How To Pack For London In June

June is among the ideal months to travel to London, as it is for the majority of northern hemisphere locations. Even the gloomiest Londoners grin and enjoy the sunshine when it’s warm outside.

You’re in for a tremendous treat if you’re thinking about visiting London in June. In addition to pleasant weather and lots of daylight hours to visit the sights, June also features some of London’s biggest events.

What Is London’s Weather And Temperature In June?

June in London is known for its long days, perfect weather, and lush surroundings. In other words, the weather was perfect for exploring this magnificent city.

Summer officially starts in the city in June. The climate is still rather mild. Even while London has hot weather in June (at least by British standards), it doesn’t reach melting point. Temperatures typically range from 21° to 23°C (70° to 73°F).

What Are The Events And Activities In London During June?

The busiest month for events in London is June! Everyone is in a good mood because of the longer days and improved weather. Here, we’ve selected a handful of the top June activities in London:

Events in London in June

  • Consider visiting Buckingham Palace to witness the Trooping of the Color on June 17.
  • Carnival de Cuba is a joyous celebration that takes place in June and honors all of Cuba’s culinary, musical, and cultural treasures.
  • This month marks the annual occurrence of the London Architectural Festival.
  • Between June 7 and June 24, there is typically the Hampton Court Palace Festival, which features a fun program of music and entertainment finished off with fireworks.


You might choose to attend a performance by an amateur dramatic society or something similar if a play or theater production is more your style.

Some of the larger productions are also overseen by Southbank Theatre. You can make reservations online and view the schedule.


Don’t overlook opera when traveling to the UK! Even though London’s West End is better known for its musicals, the opera is nevertheless well worth seeing.

Your best option could be the Royal Opera House, however, the English National Opera website has tickets starting at under £20.

Sporting Events

Hurlingham Park hosts a polo event every year in June, but you can bring your travel companion even if they aren’t interested in watching the game.

They can pass their time at small pubs or cafes, street food vendors, and retail stalls. Check out the Wimbledon schedule as well; it often begins on a Monday at the end of June.

What To Keep In Mind While Packing?

Avoid bringing heels or if you’re set on doing it, limit yourself to one pair. The best option is flats, and you won’t see any residents navigating the streets in inappropriate footwear.

The safe bet in London is to pack a few casual, chic layers rather than packing too many summer clothing and formal outfits in the hopes that it would be a little warmer.

Avoid bringing too much jewelry because you’ll only want to wear a few simple outfits for the entire week. Although jewelry is lightweight to pack, it might make your backpack heavier. Only bring what is absolutely required.

How To Pack For London In June?

I have prepared a few packing suggestions to help you avoid some of the inconveniences that many go through during their stay in London.

Lightweight sweater

It’s simple to overlook the fact that London is further north than any other US city, including New York City and Maine. Even in the summer, it might be a little cool, especially at night.

If you’re not coming in the height of summer, bring a few light sweaters that you can combine with most of your outfits when you go to London.

Sensible, comfortable shoes

Plan to walk a lot, as you would in most of Europe. Even if you want to rent a car, parking is scarce, and you’ll typically have to go quite a distance just to have a coffee.

London isn’t as glam as Milan or other cities known for their fashion. Most people dress casually, so the ideal footwear choice for your vacation will be a cozy pair of flats, boots, or sneakers.

Casual, classy attire

Pack casually if you’ll be in London throughout the summer. While Londoners have a timeless, recognizable sense of style, it is often centered on plush, comfortable essentials.

The ideal outfit to blend in with the laid-back, stylish ambiance of the London streets is composed of jeans, blouses, blazers, dresses, skirts, luxury accessories, and sensible shoes in neutral tones.

UK Power bank and plug-in adapter

Remember that there are multiple power outlets in the UK! Bring one or more adapters so you can charge your devices.

A portable power bank is a good idea to have with you if you’re planning a long day of sightseeing in case you need a fast charge in between stops.

Travel documents

If you’re going to London, hopefully, you already know what to pack for the essentials. However, to be completely prepared, make sure to pack everything you’ll need for foreign travel, including your passport, cash, and credit cards that have been activated for the trip.