Biggest Topshop Store In London!

Topshop was a British fashion retailer that offered trendy and affordable clothing for women. It was founded in 1964 and had numerous stores worldwide, including flagship stores in London and New York.

Topshop’s clothing collections were known for their stylish designs and collaborations with fashion industry insiders.

However, the company faced financial difficulties and went into administration in 2020, resulting in the closure of its physical stores.

As of 2021, the brand operates exclusively online through its website and continues to offer its popular fashion lines to customers around the world.

The flagship store in London was opened in 1994 and had undergone several renovations since then, including a major refurbishment in 2018 that saw the addition of new features and technology.

However, the owner of furniture retail giant IKEA purchased Topshop’s former flagship store on Oxford Street, giving the Swedish megabrand a home in London’s West End that will garner headlines.

How Many Floors Did The Flagship Store Of Topshop Had In London?

It had four floors and was one of the largest stores in London.

The ground floor of the store was home to Topshop’s signature clothing and accessories ranges, including the brand’s popular denim collection.

The floor was divided into several sections, with each section showcasing a different range of products. There was also a beauty section that stocks a range of makeup and skincare products from a variety of brands.

The first floor of the store was dedicated to Topman, the male counterpart to Topshop.

There, customers could find a range of clothing and accessories for men, including suits, shoes, and grooming products.

The section was laid out in a similar way to the ground floor, with different areas showcasing different products.

The second floor of the store had Topshop’s Boutique range, which offered a more premium selection of clothing and accessories.

The floor featured exclusive designs and limited edition pieces that were not available in other Topshop stores.

There was also a personal shopping service on this floor, which allowed customers to receive one-on-one styling advice from a Topshop stylist.

The third floor of the store was the largest and most diverse. It featured a range of fashion and lifestyle products, including activewear, swimwear, and lingerie.

There was also a shoe lounge that stocks a range of footwear, from sneakers to heels.

In addition, the floor housed a concession from vintage retailer Beyond Retro, as well as a café and a pop-up space that hosts a range of events and installations.

It’s a shame that this beautiful layout is no more and has been replaced.  

Did Ikea Replace Topshop In London?

Ikea’s owner has purchased Topshop’s biggest flagship store on Oxford Street, for an estimated $378 million, providing a new home for the Swedish furnishings brand in the heart of London.

The purchase of the building’s long leasehold, which includes a now-vacant huge Topshop outlet in addition to other stores on the same street, will be finalized in a couple of months.

Ikea intends to create a store there in the fall of 2023, specializing in home-furnishing items such as lights and drapes.

Additionally, there will be a cafe and a variety of bedroom sets on sale, with the retailer’s full selection of furniture available for home delivery.

Why Did Topshop Get Replaced?

Due to financial issues, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2020, resulting in the closing of its physical outlets.

As of 2021, the brand exclusively operates online via its website and continues to offer its popular fashion lines to customers worldwide.

Can You Still Order From Topshop Online?

Unfortunately, Topshop, the British fashion retailer, has permanently closed its physical stores in London, including its biggest flagship store on Oxford Street.

The brand was once known for its trendy apparel, footwear, and accessories, and had a large online following.

However, it faced financial struggles and was acquired by ASOS, another British online fashion retailer, which now owns the Topshop brand.

As of our knowledge cutoff in September 2021, ASOS had announced plans to relaunch Topshop on its own website and offer some of the brand’s popular styles.

It’s true that Topshop is available again as a part of ASOS’s online store, but it’s unclear if it will have its own separate online store in the future.

On ASOS, you will come across Topshop’s finest apparel and accessories, including their new range of smooth and silky dresses.

Their impeccable suits, bold and colorful dresses, and high-quality footwear will definitely leave your jaws dropped even though the physical store is no more.

Their summer dresses with a hint of nostalgia for the 1990s are ideal for an eventful season.

Moreover, they have layers that could be mixed and matched for a sophisticated look. Check their website to see what else they are offering.

Even if their biggest flagship store is permanently closed, you still have access to ASOS.