Is Jollibee Halal In London? Answered!

Who doesn’t love Jollibee fast food? The well-known Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee has won over the hearts and palates of people all over the world with its mouthwatering menu offerings, cheery atmosphere, and distinct Filipino flavor.

But is Jollibee halal in Islam?

Muslim customers have a valid concern as Jollibee’s popularity grows, notably in London. Continue reading to find out.

Is Jollibee Halal in London?

The short answer is that not all Jollibee restaurants in London are halal.

Jollibee is only partially halal because not all of its restaurants are halal-certified, according to information from multiple locations in different countries that was uploaded on the chain’s official website.

They currently serve halal meat at seven outlets in London, including Jollibee Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Meadowhall, Leicester, Newcastle, and Reading.

The Halal meat offered in these establishments has been approved by Islamic organizations in the country of origin and is produced in line with Islamic law.

The other Jollibee restaurants in London are not halal. Those restaurants do serve pork products, and they may also use other ingredients that are not considered halal by Muslims.

How Can I Verify Jollibee’s Halal Certification In London?

Here are a few ways to verify Jollibee’s halal certification in London:

  • Look for the halal symbol:

The halal symbol is a green crescent moon and star that is often displayed on halal-certified food products and restaurants. You can also find the halal symbol on the menu at Jollibee restaurants.

  • Check the menu:

Check the menu to see if there are any halal options, and always inform the staff if you have any concerns about cross-contamination with other foods.

  • Check the restaurant’s website:

All of Jollibee’s halal-certified restaurants are listed on its UK website. On the website of the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC), the body that certifies halal cuisine in the UK, you can also discover a list of restaurants that have received the certification.

Which Menu Items At Jollibee Are Halal In London?

The halal menu items at Jollibee in London include:

  • Chickenjoy

Jollibee’s signature dish, Chickenjoy, is a deep-fried chicken meal. It is created using boneless chicken breast that has been coated in a crispy batter after being marinated in a unique spice mixture. A sweet and sour sauce is served with chicken pleasure.

  • Palabok Fiesta

A dish of rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, and a variety of veggies is called palak fiesta. It comes with a side of fried chicken and is covered with a sweet and savory sauce.


A beef patty, lettuce, tomato, and a special sauce go into making a Yumburger. It comes with a toasted bread.

  • Champ

The Champ chicken sandwich consists of a chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, and a unique sauce.

  • Chicken Sandwich

A boneless chicken breast that has been marinated in a unique mixture of spices and then covered in a crispy batter is used to make the chicken sandwich. It comes with lettuce, tomato, and a unique sauce on a toasted bun.

  • Hotdog with Cheese

This item is made with a beef hotdog, topped with cheese, and served in a toasted bun.

Additionally, their halal dessert menu includes Peach Mango Pie, Choco Mallow Pie, and Halo-Halo.

Muslims should be aware that there is a high risk of cross-contamination with non-halal foods at other outlets, thus they should only eat these halal menu options at the Jollibee establishments that have been certified as halal.