Archery London: Where to Find the Best Archery Experience in the City

London is home to a variety of archery clubs that cater to different skill levels and preferences. Whether one is looking for a casual birthday party activity or a serious training ground, there is an option available. The archery community is welcoming and passionate, and visitors can expect a friendly atmosphere regardless of their goals for the day.

This guide aims to provide an overview of the best archery ranges in London, including where to find them and practical tips for exploring them. From Archery Tag to one-on-one sessions with experts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Where to Practise Archery in London

London is home to a variety of archery ranges that cater to archers of all levels. Here are six of the best places to practise archery in the city.

2020 Archery

Located in Bermondsey, 2020 Archery is an award-winning archery range that prides itself on being accessible to everyone, including the visually impaired. They offer classes for all levels, which can be bought in bulk and spread out over several months. For those who just want to shoot a few casual arrows, there is also a ‘have a go’ option. In addition, they offer Archery Tag, a game of elimination played with soft-tipped arrows, which is perfect for stag parties.

Experience Archery

Experience Archery, located in Archway, takes archery seriously. They have high-level coaches on hand to give classes in Olympic recurve bows, the bows used by professional archers, and have won competitions with such bows in the past. Joining the elite archery club they are linked with is possible for those who reach the top of their game at Experience Archery.

London Archers

London Archers, located in Paddington, is one of the most revered archery clubs in London, having been in operation since 1938. During the summertime, they have the privilege of accessing the grounds at Kensington Palace Gardens. However, to shoot here, one must be a member of the club. Membership fees are only £54 per year for 18-50 year-olds, and they train in multiple bow types, including the pro recurve style, compound, and longbows.

Archery Fit

Located in Greenwich, Archery Fit is an enthusiastic range with a friendly team of instructors. The head of the operation, Kate, has won national championships in Britain and Russia and has a slew of medals and trophies to prove it. The team is dedicated to providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere for archers of all levels to get stuck into the hobby. For those seeking a fun, low-pressure induction into archery, Archery Fit is the place to go.

Elite Archery Coaching

Elite Archery Coaching, located in Chiswick, is a range that lives up to its name. The instructors are highly qualified and specialise in taking people to the best they can be in the sport. One-on-one classes are offered in all levels of archery, from beginner to competition level. If you want to learn the ultimate way of the warrior and get down to samurai-level skills, this is the place for you.

Hampstead Bowmen

The Hampstead Bowmen, located in Hampstead, is a small and friendly archery club that welcomes anyone with a curiosity about the sport. They offer beginners courses and more advanced archery classes for those who have taken their game up to the next level. This is a place for anyone keen on archery to come and socialise with like-minded people. Membership fees are £80 per year, which includes insurance in case of accidents on the range.

In summary, London offers a variety of top-notch archery ranges that cater to archers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a range out there for you.

Practical Tips for Finding the Right Archery Range in London

When exploring the best places for archery in London, it is important to consider your goals. Whether you are looking for serious training or just a fun activity, finding the right range is crucial. Here are some practical tips to help you find the perfect archery range:

  • Research different ranges in your area and check their websites for information on membership and fees.
  • Consider attending a trial session or taster day to get a feel for the range and its facilities.
  • Look for ranges that offer equipment rental or have a pro shop on site for purchasing gear.
  • If you are already a member of an archery club, check if they have partnerships with other ranges for reduced rates.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can find the best archery range in London that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.