Can You See The Eiffel Tower From London? Explained!

During the pandemic, a video of the Eiffel Tower appearing to be visible from the London Eye went viral on the Internet.

It created a huge confusion and misunderstanding among the people of London. Later, it was revealed that the video was false.

The footage claimed that the Eiffel Tower is visible from the London Eye because of less air pollution, as individuals maintained their self-isolation. ‘We are the Virus,’ the video’s description read, referring to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The London Eye is in South London, about 200 miles from Paris. A large television transmitter stood in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Because the Eiffel tower is 719 meters tall, it is probable that some people will mistake it for it.

The crystal palace transmission mast is the name of this structure. The transmission tower, which was constructed in 1956, is still in service as the major transmitter for several London television and radio stations.

A Reddit member posted the video to a subreddit, where it was viewed by a large number of people. Some Reddit users quickly pointed out that the video was not of the Eiffel Tower at all.

The video, however, went viral despite this. Some people were also quick to point out that the Eiffel Tower cannot be seen in great detail from London.

So, in short, there is no possible way that you can see the Eiffel tower from London.

Can You See The Eiffel Tower From The Shard?

No, you cannot see the Eiffel Tower from the Shard. In fact, you cannot see the Eiffel Tower from anywhere in London.

The distance between the Shard and the Eiffel Tower is 463.2 km which makes it impossible to be seen.

How Far Away Can The Eiffel Tower Be Seen?

The Eiffel Tower known as one of the city’s tallest structures can be seen from practically every vantage point.

Eiffel Tower can also be seen from the cities that are near Paris. It depends on how much height you are at. The more the height, the more visible it will be.

The top five spots for tourists to see the Eiffel Tower are listed below:

  • A Seine River Cruise.
  • Place du Trocadéro.
  • Champs de Mars.
  • The Pont de la Concorde or any of the nearby bridges.
  • Those are some of the top Notre Dame Basketball players.
  • This page is devoted to Sacre Cur at its top.
  • Centre Georges Pompidou.

What Looks Like The Eiffel Tower In London?

Watkin’s Tower, in Wembley Park, London, England, was a partially built iron lattice tower. It was built as part of an ambitious scheme led by railway entrepreneur Edward Watkin to build a 358-meter (1,175-foot) high visitor attraction in Wembley Park, north of the city.

It was named “The Great Tower of London”, inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and was expected to exceed it in height, reaching about 1,200 feet.

The construction company ran into financial difficulties during the next two years and fell into voluntary bankruptcy in 1899. Work on the tower stopped, and it was never completed.

Watkin died in 1901, and the “unsafe” site was closed to the public the following year after development was suspended. The finished portion of the tower was demolished using explosives between 1904 and 1907.

It never progressed beyond the first stage of construction, which had become the “London Stump”.

It was demolished about 120 years ago, leaving an unfulfilled goal and enormous concrete foundations that were not discovered in 2002 when the current stadium was constructed to replace an older one.