Is Pizza Hut Halal In London? Answered!

London is a cultural mash-up where many groups of people get together to celebrate their traditions and customs.

As a result, there has been a noticeable rise in demand for halal meal selections in recent years. Finding halal-certified restaurants is important for Muslims living in or visiting the bustling city.

Pizza Hut is one such well-known restaurant, known for its delicious pizzas. To serve the Muslim community, we shall examine in this article the situation of Pizza Hut in London and if it provides halal options.

Is The Meat Used At Pizza Hut In London Halal-Certified?

The meat used in Pizza Hut is not halal-certified in London. This implies that there is no assurance that the meat used in their pizzas was slaughtered by Islamic law.

However, the restaurant does have a few halal options available on its menu, giving customers in search of non-meat or seafood-based options alternatives.

What Are The Halal Options On The Pizza Hut Menu In London?

There are a few vegetarian foods that some Muslims consider to be halal. Their vegetarian selections are typically consumed by customers who have halal dietary requirements.

  • Veggie Supreme Pizza 

This pizza is topped with a variety of veggies that include mushrooms, peppers, onions, and olives. A cheese sauce made of dairy is placed on top of it.

  • Margherita Pizza 

This pizza is made with basil, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella cheese. It is an excellent halal pizza that is a traditional Italian dish.

  • Vegetable Garden Pizza

This pizza is made with vegetables like zucchini, squash, and spinach. It has cheese sauce on top made from dairy products.

  • Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza

This pizza is made with a standard pepperoni pizza crust, and it is then loaded with cheese and pepperoni. Although it isn’t officially halal, it may be made halal by asking for the pepperoni to be taken out.

Is There Any Plan For Pizza Hut In London To Become Halal-Certified In The Future?

There is no confirmed plan by Pizza Hut to obtain halal certification in the future in London, although this possibility is still open.

The company’s proactive search for methods to improve its offerings shows a willingness to meet client needs and adjust to shifting market trends.

However, the business has stated that it is constantly looking for ways to enhance its services and broaden its customer base. So they might provide halal-certified choices in the future.

How Does Pizza Hut In London Manage Cross-Contamination Between Halal And Non-Halal Food?

Pizza Hut in London takes precautions to reduce the chance of halal and non-halal food getting contaminated. These precautions include:

  • Making halal and non-halal meals on different cooking surfaces and with different tools.
  • Labeling all cooking surfaces and utensils so that staff members are aware of which ones are for halal food.
  • Educating employees on cross-contamination prevention.
  • After making halal meals, properly clean and sanitize all surfaces.

Due to the possibility of non-halal food crumbs landing on cooking surfaces or equipment used for halal food, There is still a chance of cross-contamination despite these precautions.

Ask the staff to prepare your meals on separate tools and cooking surfaces if you want a truly halal dinner.