Is Peckham Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Peckham is a good place to live, but it does have its drawbacks, as does any other area.

Despite the Metropolitan Police’s best efforts, Londoners are nonetheless at risk of experiencing criminal activities on the streets of the city.

Peckham is said to be the most dangerous location to live in the city.

Peckham is a district in the London Borough of Southwark, located in southeast London. It’s located 3.5 miles south of Charing Cross. The Peckham ward has a population of 14,720 people.

Peckham had a bad reputation for safety in the past, but that is no longer the case. The area’s redevelopment has tremendously aided in the reduction of crime and boosted safety.

Though there are still a few crimes that happen in Peckham.

Despite the crimes, Peckham is a place that one should visit to see its art. Peckham is known for its creativity, which is why there are so many galleries and creative spaces to visit.

As for tourists, they should be careful because of the lack of contact and being new to the area. They should do research about the area before going there.

Is Peckham Dangerous In London?

Peckham is known as London’s most dangerous neighborhood. Gang activity appears to be the most significant element in the area’s high rating.

Peckham’s annual crime rate is 189.45 per thousand people. This is a 6 out of 10 crime level, representing a medium degree of crime.

In April 2022, 1045 crimes were reported in and around Peckham. The majority of the crimes took place at or around the supermarkets.

Following are the crimes that usually happen in Peckham:


Robberies of money, property and other things from people using violence, force, intimidation, or threats is common in Peckham.

Assault with injury

Many cases have been found in Peckham of assault with injuries.

Gun and knife crimes

There are lots of gangs in Peckham that are involved in gun and knife crimes.


Harassment is also an issue that is common in Peckham.

Vehicle crime

There are also vehicle thefts going around in the area.


There’s a gang in Peckham named Peckham Boys. It bragged about its crimes in its rap songs, later the gang was found as drug dealers and got arrested. There are still more drug dealing gangs roaming around Peckham.

Is Peckham Safe To Live In?

Peckham is a southeast London district with a population of 701,552. Almost every corner of it is teeming with thug dealers and new bloods on their way to becoming criminals.

Of course, Peckham is rough and dangerous. Especially as a visitor who isn’t from the area. You lack the necessary contacts and street reputation to be overlooked as a target.

It’s a gritty maritime town with a population of roughly 2 million people. And it’s a tough old town, especially since the harsh areas are primarily concentrated around the city’s center. Because everything is in the city, you can’t get away from it in your daily life.

It’s also true that some people live in difficult neighborhoods and never encounter problems. They keep a low profile, don’t display machismo or attitudes, and don’t lure with flashy jewelry.

They do not have a happy home life. They have a poor education. They don’t have any job prospects. They don’t have any material possessions.

If you are living in Peckham you will have to be tough, predators look for the weaker ones.

Otherwise, keep your head down, mind your business, and keep in mind that a rough area is always a rough, dangerous region as an outsider. Asking anything different for yourself would be like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him.

Is Peckham Dangerous At Night?

Peckham has a vibrant nightlife and fantastic bars. At night, the area is lit and there are crowds of people, enticing everyone to go out.

Walking alone can be dangerous at times, particularly for those who go late at night. Avoid walking alone if at all feasible. Stay in well-lit locations if you really must. Avoid shortcuts and detours, even if you think they would save you time.

I would not recommend going out in Peckham at night, especially alone. Aside from the safety issue, most public transit rides take upwards of an hour, imagine how long it will take to get around on foot.

In general, if you’re alone and need to get home late at night, call a cab first and wait in a crowded place; it will be ok.

To be honest, I think all big cities are the same to me; just don’t wander about with your headphones on, go along main roads rather than alleyways, don’t have your phone out, and so on. Just need to be street smart

While going around in Peckham at night, you can use the following precautions for your safety:

  • Make sure you know where you’re heading. This may seem self-evident, but take a moment to remember what lines you’re on, where you need to shift, and so on.
  • Don’t use headphones to listen to music. Always be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye on the other passengers on the train.
  • Keep an eye out for the pickpockets as there are many roaming around Peckham.
  • If somebody gives you the creeps or seems to be paying too much attention to you, keep an eye on them.
  • Don’t talk or go out with strangers at night, you cannot trust anyone you don’t know.
  • Ride in the more packed carriages in the middle of the train. Look for a group of (ideally) women when you walk onto the station and stick close to them. There’s safety in numbers.
  • Finally, have faith in yourself. Predators seek out the weakest members of a herd that are separated from the main group and thus easy prey.
  • Use a map wherever you go if you are new to the area. Even if you lose track, don’t panic. Stay calm and look for someone that doesn’t look dangerous and ask for directions.