Here’s How To Pack For London In October!

Prepare for bright sun, warm days, piercing gusts, and heavy rains when visiting London in October. Simply put, prepare accordingly and expect the unexpected.

It is quite possible for a sunny 60-degree day to be followed by a day with lows of 42 and persistent rain. When visiting London, where understatement is the statement, bring dark neutral clothing that can be easily combined.

This guide includes a packing list for both men and women and will help you pack for London in October.

Is October A Good Month To Visit London?

London is a fantastic destination in October. Since the first three weeks of October fall outside of the busy travel season, you’ll notice that London is more tranquil and that the entrance to popular sights is less crowded. Compared to earlier months, the weather is milder.

Even though there may be rain and cooler temperatures, some days the sun will be out, which gives the impression of freshness.

You’ll discover that London is prepared to celebrate Halloween because it falls in October. Stores will sell creepy goods and be adorned. Halloween-themed menu items will be available in bars and restaurants.

To celebrate, the London Eye will even be orange and green-lit for a week at the end of the month.

London will be much busier than at the beginning of the month because the last week of October is also a national school vacation.

How Chilly Is October In London?

In October, you may anticipate a temperature range of about 15°C (59°F) to 8°/46°F.

Naturally, the weather will be cooler later in the month you travel.  Although we advise bringing layers, do not yet switch to winter-appropriate clothing.

What To Pack For An October Trip To London?

Layerable attire should be taken into consideration while deciding what to wear in October in London. Autumn in London is typically cool and changeable.

I’ll give you a rough idea of what to pack for London in October in the list that follows. Keep in mind that the quantity of clothing will depend on how long you plan to spend in London.

  • Comfortable Shoes:

Walking is a need for travel, and wearing the wrong shoes can cause foot pain. Although comfortable, sneakers and hiking boots will stand out in trendy London.

Find a pair of boots that are both fashionable and practical instead. Consider a pair of fashionable ankle boots that are water-resistant and comfortable.

Men can wear ankle boots with jeans or slacks for a city vibe, while women can wear them with jeans, skirts, and leggings.

Bring cozy flats for the drier days and evenings. Ballet flats go well with both casual and elegant women’s clothing, and loafers go well with both casual and formal men’s outfits.

  • Jeans, Pants and Leggings

Dark neutral hues are perfect for October. Bring along a pair of dark-washed, well-cut jeans for relaxed sightseeing days.

For more formal evenings out on the town, wear dark pants. Black leggings are really flexible when traveling because they look great with skirts or long tops.

In London, tights or leggings worn with a skirt will help keep you warm and make you feel chic.

  • Shirts for Every Occasion

When preparing your fall wardrobe for London, layer up. Just one or two light wool sweaters will do. They are perfect for layering over t-shirts and under jackets, take up less room in the suitcase, and keep you warm.

Pack two to three blouses or, for men, button-down shirts, along with three to four long-sleeved, lightweight knit shirts.

Layering knit tops under blouses and button-down shirts will help you stay warm and appear stylish.

For men, a sports coat looks dressy with slacks and a tie and casual with jeans. Pick a wool sports coat that is black and well-fitted.

  • Outerwear

Layer wool sweaters underneath a lightweight trench coat in black or gray.

During rainy days, layer your outfit with a waterproof shell for greater mobility.

On brisk, dry days, you can go without the waterproof shell and only wear a down jacket; on warm, rainy days, you can combine the two.

  • Accessories

Pack at least one thick scarf for chilly days for additional warmth and a dressier appearance. Adding two to three light stylish scarves will make almost any woman’s clothing look better. Bring gloves and a cap for chilly evenings.

Ties for men are compact and may dress up button-down shirts.

For sightseeing, you’ll need a large handbag or daypack. For a male, a gender-neutral cross-body bag works great. Just make sure the top zipper is closed to provide security.

  • The Essentials

Bring your preferred face cream, cosmetics, and cleanser. Just bring enough shampoo for the first few nights because it is inexpensive and cumbersome to transport. Don’t forget to bring your prescription medication.