Here’s Where To Get Free Food In London!

You might believe it’s difficult to get free food in London, but it isn’t. Getting meals for free is even better than saving money on it.  The good news is, there are several legal ways to get free food, all of which adhere to the rules. Now, the question is: How and where to get … Read more

Here’s Where To Get Dunks In London!

Debuted in 1985 as Nike’s new, high-performance basketball sneaker, the Nike Dunk’s design is a unique amalgamation of the sportswear powerhouse’s predecessors: the Terminator, the Air Force 1, the Air Jordan 1, and the Legend. On its release, the evolutionary style quickly became popular in the worlds of skateboarding, basketball, and fashion, and has had … Read more

Will London Be Underwater In The Future? An Overview!

London has historically been a major hub for trade, politics, and the arts thanks to its extensive history, iconic landmarks, and lively culture.  However, the question arises: Could London too be doomed to be submerged by rising sea levels as the world struggles with the effects of climate change?  In this article, we will examine … Read more

Here’s Why London’s Water Taste Bad!

Everything we eat and drink has a flavor, and what one person finds to be heaven may be hell to another. How your tap water tastes, smells, and is clear depends on where you live in the nation. Your water may also be hard or soft, or it may include varied levels of pollutants. The … Read more

Here’s Where To Get Cheap Clothes In London!

London can be a pretty costly place to live in, but you can still get affordable stuff from a variety of cheap stores and markets.  If you enjoy shopping and are looking for some affordable options, London has no shortage. In fact, every area of London has something to offer.  Here are some of the … Read more

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Here’s Where Aussies In London Live!

Aussies in London is a community that was founded in the early days of Facebook as a means of connecting. The community has developed throughout time and continues to do so. According to reports, 41,000 Australians moved to London in 2017. If you’re one of the 41,000 hoping to join London’s 8 million-strong population, you’re … Read more

Here’s Where To Get Raw Milk In London!

Raw milk is defined as one that has not been homogenized or pasteurized. In Scotland, it is against the law to sell raw milk. However, you can get raw milk in London but only through registered milk production farms.  More than 200 farmers sell unpasteurized raw milk directly to customers at their farms, at farmers’ … Read more