Filipino Restaurants in London: Where to Find Authentic Filipino Cuisine

London is a melting pot of diverse cuisines, and Filipino food is quickly becoming a popular choice among foodies. With influences from China, Thailand, and Spain, Filipino cuisine boasts a unique blend of flavors that are sure to tantalize taste buds. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 Filipino restaurants in London, each offering their own take on classic Filipino dishes.

Whether you’re a seasoned lover of Filipino cuisine or a newcomer to this exciting culinary scene, this guide will provide practical tips to help you navigate the best Filipino restaurants in London. From adobo to lechon, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list of must-visit Filipino eateries in the city.

Key Takeaways

  • London offers a diverse array of global cuisine, including the delectable flavors of the Philippines.
  • Filipino cuisine combines influences from China, Thailand, and Spain to create a unique and flavorful dining experience.
  • This guide provides practical tips for exploring the top 10 Filipino restaurants in London, each offering their own twist on classic Filipino dishes.

Best Filipino Restaurants in London

Bongbongs Manila Kanteen

Bongbongs Manila Kanteen is a popular Filipino restaurant located in the Seven Dials food court in Covent Garden. The restaurant was set up by BBQ Dreamz after winning £350,000 on BBC2’s My Million Pound Menu. The restaurant offers a range of affordable rice boxes and pancakes filled with either 24hr Sous Vide Crispy Pork or vegan-friendly Sizzling Sisig Mushrooms. The Longanisa Sausage rice box is a popular dish among customers, and it is recommended to try it with a Calamansi Tom Collins cocktail on the side.

Kasa and Kin

Kasa and Kin is a family-run Filipino restaurant located in Soho. The restaurant is known for its authentic Filipino flavors and offers a range of dishes, including Beef Kare Kare, a slow-braised beef cooked in peanut sauce accompanied by annatto and sauteed shrimp paste, roast bone marrow, aubergine, green beans, and pak choi. For vegans, the Vegetable Adobo is a must-try dish, which includes butternut squash, carrots, okra, baby aubergine, pak choi, Padron peppers, chilli, spring onions, and green beans all cooked in soy sauce, garlic, and cane vinegar. The restaurant also has a genuine Filipino bakery and imaginative im’bento boxes to take away.


Romulo Cafe & Restaurant is located on Kensington High Street and is a cozy eatery in the heart of West London. The restaurant is visually striking with its signature lime green contrasting beautifully with the stripped-back mahogany and white decor. The restaurant is family-owned, and the quality of their food remains undiluted. The Dingley-Dell truffled pork belly adobo, slow-cooked in the traditional mix of soy, garlic, and cane vinegar, also comes with a scent of black truffle and is a luxurious elegance on a plate.


Bintang Restaurant is located in the heart of Camden Town and is one of the area’s best-kept culinary secrets for more than three decades. The restaurant offers stunning small sliders and main meals that bring the sights, sounds, and flavor of the best Filipino food to this vibrant North London suburb. The Chef’s specials are worth investigating here, with the Beef Sisig being a sizzling plate of brined beef brisket, chicken chicharrones served with onion, chili, lime, and an egg, among the best dishes we’ve experienced anywhere. The Fried Potato Salad with Quesong Puti is a perfect side dish to complete the meal.

Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton

Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton is located in Shoreditch and is known for its head chef Francis Puyat’s culinary knowledge to produce food using liquid fire from citrus or vinegar, a method known as kinilaw. The restaurant offers poke bowls served with rice, daikon, avocado, and a generous drizzling of sriracha mayo, and Lumpia Spring rolls, which include atchara papaya pickle wrapped around pork. The restaurant also hosts Boodle Fight evenings, which take place on the last Sunday of each month between 5 and 8 pm, and each boodle is a massive platter of different dishes for you to share.

Mama’s Kubo

Mama’s Kubo is located on Finchley Road in North-West London and is led by husband and wife team Rommel Bustarde and Claudine Bleza. The restaurant offers a traditional broth containing fish or prawns, made in a tamarind soup base packed with healthy radishes, leeks, onions, celery, tomatoes, pak choi, and French beans. The Sinigang is a must-try dish, and the vegetable, pork, or prawn lumpia starter is a perfect sample of their dreamy chili pineapple sauce.

Kuya Fernando

Kuya Fernando is located in Southall and doubles as a Filipino grocery store and is one of the best Filipino eateries in West London. The restaurant offers snacks, starters, and mains, with the Pork Lechon Kawali being a slow-roasted pork belly, complete with the perfect crispy crackling, garlic rice, and dreamy lechon sauce, which is a dish not to be missed.

Cirilo Filipino Kainan

Cirilo Filipino Kainan is located in the East End’s Whitechapel district and is a delight, whether you’re looking for something quick and well-priced for lunch or a more leisurely dinnertime delight. The restaurant offers light Pancit Bihon noodle dishes, packed with vegetables, flavor, and your choice of chicken, beef, or vegetable base. The Kaldereta, which consists of thin slices of beef rump with potatoes, carrots,

Practical Tips for Exploring the Best Filipino Restaurants in London

When exploring the best Filipino restaurants in London, it is important to be open to trying new dishes. Popular Filipino dishes include Adobo, Lumpia, Kare Kare, Sinigang, Bulalo, and Lechon. Filipino cuisine is known for its subtle flavours and influences from China, Spain, and Thailand.

To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to book a table in advance. Filipino cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in London, and tables can be in high demand.

Allergen information is usually marked on menus, but if in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your waiting staff for guidance. Hospitality is a specialty of Filipino culture, and the staff will be happy to assist you in navigating the menu.

In summary, to fully enjoy the diverse and delicious flavours of Filipino cuisine in London, be open to trying new dishes, book in advance, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance with the menu.