6 Of The Smallest Schools In London!

There are many different kinds of educational institutions in London, from big schools to small ones. 

The top six smallest schools in London will be examined in this article along with their distinctive qualities and contributions to the neighborhood’s educational system.

1. The Willowbrook School

The Willowbrook School, which is located in the green Richmond area, takes pride in its small class sizes and nurturing atmosphere. 

This elementary school guarantees each child’s individualized attention and holistic development with an average student-teacher ratio of 10:1. 

Since its founding in 1952, the school has embraced a progressive philosophy of education that emphasizes hands-on learning, creative expression, and outdoor activities. 

A wide curriculum that incorporates academic rigor with artistic endeavors, outdoor education, and community involvement benefits students. 

The close-knit community at The Willowbrook School develops strong bonds between students, parents, and faculty, resulting in a welcoming and encouraging learning environment.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 8539 1428

Website: https://willowbrook-gst.org/

Address: 190 Church Rd, London E10 7BH, United Kingdom

2. St. Mary’s Academy

St. Mary’s Academy is a tiny independent secondary school that is tucked away in the energetic area of Islington and recognized for its academic prowess and inclusive spirit. 

The 1965-founded school aims to give pupils a well-rounded education that fosters their intellectual, social, and emotional development while offering a wide choice of disciplines. 

This school, which has about 200 students enrolled, fosters a strong feeling of community and encourages active involvement in extracurricular activities including sports, drama, and music. 

Because of the school’s small size, each student may receive individualized attention and intimate mentoring relationships, allowing them to develop to their maximum potential.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7359 1870

Website: https://www.stmarys.islington.sch.uk/

Address: Fowler Road, London, N1 2EP

3. The Ivy Grove School

The Ivy Grove School is a small primary and secondary school that is committed to instilling a love of learning in its students. 

It is located in the scenic Hampstead area. The school maintains a maximum class size of 15 children, providing individualized instruction and tailored support, with an emphasis on academic performance and character development. 

This school opened its doors in 1990 and offers a broad range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, and the arts, to supplement its traditional curriculum. 

Students feel respected and encouraged throughout their academic journeys in this close-knit community because of the school’s emphasis on developing strong relationships and a supportive environment.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 3876 6555

Website: https://www.thegroveschool.co.uk/

Address: Downhills Park Rd, London N17 6AR, United Kingdom

4. The Maplewood Academy

The Maplewood Academy is a small co-educational primary school known for its dedication to academic success and character development. 

It is situated in the peaceful neighborhood of Wimbledon. The school provides a nurturing and engaging environment where kids may develop, with an average class size of 12 students. 

It was established in 1985 and provides a thorough curriculum that prioritizes basic topics while encouraging innovation, critical thinking, and social responsibility. 

Due to the small size of the school, it is easy for parents, teachers, and students to work closely together, building a strong sense of community and allowing for individualized support for each student’s needs. 

The Maplewood Academy’s all-encompassing educational philosophy guarantees that students not only achieve academic success but also become morally upright and have a passion for lifelong learning.

Contact info:

Website: https://www.maplewoodacademy.net/

5. The Oakfield Preparatory School

The Oakfield Preparatory School, a renowned independent primary school that takes pride in its intimate, family-like atmosphere, is located in the picturesque Dulwich area. 

The school guarantees individualized attention and a friendly learning environment with a cap on class sizes at 16. 

This institute emphasizes character development, creativity, critical thinking, and academic excellence. 

In addition to the basic courses, the school also provides music, drama, and physical education as part of its comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum. 

A strong sense of belonging and teamwork are fostered by the intimate bonds between students, teachers, and parents, resulting in a welcoming and inclusive community.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 8670 4206

Website: https://www.oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk/

Address: 125-128 Thurlow Park Rd, Norwood, London SE21 8HP, United Kingdom

6. The Brookside Academy

The Brookside Academy is a small secondary school that places an emphasis on academic excellence and all-around growth. It is situated in the charming Chiswick area. 

The school, which has a student body of about 150, offers a small-school atmosphere where each student receives specialized attention and support. 

The committed and knowledgeable faculty and staff at the school make sure that students are supported and pushed throughout their academic careers. 

In order to provide students with a well-rounded education and to encourage a feeling of responsibility and community engagement, The Brookside Academy also provides a wide choice of extracurricular activities, such as sports, the arts, and volunteer work.

Contact info:

Tel: 01458 443340

Website: https://www.brooksideacademy.co.uk/


The smallest schools in London have a lot to offer in terms of individualized care, tight-knit communities, and specialized educational opportunities. 

Students at schools like The Willowbrook School, St. Mary’s Academy, The Ivy Grove School, The Maplewood Academy, The Oakfield Preparatory School, The Brookside Academy, and others are given access to a special atmosphere that develops close bonds, academic performance, and personal development. 

Inspiring students to discover their passions, cultivate critical thinking abilities, and flourish in a caring environment are priorities in these schools.

These smaller schools offer an alternate strategy that emphasizes the benefits of a close-knit community and a personalized educational experience. 

London is recognized for its bustling metropolis and larger educational institutions. 

These schools provide a unique educational experience that has a long-lasting effect on students’ lives, whether it be through lower class sizes, loving surroundings, or a focus on holistic development. 

We must acknowledge and value the essential contributions made by these tiniest schools in developing the following generation of learners and leaders as we celebrate the diversity of London’s educational scene.