Is KFC Halal In London?

Many Muslims in the United Kingdom enjoy KFC, but is it halal? KFC takes pride in fulfilling the expectation of its customers, with locations around the country and worldwide. Many people, however, avoid such restaurants because they think they are not truly halal. They claim that many of their London locations also provide halal and … Read more

Is London Bigger Than New York?

Although both London and New York are extremely crowded, each has its own distinct traits. London has a significantly larger population than New York, and it continues to grow rapidly. When it comes to size, London is unquestionably larger than New York, with far more space for its residents. Both cities are known for their … Read more

Does It Snow In London? Explained!

London is England’s largest city as well as the United Kingdom’s capital. The climate in the old city is temperate oceanic, with variable temperatures throughout the year. Summers are hot and humid, whereas winters are often pleasant and not too chilly. It rarely snows in London. The city of London, as a huge urban center, … Read more

List Of Prop Trading Firms in London (Plus FAQS)

Proprietary trading is a type of trading, in which a company or institution invests its own money in stocks, commodities, bonds, and other financial instruments. A prop trading firm invests for direct market gain rather than generating commission dollars by trading on behalf of clients. Prop trading is a great option for beginners with small … Read more

5 Of The Worst Universities in London!

It can be difficult to find a university that suits your interests. Several annual university rankings are an excellent way to sort through the vast number of educational institutions. These rankings facilitate study by offering a fully prepared list of the best and worst universities based on extensive research. However, those rankings may still leave … Read more

List Of The Biggest Supermarkets In London

One of the first things you’ll probably do when you arrive in the UK is to go to the supermarket. It’s one of the most underappreciated perks of living abroad. When confronted with aisles upon aisles of unique and amazing delicacies, you quickly realize you are no longer at home. You will definitely be pleased … Read more

Is London Safe At Night? Explained!

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Top 7 Biggest Tesco Stores in London

Tesco is a global British grocery and general products company based in Welwyn Garden City, England. It is the world’s third-largest retailer in terms of gross revenue and the ninth-largest in terms of revenues. It operates stores in five European nations and is the UK’s grocery market leader (where it has a market share of … Read more