Here’s How To Meet Other Au Pairs In London!

The au pair program is built on sharing cultural experiences and provides live-in childcare.

To connect with other au pairs, you will have to check Facebook groups and pages, meet new people, search hashtags on Instagram, and other such techniques.

To find out more, keep reading this article as we have mentioned all the ways you can connect with other au pairs.

However, it is always important to treat the au pair as a member of the family, to offer direction, and to involve them in regular family activities, such as mealtimes, sporting events, or even just watching TV together in the evenings.

The au pair has the chance to advance her/his language abilities and receive a taste of British culture by taking part in the cultural exchange program in exchange for helping with childcare and simple domestic chores.

How Do I Connect With Other Au Pairs?

You can connect with other young people and au pairs in various ways. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Use the SmartAupairs support materials that are provided to you. This gives you access to private Facebook and WhatsApp groups as well as a list of au pairs in your neighborhood and an app where you can meet au pairs.
  • You can also join several events for au pairs. SmartAupairs plans at least one event per month, including day trips to major UK cities, intimate coffee gatherings, picnics, theater outings, and trips to the city’s markets.
  • A terrific approach to meeting new people is to enroll in language programs, which are highly popular among au pairs.
  • Join a club in your community, whether it be for chess, literature, music, sports (gym, running, team sports), or film. Inquire with the host family for assistance in locating neighboring clubs.
  • There are frequent student gatherings and recreational activities in towns and cities where educational institutes are located. There might be students who are majoring in your original tongue who would love to practice with you. The most popular languages are typically Spanish, German, French, and Italian.
  • You might run into people who share your interests when you drop off your host children at school or a daycare facility, including other au pairs.
  • Ask your host family if they are aware of any other local families that are currently hosting au pairs.
  • Don’t forget to ask them about popular pastimes in their nation. Any of these might pique your interest, so find out more.
  • There is a sizable cross-cultural and international population there. Participate in a sightseeing tour or enroll in a sports program. At the university’s language center, you can also enroll in a language course. Make a public announcement on the campus billboard.
  • Find more au pair groups in your area using Facebook. Smartaupairs’ private group is secure since they verify everyone’s identification before they are allowed access, but public groups should be avoided at all costs.
  • For local organizations and people who share your interests, visit the Meetup website.
  • Register with local expat organizations; other newcomers are likely to be looking to meet others in the region so they can explore together.
  • Join a local excursion that is offered by a travel agency. International Friends Tours is a fantastic way to travel the world while meeting other young people, and we highly suggest it.
  • You can locate opportunities to volunteer in your community by performing a fast Google search. You might be able to assist with neighborhood activities, conservation and wildlife projects, or events at a nearby church or community center.
  • To find out whether there are any other au pairs or young people in the area, ask your host family. Perhaps there are close younger relatives or neighbors who have au pairs.

Are There Any Au Pair Interactions?

As an au pair in the US, you will have a counselor by your side to help you if you need anything. 

Once a month, they schedule meetings with the other Au Pairs they are in charge of. 

Many therapists would organize activities like bowling nights or day trips. Even though these sessions are frequently necessary, they can be a lot of fun. 

Speak with your counselor immediately if you want to meet new people. They usually have a variety of information on the au pairs in your area, so they can introduce you to people who share your interests.

Can I Meet Other Au Pairs Through Facebook Groups?

Connecting with other au pairs through Facebook groups is one of the easiest ways. 

You may locate a ton of other au pairs in your region by just typing “Au Pair in” and the name of your town. 

You will come across many people there willing to meet you. 

Can I Meet Other Au Pairs Through University Courses?

You must earn some college credits while working as an au pair in the US in order to meet immigration requirements. 

Meeting people your age is easy when you attend college classes. If you choose to enroll in purported “travel classes”, you will come across many similar-minded groups of au pairs in your area. 

Whatever classes you enroll in, as long as you earn enough credit points, it doesn’t matter. If you enjoy dancing, think about taking a ballet lesson. 

Consider enrolling in a language course if you want to enhance your English. Whatever you choose to do, you will undoubtedly run into people who share your interests.