Coronation Events: A Guide to Royal Ceremonies and Traditions

London is gearing up for a historic moment as the coronation of Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla approaches. With a plethora of events and activities lined up, the city is set to celebrate this occasion in grand style. From brunches to exhibitions, and from dining out to visiting a Tesco pub, there is no shortage of options for those looking to make the most of this special weekend.

In this guide, readers will find a comprehensive list of the best events and activities to attend during Coronation Weekend. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this guide will help you make the most of this historic moment in London’s history.

Key Takeaways

  • London has a variety of events and activities planned for Charles III’s coronation weekend.
  • Options include dining out, brunches, exhibitions, and visiting a Tesco pub.
  • This guide provides a comprehensive list of the best events and activities to attend during Coronation Weekend.

All the Best Things to do on Coronation Weekend

Catch the Coronation Parade

Witness the grandeur of the coronation ceremony by catching the Coronation Parade on Saturday 6th May. The parade involves a horse-drawn carriage ride from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey and back again. Seats along the route of the Coronation Procession can be grabbed around the Mall and Whitehall. However, it is recommended to arrive early. Alternatively, the parade can be watched on a big screen in one of London’s royal parks. Check out the full guide of Coronation viewpoints and tips to make the most of this event.

Indulge in an Afternoon Tea

The afternoon tea is a quintessential English tradition that is celebrated in London with great fervor. With all the big events coming up, London has gone wild for afternoon tea. You can enjoy them in fancy hotels and quaff expensive champagne as you do. The procession can be watched on tele as you spread jam across scones and tuck in to finger sandwiches. You can even try one with a Nordic twist. Check out the favorite coronation afternoon tea deals here.

Sip Cocktails at Radio Rooftop

Hotel ME has concocted two special coronation cocktails for the occasion at their rooftop bar, Radio Rooftop. One of them, The King’s Speech, is a mixture of port, Glenfiddich 15, and a dash of truffle honey. The other, called Coronation, mixes champagne, vodka, and cointreau with jasmine and hibiscus syrup. These cocktails can be enjoyed alongside a plate of traditional nibbles like scotch eggs and lobster cocktails.

Smash Britpop Brunch at 100 Wardour Street

For those who want to party on the extra bank holiday, 100 Wardour Street is throwing a Britpop brunch on Sunday 7th May. The best of British artists will be laid down as you dine out on a three-course menu paired with Ciroc cocktails. Book a table here to enjoy this event.

Hit the Tesco Pub

Tesco is opening a pub for the coronation weekend, which is only for the weekend. They have put together a menu of reasonably priced food that looks pretty good. The proceeds of this fine pop-up will be going to The Princes Trust, a charity set up by Charles III himself that helps young people get into jobs, education, and training.

Treat Your Dog Like Royalty

M Canary Wharf is throwing a special doggy brunch where you can dine alongside your furry friend. The special doggy brunch includes three courses such as jerky three-ways, biltong risotto, and peanut butter cookies. £5 from every ticket sold will go to the Dogs Trust, and all of the above food is dog-friendly. Book here to enjoy this event.

Drink Pimms on a Rooftop

Skylight never misses a chance to throw a good party. For the coronation weekend, they will be throwing a few parties. At Tobacco Docks on Saturday 6th May, you can knock back as much Pimms as you like on a bottomless deal while being the first to dine out on their new spring menu of street-foody classics. Then on Sunday at the Peckham location, they’re throwing a classic brunch where they’ll be testing out their new BBQ and serving up the grub alongside a new mix of specialty gin cocktails.

Immerse Yourself in Royal Life

Frameless is opening a new segment of their much-talked-about and highly immersive shows. This one features none other than the late queen herself. They’re essentially projecting footage of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Afternoon teas will be available from their cafe bar, so you can grab one of those, post up in the coronation room, and really soak in those royal vibes, glass of bubbly in hand. Entry to the coronation exhibit is free with any Frameless ticket.

Party at the King’s House

King’s House in Chelsea is putting on a good weekend of party events that should be on your radar. The coronation ceremony will be screened on the Saturday morning while you enjoy a leisurely brunch and cocktails from their garden bar. Then on Sunday, they’re taking full advantage of the temporary change in licensing laws to throw a party until 2 am. They’ve got DJs lined up, and the party starts the moment Sunday brunch finishes. The highlight of the party is probably the free hog roast.

Watch the Pageantry at Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is going to offer a rival option to the screens in Hyde Park that will also, no doubt, be busy as a bad day in hell. They’ve got screens of their own going up and will be showing all the royal events from the comfort of their waterside location. They’re getting in some live

Coronation Weekend: Practical Tips and Map

London is expected to be extremely busy during the coronation weekend, with people coming from all over the UK and possibly the world. As a result, transportation will be heavily impacted, with road closures and crowded tubes. To make the most of the weekend, pubs will be open until 1am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

For those with questions about the ceremonies, the non-events guide provides more information on where to see them and when they will take place. It is recommended to refer to this guide for any unanswered questions.

To navigate the city during this busy time, a map of the area may be helpful. It is advised to plan ahead and allow extra time for travel. Additionally, staying informed on any updates or changes to transportation schedules may be beneficial.

Practical tips for the weekend include:

  • Checking transportation schedules and planning ahead
  • Making reservations for restaurants and attractions in advance
  • Bringing comfortable walking shoes
  • Carrying a map or GPS device
  • Staying aware of personal belongings in crowded areas

Overall, preparation and flexibility will be key to enjoying the coronation weekend in London.