These are The Only Dutch Bars In London!

Bars, pubs, restaurants, and many theatres in London as soon as they reopened after COVID-19 restrictions lifted were started getting filled up. Cocktail culture is pretty common in London. At night, people stop by their favorite bars to have a few drinks with friends after a tiring day.

It has always been a culture in London that people would come to the bars inquest of parties since the beginning of time, downing drinks and throwing shapes on dance floors as if no one was looking.

Dutch bars in London, the most famous one being Des Hems, offer everything, from glamorous cocktail bars to taverns and dives, and you will always find something nice to have a drink here, whatever you fancy.

The city looks beautiful at night, and the bars look even more beautiful. At Dutch bars, different creative drinks are created using unique ingredients. The bartenders here are professional and love experimenting with new things, hence producing different kinds of cocktails.

After all that, a little something to eat would be a cherry on top. Apart from delicious drinks, they also offer brunch, lunch, dinner, and many yummy snacks to munch on with your friends or colleagues.

With that being said, a cozy Dutch bar in London after a long day is one of the nicest things about the city. If you are a local, you must have visited many of the city’s charming and cozy bars and must have loved them. But if you haven’t tried the Dutch bar in London, you’re missing out on a lot. 

The Dutch bars in the United Kingdom are historic and enriched with traditions with no pretense. They are a living history with a side of alcohol.

So, if you’re looking to hang out with your mates to have a few drinks, why not go to a Dutch bar. The following are two of the most popular bars in London where you can not only drink but can also eat delicious food.

1. De Hems

De Hems prides itself on being London’s sole true Dutch bar, tucked away down a Soho side street on the corner of Chinatown. It is far more than a simple bar. The ambiance, venue, delicious drinks, and food are to die for.

Being London’s only authentic bar, they offer a wide selection of cocktails and drinks as well as many appetizers.

This distinctive café bar emanates long-established charm and hospitality, having formerly been a watering stop for Dutch sailors during World War II. This well-known historic Dutch bar served as a haven for homesick Dutch sailors before becoming a rallying center for the Dutch Resistance during World War II.

The owner of this bar first opened its doors in the 19th century, and it used to be a rented pub, but it became a well-known go-to place for many people, including gangsters, gunmen, poets, etc. as time passes. Moreover, when the Nazis came into power during World War II, this Dutch bar became a secret gathering for them. It’s no wonder it has such a rich and historical culture that is worth talking about.

In terms of their menu, they combine English and Dutch cuisines, as well as bar snacks, which can be found in every Amsterdam café.

They serve traditional Dutch delicacies such as fried peanut butter and a variety of cheese and ham-based dishes. The Evening Standard just named De Hems Cafe Bar as one of the top five sports bars in London.

They are unequaled in the west end for sport, with six HD televisions and HD screens to show premier leagues, champion leagues, and other such international matches to their customers. It is one of their main specialties.

Their historic café bar is a must-visit if you are looking to have a distinctive pub experience in the heart of Soho. They never disappoint their guests and are always compliant with COVID requirements.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7437 2494


Address: 11 Macclesfield Street, London W1D 5BW, United Kingdom.

2. The Dutchie Restaurant And Cocktail Bar

The Dutchie Restaurant & Cocktail Bar has a variety of delicious cuisine and drinks. Their objective is to serve high-quality cuisine utilizing the freshest ingredients, absolutely fresh produce, exceptional customer service, and unsurpassed hospitality to their visitors at their full-service restaurant and bar.

The diverse selection of dishes that are offered at their restaurant to satisfy your hunger is hundred percent authentic. Their bar is exquisite and drinks to die for.

Apart from their high-quality food and drinks, their ambiance is exceptional and they always play great music to soothe your ears.  

So, if you are looking for a restaurant or pub where you can enjoy delicious food, drinks, live music, and a relaxing atmosphere, The Dutchie Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is definitely the one. It is an ideal location for many, and even if it is a little far from your place, you should still give it a try.  Their tropics drinks and cocktails after a long day at work will relax your mind and body.

They endeavor to give the greatest grade of services. You can always count on their highly professional staff to provide you with the tastiest food and the most exquisite drinks.

Contact info:

Tel: 0203 875 7788



Address: 58a Camberwell Church Street, Camberwell SE5 8QZ, London, United Kingdom.

Now, to conclude, as soon as the COVID-19 limitations were abolished, the bars, pubs, restaurants, and numerous theatres in London began to fill up.

In London, cocktail culture is very popular. People stop by their favorite bars late at night to unwind with pals after a long day.

People have traditionally gone to London’s clubs in search of parties, downing drinks and throwing shapes on dance floors as if no one was watching.

The most famous of the Dutch bars in London is Des Hems, which offers everything from glitzy cocktail bars to taverns and dives, and you can always find something delicious to drink here to freshen up your mood.