How To Pick Someone Up From Stansted Airport (+Charges)

We understand that you do not want your Stansted Airport pickup to be more difficult than necessary.

Using our Stansted Airport parking pick up instructions, you may pick-up your loved ones swiftly, easily, and at the lowest possible cost.

Examine all of the parking options available at Stansted Airport, ranging from a free option for those who are simply making a quick stop to options for those who desire to park for a longer period of time.

However, depending on the length of time you anticipate spending at the airport, it may be less expensive to reserve a spot in advance.

Read on for more information in order to make an informed decision and pick up at Stansted like a pro.

What Are The Charges For Picking Someone Up From Stansted Airport?

The airport recommends using either the Stansted Airport short-stay car parks (orange zone) or the free option at the Stansted Airport mid-stay car park for picking up or entering the terminal.

  • Free parking at Stansted Airport

Free parking is available for up to one hour in the “Free Set Down” sector of the Stansted Airport Mid Stay car park.

Once parked, you must take the complimentary shuttle bus to the terminal and vacate the car park within one hour to avoid being charged.

If you exceed your allotted 1 hour, additional fees will apply, so be on time!

This is the best option for individuals who wish to greet their loved ones at the airport and know they will be there for less than one hour.

  • Mid Stay Parking At Stansted Airport

This parking lot is free for the first 60 minutes and costs $5 per hour thereafter.

Thereafter, you’ll be charged £30 per day for any further time.

If you plan to stay longer than the allotted free period, Stansted recommends booking in advance to receive the cheapest rate.

There is also a £30 fee if you re-enter the parking lot within one hour of your initial entry.

  • Short Stay Parking At Stansted Airport

The Short Stay parking is another alternative for your Stansted Airport pickup, as it is located fairly close to the terminal.

Follow the signage for “Short Stay Car Park” and proceed to the Green, Orange, and Blue zones to locate it.

Although it is closer to the airport than the free pick-up zone, we do not advocate using this facility because the parking fees might quickly accumulate if you are delayed.

Short stay at Stansted Airport parking prices are as follows:

Up to 30 mins £8.00

Up to 1 hour   £14.00

Up to 2 hours £18.00

Up to 4 hours £27.00

Express Set Down at Stansted

We would normally recommend the Express service to individuals who are merely dropping off loved ones at Stansted, as parking may be quite expensive if they arrive later than expected.

Express Set Down at Stansted Airport Parking Charges

Up to 15 mins   £7.00

Over 15 minutes   £25.00

For instance, a stay of 13 minutes will cost £7, while a stay of 17 minutes will cost £25! You cannot leave your vehicle alone, since it may be towed, and there is a £20 recirculation fee if you return to the parking lot within 30 minutes.

How To Get To Mid Stay Parking At Stansted Airport?

Mid Stay parking at London Stansted Airport is ideal for a week-long vacation.

Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for easy entry and exit, simply pull up, retain your keys, and go to the closest bus stop.

24 hours a day, free bus transfers depart every 10 minutes and take only 7 minutes to reach the terminal.

It is Park Mark-accredited and equipped with the most advanced safety systems, so you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your vehicle is safe and will be exactly where you left it when you return.

Here is how to get to mid-stay parking at Stansted Airport:

  • Get off the M11 at Exit 8a. Follow the route for approximately 1.6 kilometers, then take the Stansted Airport exit and turn left.
  • Take the third exit at the Bassingbourn roundabout and follow the instructions to the Mid Stay Car Park.
  • At the following roundabout, take the first available exit. The Mid Stay parking lot is located directly in front.

How To Get To Short Stay Parking At Stansted Airport?

Short Stay Parking at London Stansted airport is adjacent to the terminal, making it an ideal choice for those desiring a short walk to the check-in counter.

The walk to the terminal will take between one and ten minutes, depending on which of the five parking zones you choose when you reserve Stansted Short Stay parking.

With 24-hour surveillance, floodlights, and frequent staff patrols, this parking lot offers complete safety.

You will also keep your keys, allowing you to enjoy your trip knowing that your car is secure and will be precisely where you left it upon your return.

Here is how to get to short stay parking at Stansted Airport:

  • Turn off the M11 at J8a. Just over 1 mile down the road, take the Stansted Airport exit.
  • Turn left, then take the second exit off the Bassingbourn roundabout onto Thremhall Avenue.
  • Take the third exit at the Coopers End Roundabout and follow the signs to the Short Stay Car Parks.