable seating options at this location, which caters to a range of interests and preferences.

Moreover, customers can always count on educated personnel for individualized support and sound advice, ensuring they make well-informed choices.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 333 999 9777

Website: https://www.dfs.co.uk/

Address: Castlemore Retail Park, Throstles Grn, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 0SN, United Kingdom

2.      DFS Birmingham

The DFS location in Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK, is proof of the company’s dedication to excellence.

This spacious store displays a wide variety of furniture lines that are suitable for different budgets and design preferences.

It has a wide variety of alternatives to remodel any house, ranging from opulent leather sofas to svelte and contemporary dining sets.

The unique structure of this store allows clients to view completely furnished room displays that spark imagination and help them picture the furnishings in their own homes.

Shopping is made even more delightful by the interior design team of the store, who can provide specialized advice.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 333 999 9777

Website: https://www.dfs.co.uk/

Address: Camp Hill Middleway, John Kempe Way, Birmingham B12 0HU, United Kingdom

3.      DFS London

One of DFS’s most beautiful and recognizable stores is located in London, the capital of the UK.

It is located in the center of this international city and offers a wide selection of furniture designs that deftly combine comfort, functionality, and style.

Everything from luxurious velvet sofas to numerous storage options may be found in the store’s enormous range.

This store’s cooperation with well-known British designers, which yields rare and modern furniture items that capture the spirit of the city, is one of its attractions.

With its enviable location and unmatched product selection, DFS London continues to be a favourite choice for discriminating customers looking for high-end furniture.

Contact info:

Website: https://www.dfs.co.uk/

Address: 166a Granville Road, London, England, NW2 2LD

4.      DFS Glasgow

The DFS store in Glasgow is a symbol of the company’s dedication to catering to clients in the entire UK.

This store has a vast selection of furniture alternatives, from luxurious recliners to sophisticated bedroom sets.

The devoted crew at DFS Glasgow goes above and beyond to meet each customer’s demands, which has earned the store a reputation for having great customer service.

The store also frequently runs special events and sales that further improve the shopping experience for its devoted clientele.

Furthermore, it is a true powerhouse in the furniture retail industry thanks to its broad selection of products and superior customer service.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 333 999 9777

Website: https://www.dfs.co.uk/

Address: Furniture Park, London Rd, Glasgow G32 8NS, United Kingdom

5.      DFS Edinburgh

The DFS store in Edinburgh delivers an amazing furniture buying-experience while capturing a sense of Scottish flair.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of furniture in the store that embodies both traditional and modern design elements, making it easy for them to discover items that complement the aesthetics of their homes.

The store goes above and beyond in its devotion to client happiness, offering opulent armchairs and chic dining room sets.

Additionally, it has a devoted staff of interior design professionals that provide customers with free consultations and assist them in designing places that reflect their own personalities.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 333 999 9777

Website: https://www.dfs.co.uk/

Address: A1 Milton Link, Newcraighall, Edinburgh EH15 3QH, United Kingdom

6.      DFS Croydon

The DFS store, located in Croydon, South London, is renowned for its excellent furniture collections and spotless display design.

This store, which spans two levels, offers a wide selection of modern and traditional designs, giving consumers countless possibilities for their houses.

Customers at DFS Croydon can visualize furniture pieces in several home settings thanks to the store’s thoughtful design zones and visual displays, which aid in decision-making. 

A family-friendly atmosphere is also guaranteed with its children’s play area, making furniture shopping a stress-free experience for everyone.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 333 999 9777

Website: https://www.dfs.co.uk/

Address: Valley Leisure Park, Hesterman Way, Croydon CR0 4YJ, United Kingdom