Can You Use Scottish Pounds In London? Answered!

When traveling abroad, it’s essential to know what currency you’ll need and if your home currency is accepted.

If you are from Scotland and planning to visit London, you might wonder if you can use Scottish pounds in the English capital.

Let’s dig deeper and answer some common questions that Scottish travelers may have about using their currency in London.

What Is The Scottish Pound, And How Is It Different From The British Pound Sterling?

The Scottish pound, also known as the pound Scots, was the currency of Scotland before the country united with England in 1707.

Today, the official currency of Scotland is the British pound sterling, which is used throughout the United Kingdom.

While Scottish notes have the same value as sterling notes, they are not legal tender in England and are not universally accepted.

Can You Use Scottish Pounds In London?

Although Scottish pounds are not recognized as legal tender in England, they can be converted into British pounds sterling at banks and exchange bureaus.

It is best to check ahead of time because not all currency exchange bureaus take Scottish pounds.

Additionally, it’s totally up to the individual establishments in London whether or not they accept Scottish notes.

Are Scottish Pounds Accepted In All Parts Of Scotland?

The value of Scottish notes is equal to that of British pounds sterling, and they are accepted anywhere in Scotland.

However, some establishments in Scotland, especially those that cater to tourists, might prefer to only accept British currency.

When traveling in Scotland, it is always a good idea to have a mix of Scottish and British currency.

Are There Any Differences Between Scottish And British Notes?

Scottish banknotes resemble British notes in appearance but have different patterns and hues.

Scottish banknotes also include distinctive Scottish icons and historical characters like Mary Slessor and Robert Burns.

Outside of Scotland, they are not commonly acknowledged, despite the fact that some individuals might find them more intriguing or appealing than British notes.

Can You Use Scottish Pounds To Pay For Goods Online Or By Card?

No, Scottish pounds are not recognized as a valid currency online, and they cannot be used to pay for goods or services by card.

Online transactions are usually conducted in British pounds sterling, regardless of the location of the buyer or seller.

Do London Banks And Exchange Bureaus Exchange Scottish Pounds For Other Currencies?

Yes, Scottish pounds can be exchanged for other currencies in London banks and exchange offices.

It’s important to note that Scottish banknotes are not accepted by all companies and banks outside of Scotland, and they are not recognized as legal cash in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

Having said that, the majority of the city’s biggest banks and exchange offices should accept and exchange Scottish banknotes for foreign currencies.

Always check the exchange bureau’s website or give them a call in advance to inquire about their foreign exchange policies and rates.

Do You Need To Exchange Scottish Pounds For English Pounds Before Traveling To London?

No, you don’t have to convert your Scottish currency into English money before going to London.

However, it’s usually a good idea to bring some English pounds with you just in case, as certain companies might prefer to accept them over Scottish pounds.

Additionally, it’s advisable to check with your bank or credit card provider if you intend to use traveler’s checks or credit cards to see if there are any fees or limitations related to using them in England.

Are There Any Fees Or Charges When Exchanging Scottish Pounds In London?

You should be able to convert Scottish Pounds for English Pounds at any bank or currency exchange bureau in London without paying any fees or charges because both the Scottish Pound and the English Pound are accepted as legal money in Scotland and England, respectively.

However, due to the lower demand for Scottish Pounds in London, the exchange rate you receive might not be as favorable as if you were exchanging a widely used currency, like US dollars or euros.

To get the greatest deal, it’s always a good idea to compare exchange rates and fees from various suppliers.

How Easy Is It To Find Places That Accept Scottish Pounds In London?

Since Scottish pounds are not recognized as legal tender in England, they are not commonly accepted in London.

You might have trouble locating places that will take them because it is not customary for places to accept them.

To minimize any hassle, it is advised that you convert your Scottish pounds into British pounds before you go to London as we mentioned above.

In the majority of Scotland’s towns and cities, you can swap them in banks, post offices, or currency exchange offices.