Instagrammable Places in London: Top Locations for Stunning Photos

London is a city filled with picturesque locations that are perfect for Instagram. With over 35 cool spots to choose from, this guide will help you find the most Instagrammable places in London. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, there is something for everyone in this list.

Navigating a city as large as London can be daunting, especially when searching for the perfect photo location. That’s why this guide has carefully curated the best spots to ensure that you get the perfect shot without having to wander aimlessly. Whether you’re a London local or a visitor, this guide is guaranteed to inspire your feed with stunning visuals.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover over 35 cool spots for Instagram in London
  • Find the perfect photo location without aimlessly wandering around the city
  • From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, there is something for everyone in this guide.

The Most Instagrammable Places in London

Sky Garden

Located on the top floor of the “Walkie Talkie” building in Fenchurch Street, the Sky Garden is a beautiful garden that offers stunning views of London. While it is known to be a popular spot, few people know that you can go up to the Sky Garden for breakfast without having to book ahead. Simply buy a cup of coffee or a croissant once you’re up there and you’re all set. The lack of crowds makes it the perfect spot for Instagram-worthy photos.

Upstairs at Rules

Upstairs at Rules is the upstairs bar of London’s oldest restaurant. Recently, it underwent a transformation that saw it open the Winter Garden, a huge conservatory that is dotted with chaise-lounges, tropical plants, and beautiful flowers. The bar offers some of the best cocktails in town, making it a popular spot for Instagrammers.

View of St Paul’s from Millennium Bridge

The view of St Paul’s Cathedral from Millennium Bridge is one of the most iconic shots of London you can take. Standing on the bridge, you have the perfect framing and composition of the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral ensconced cosily between the contemporary architecture of the City of London.

The Barbican Conservatory

The Barbican’s conservatory is one of the most beautiful places to photograph in London. It boasts a wide array of plants and flowers, making it a great spot for nature lovers. The best time to visit is early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

The K2 Telephone Boxes at the Back of Covent Garden

The K2 telephone boxes located around the back of Covent Garden are a popular spot for Instagrammers. They are the perfect place for taking that “London Calling” shot.

Pastel Houses in Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is a great spot for snapping a cheeky #OOTD in front of a beautiful pastel house. Gloucester Avenue and Chalcot Square are the biggies where you’ll spot plenty of colourful facades, though spend an hour wandering around Primrose Hill and you’ll find plenty of pastel doors to snap a quick photo of.

Greenwich’s Painted Hall

The Painted Hall in Greenwich is a Baroque hall that boasts an impressive ceiling covered in 4,000 square metres of painting. In this spectacular artwork, there are 200 figures, each helping to tell the story of Britain’s political, cultural, and naval achievements throughout history.

Aqua Shard in The Shard

Aqua Shard Bar on Level 53 boasts rather spectacular views of the city. Rather than paying to go and snap a photo amongst the masses at The View from the Shard, this is a great alternative. Be sure to book ahead to nab the best tables.

Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen is a Belgravia bakery that not only caters for the royals and celebrities but has an attractive pastel pink facade that’s lined with rose bushes. It’s a charming spot to take Instagram-worthy photos.

God’s Own Junkyard

God’s Own Junkyard is a treasure trove of neon signs. Bright colours, flashing lights, tongue-in-cheek messages – this is Instagrammable London at its most fun.

Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster from the South Bank

The entrance to a small passage that leads under Westminster Bridge perfectly frames Big Ben and the Palace for a cool shot of some of the most iconic buildings in London.

The Colourful Houses of Notting Hill

The rainbow-coloured houses of streets like Lancaster Road and Portobello Road are a popular spot for Instagrammers. However, it’s important to remember that these are people’s actual homes, so please be respectful when taking photos.

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is one of the most interesting places to photograph in London. It’s now home to a wealth of colourful buildings and greenery hidden down two secret passages near Covent Garden.

Radio Rooftop

Radio Rooftop is one of London’s best-located rooftop bars. For photos, it’s best to visit during the day when it’s quieter and you can make the most of those views.

The Nelson Stairs at Somerset House

The Nelson Stairs at Somerset House are a set of beautifully winding stairs in a light atrium. They are a cool spot for Instagram-worthy photos.

Street Art in Shoreditch

The street art in Shoreditch is world-class, with murals by the famous Banksy as well as others from leading street art names from around the world. The roads surrounding Brick Lane are bursting with all kinds of colourful pieces by Dale Grimshaw and Mr Cenz to name a few.

London Eye

The Coca Cola London Eye has been a must-visit since it opened at the start of the millennium. It’s also a fabulous place to take pictures of the River Thames and the

Map of London’s Instagram Spots

London is a city full of picturesque spots that are perfect for Instagram. Here are some of the top spots to capture the perfect shot:

Tower BridgeIconic bridge over the Thames
Notting HillColorful houses and quaint streets
Buckingham PalaceHome of the Queen and royal guards
Big BenFamous clock tower in Westminster
Covent GardenBustling market and street performers
The ShardTallest building in Western Europe
Camden MarketEclectic market and street food
Sky GardenIndoor garden with panoramic views

These spots are sure to make any Instagram feed stand out. Don’t forget to tag the location and use relevant hashtags to increase your reach.