How To Pack For London In April

Even though the summer may be the busiest time of year to travel to London, there is something special about going in the spring.

In contrast to the proverb “April showers bring May flowers,” London operates a little differently.

Beginning in March, flowers and trees continue to blossom during April’s frequent downpours until May, when the entire city is verdant and lush. April in London is the ideal time to travel if you enjoy experiencing the seasonal changes.

This guide will assist you in organizing your trip to London in April, whether you’re going for a special occasion like a birthday or checking something off your bucket list.

You can discover information about the weather, the length of the days, what to bring, and activities to do in London in April below. As always, feel free to leave any more inquiries in the comments section after reading.

What Do People Wear In London?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that London’s fashion is tailored, stylish, and conservative with an edge when deciding how to wear there. Londoners like neutral colors and abide by the “No more than 3 colors” rule.

Avoid wearing authentic UGG boots, bulky tennis shoes, flip-flops, and sweatpants to avoid striking out as a tourist.

London attire always looks presentable; your aim is to keep a relaxed appearance while radiating femininity and edge.

With walking boots, convertible zip-leg pants, an SLR camera, a guidebook, and a rucksack, a traveler can easily stand out in London.

It screams “tourist” to be wearing all of this in the heart of London. That caliber of travel equipment is better suited for rural walks in the Lake District, rather than urban exploration.

British clothing isn’t always as stylish as French clothing, and it’s not necessarily as sloppy as American clothing or as outrageous as Australian clothing either.

It might be conservative or edgy. But one thing is certain: a proper fit is essential, just like the rest of Europe. And when in doubt, dress up rather than go casual.

In general, the London style is dressier than the American style yet still informal. This is not referring to professional attire.

What Clothes To Pack For London In April?

When deciding what to wear in London in April, keep in mind that the climate is very similar to that of London in March; it is chilly and frequently rainy.

Here is a list of clothes to pack for London:

Trench Coat

Trench coats are the one piece of apparel most associated with London fashion. This is an essential item to bring with you to London in the spring.

Trench coats are quite adaptable and are the ideal outerwear for spring. It is breathable during brief periods of sunshine while also being warm enough for cooler days.

You can wear a trench coat over jeans and sneakers just as easily as you can with a dress and high heels.

Denim Jacket

For afternoon visits in London, when the weather permits dresses, you can layer a light jacket over them. Floral dresses go very well with a blue or white denim jacket.

Trendy Sandals

Instead of wearing flip-flops, opt for a trendy sandal that can be dressed up or down to blend in rather than standing out like a sore thumb. Should it be a little chillier on the days you’ll be seeing London, you could want to switch out the sandals for a pair of suede ankle boots if you’re traveling earlier in the Spring.


For exploring London, you must wear comfortable footwear. Sneakers are always preferred while exploring the city on foot. You can wear them with black slacks, dresses, jeans, and even skirts.


I advise bringing two pairs of jeans at the very least. Pack a pair of thin jeans so that you can tuck the legs inside your knee-high or tall boots to keep your legs toasty.

You can also bring a pair of ankle-length, straight-leg jeans. You may wear a variety of shoes with this length and silhouette, and if it rains, your pant bottoms won’t get wet.

Midi Dress

Pack a few midi dresses in case you go to London in the late spring or get lucky with warm weather.

It is distinctly British to wear a midi dress with sneakers. From the English clothing brand Boden, choose from a wide variety of plain and patterned dresses.

Button Down

Since you can layer it, wear it alone, knot it, wear it with a skirt, and so on, a button-down is a great shirt to bring to London.


Even in the spring, mornings and evenings in London can still be rather chilly, so think about bringing a thin scarf to cover your neck and chest.

Travel Umbrella

In London, it’s always preferable to be cautious than sorry when it comes to the weather. Be sure to bring an umbrella that will fit in your suitcase or purse because the city is known for its rainy days.