Is Surrey Quays Safe? (+FAQS)

Surrey Quays, which borders Canada Water and Rotherhithe, is located in southeast London’s Southwark district.

Surrey is surrounded by Berkshire to the northwest, the Greater London conurbation to the northeast, Kent to the east, Sussex to the south, and Hampshire to the west.

Its proximity to the former Surrey Commercial Docks, which were covered in debris during WWII bombing raids, gives it its name. Shops, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues now call them home.

Young professionals want to live in Surrey Quays because of its handy location and excellent transportation options.

The neighbourhood is served by a number of bus lines as well as the underground Surrey Quays and Canada Water stations on the Jubilee line.

Both the violent and property crime rates in Surrey Quays are below London’s average levels. It’s a terrific place to live and is more connected and safer than most of South East London.

The following list includes the crimes that were reported in Surrey over the 12 months between January 2020 and January 2021, as well as their corresponding rates:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour – 4532
  • Violence and Sexual Offences – 2060
  • Vehicle Crime – 828
  • Burglary – 691
  • Other Theft – 633
  • Public Order – 536
  • Drugs – 508
  • Criminal Damage and Arson – 489
  • Theft from the Person – 468
  • Bicycle Theft – 409
  • Robbery – 328
  • Shoplifting – 170
  • Other Crime – 76             
  • Possession of Weapons – 70

Over the past 12 months, from January 2020 to January 2021, a total of 11798 crimes took place within one mile of Surrey Quays Road, London.

Are Surrey And Surrey Quays The Same?

No! Surrey and Surrey Quays are two different areas.

Surrey is a city in the Canadian province of British Columbia, north of the border with the United States and south of the Fraser River. It belongs to the regional district and metropolitan area of Metro Vancouver.

Surrey, which is primarily a suburban metropolis, is the third-largest city in terms of both size and population in the province after Abbotsford and Prince George.

In Surrey, Cloverdale, Fleetwood, Guildford, Newton, South Surrey, and City Centre encircled by Whalley are the seven neighborhoods that have been given the title of town centers.

Surrey Quays on the other hand is a county in the UK, which borders Canada Water and Rotherhithe is located in southeast London’s Southwark district. Its proximity to the former Surrey Commercial Docks, which were covered in debris during WWII bombing raids, gives it its name.

The Surrey Commercial Docks were located in the South-East London neighborhood of Surrey Quays until 1970.

Although the exact boundaries are a little hazy, the region is generally seen to include the southern half of the Rotherhithe peninsula from Canada Water to South Dock; electorally, Surrey Docks is the eastern half of the peninsula. Because the borders of Surrey and Kent intersected here up until 1900, the Docks are known as Surrey Docks.

When the Surrey Quays Shopping Center was constructed on the southern portion of Canada Water that had been filled in, Surrey Quays was given its name.

As part of the exciting Canada Water regeneration program, led by Southwark Council and BL Canada Quays Ltd., this is still undergoing renovations as part of the area’s larger redevelopment plans.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Surrey, British Columbia, was inspired by the English county of the same name.

You might be familiar with the moniker as the location of the fictional 4 Privet Drive from the Harry Potter books, but the county of Surrey is actually very real and regrettably does not include the fabled cupboard under the stairs.

HJ Brewer, an Englishman who saw the area that would become Surrey from the other side of the Fraser River, gave it the name Surrey after saying it reminded him of his hometown in the County of Surrey.

What Area Is Surrey Quays?

Surrey Quays is a county in the UK, which borders Canada Water and Rotherhithe is located in southeast London’s Southwark district.

It is in Zone 2, Canada Water is the station after it to the north, and it branches off to Clapham Junction, New Cross, and Crystal Palace/West Croydon to the south.

Because of its convenient location and first-rate transportation alternatives, young professionals like to live in Surrey Quays.

Numerous bus routes as well as the Jubilee line’s Surrey Quays and Canada Water subterranean stations serve the neighborhood. As a result of the proximity of various schools, the region is also well-liked by families.

Anyone who enjoys the water will fall in love with Surrey Quays because of its beautiful views. Everything is right outside your front door, whether you want to run down the Thames, kayak, or just stroll the docks.

There are high-quality residences here because the majority of the homes were renovated in the late 1980s. Terraces, separate residences, apartment buildings, and houseboats are all used for housing.

Along the Thames, banks are where you will find the majority of newly constructed or freshly renovated structures. These opulent residences provide unmatched views of London and convenient access to riverside walkways.

There are hundreds of new flats available for rent or purchase thanks to numerous new developments, including Deptford Landings and Meranti Apartments next to Pepys Park. Shared ownership apartment deals are prevalent in the buildings near Surrey Quay.

Due to Surrey Quays’ popularity and prime location, property values there are high. Homes are less expensive here than in some of the nearby neighborhoods, but you’ll still need at least £300,000 for a one-bedroom apartment if you’re thinking about moving.

Around Surrey Quays, there are some fantastic eateries and bars for foodies. Mediterranean food and excellent pizza are served at The Yellow House. Great Vietnamese is served at Cafe East. Additionally, the Ship & Whale is a neighborhood tavern with cozy leather couches and good beer.

More recently, the neighborhood underwent extensive redevelopment, including new residences, a library, cafés, and restaurants.

Some of England’s most picturesque countryside can be found in Surrey. The North Downs, which run through the county’s middle from east to west, offers breathtaking views of river valleys, forests, and forestry.