How Big Is Tokyo Compared To London?

Tokyo is often regarded as the world’s most populous metropolis in terms of its metropolitan and urban areas. The city has outgrown its boundaries as seen by many satellite images. Tokyo is larger than London.

While you are traveling in London, you will notice that after driving an hour out of London, you will reach Berkshire. But when you are driving in Tokyo, you will notice that after an hour the buildings will start appearing shorter and the city will never seem to end.

Moreover, public transportation in London is smoother and more gentle, whereas Tokyo is a much busier and jam-packed city as it is quite densely populated.

But people in Tokyo are caring, gentle, and animal-loving. For instance, a train got delayed for an hour because some ducks were trying to drift into tunnels and animal lovers guided them so that they could reach their destination.

If we observe the two cities closely, we will see a clear difference. People in Tokyo are usually employed and you will rarely find suicidal people, even if their businesses have failed. This means people in Tokyo are optimistic and can accept failure as it is. This is one of the best methods to deal with unfortunate circumstances.

On the other hand, there is so much competition in London and everyone wants to fit in by all means. It can get quite rough sometimes.

What’s common between the two citifies is that both of them have long working hours. The hours that some areas of London work are just as absurd as those in Japan, especially if you work in financial services or retail.

In London, people tend to go out and party till the wee hours of the morning, providing a reason for law enforcement, bouncers, and emergency medical personnel to be paid.

With that being said, according to many reports, Tokyo is the world’s largest city and within it resides around 38 million people, which means it is densely populated.

In Tokyo, personal hygiene is a national obsession, there is little or no crime, and women can walk around late at night in most areas.

Well, you might think that can’t be right and how is it possible for a city to accommodate such a huge number of people. People in Tokyo work tirelessly and because of everyone’s continuous hard work, the city continues to grow, their resources improve, and they get plenty of opportunities to do better. These qualities are what make Tokyo unique and a lovely place to live in.

How Many Times Does London Fit In Tokyo?

Tokyo is frequently referred to as the world’s most densely populated city in terms of its metropolitan and urban areas. It has surpassed its bounded according to certain satellite images.

A simple visual comparison of the maps shows that Tokyo’s urban area is around three times that of London. This means that Tokyo is bigger than London and it certainly has a higher population density.

Because of the larger area and population, the city is considered larger than London.

Which City Is The Same Size As Tokyo?

Tokyo is a larger city and within it resides a large number of people. Its size is approximately 13,555 square km, which is the same size as that of Los Angeles County, and nearly two-thirds smaller than New York City’s combined statistical area.

Is Japan Bigger Than London?

Japan is around 1.6 times larger in size as compared to the United Kingdom, which means it is much bigger than London.

As mentioned in many articles, the United Kingdom covers around 243,610 sq km, but Japan covers more than 377,915 sq km, making Japan 55 percent larger than the United Kingdom.

If you talk about population, the United Kingdom gives home to more than 65 million people, whereas Japan has a population of more than 125 million people.

People often wonder which is better, Japan or the United Kingdom. The former has a better railroad system, and because of this, getting around is considerably easier.

Additionally, Japan, specifically Tokyo, has a modern culture, as compared to London’s rich culture, which is England and the United Kingdom’s capital and largest city.

Finally, Japan is far safer and more convenient, but this does not mean the UK is not a better place to live. Both of them have their unique characteristics.

All in all, Tokyo is the world’s largest city, according to several reports, with a population of over 38 million people, making it heavily inhabited.

You might believe it can’t be correct, and that a city can’t possibly accommodate such a large population.