List Of K-pop Shops In London (A Guide)

As a K-pop lover, you can’t help but listen to the band on repeat. A true fan can’t stop themselves from buying K-pop albums, so if you live in the UK and are looking to purchase K-pop albums, we’re here to guide you.

1.       K-pop K-shop

It is a new K-pop shop in Shoreditch, London. It is a small store but welcomes every K-pop community with great love and respect.

Apart from K-pop, other albums are also available, including BTS, BlackPink, Stray Kids, etc. Their goods include anything from the cutest posters to stickers, face masks, and much more.

Contact info:

Tel: 07748278347


2.       SOKOLLAB

The founders of SOKOLLAB established it as a passion project in 2019, and have been supplying Korean products and K-pop albums since then.

They wanted to establish a location where people could learn about and share their passion for Korean culture.

Their passion for Korean culture is evident in their products and music albums. Their hardworking team is also passionate about their work and makes sure they satisfy all their customers. 

Contact info:


Address: 19 Soho Square, London W1D 3QN.

3.       KPOPPINUK

At KPOPPINUK, they understand the importance of album collecting and people’s love for K-pop. They have a huge collection of K-pop albums and other Korean products that are nothing short of amazing.

All their products are priceless as they share great love and respect for Korean culture. They know the sentiments of their customers, and hence, provide K-pop albums in pristine shape.

They focus on customer satisfaction, product packaging, timely delivery, and presentation. 

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7772 237607


Address: 1 19 Floodgate St, Deritend, Birmingham B5 5SU, United Kingdom.

Is It Cheaper To Buy K-pop Albums In Korea?

Buying K-pop albums from Korean retailers is much cheaper, but the shipping is quite expensive if you live in London. It’s best to approach Korean retailers if you’re looking to buy albums in bulk.

Price is the only important thing when you intend on buying K-pop albums. Secondary factors are delivery time and customer service.

Moreover, the delivery time is quite less if you buy a lot of albums together, hence it is preferable.

Where Can I Buy K-pop Albums Online?

1.       InterAsia

They are a K-pop wholesaler and offer a wide variety of K-pop music albums. They have great record prices and allow you to estimate shipping costs without having to go through the checkout process.

Usually, the shipping is a bit too high when you order something online, but they don’t charge much and even provide free posters.


2.       KPOPTOWN

It is one of the best sites to offer online K-pop albums and the prices are affordable. Moreover, the shipping cost is reasonable, which is fantastic news.

However, shipping costs increase in proportion to the number of products purchased, therefore if you want to save money on shipping, you should purchase two albums at a time.

The cherry on top is that you will not find anything unofficial on their site, which makes buying products from them even better.

They also offer stickers, photocards, celebrity accessories, fashion products, stickers, lenses, cosmetics, and freebies.

They make sure their customers are always happy with their products and keep coming back for more.


3.       Depop

Depop is an app that allows you to purchase and sell products both locally and globally. From K-pop music albums to photocards and stickers, they have everything in great shape and quality.

Their customer service and shipping rates are amazing. Moreover, there are a lot of UK vendors at Depop, and the majority of them provide free shipping. How fantastic is that?!

So, you will get your albums fast if you buy from a UK vendor, as well as free or cheap shipping. Consider your needs fulfilled once you decide to purchase from them.

4.       YesAsia

Yesasia is a very popular online site to purchase K-pop albums. They offer free shipping on orders above 39 dollars. So, if you want to buy K-pop albums in bulk, you’re in luck. 

If you or your friends appreciate K-pop and are true fans, make sure you give them a try and browse their amazing albums.

They will do everything in their power to satisfy your needs and provide fast shipping.


5.       eBay

On eBay, you can get a wide variety of K-pop albums with great deals and low delivery costs.

Some dealers may even ship internationally for free from nations such as South Korea and the United States.

Some records sold on eBay might be fake, so make sure you check reviews and ratings before purchasing them.

Is KYYO UK Legit?

KYYO is a UK-based brand that specializes in Korean pop culture items. It is run by a dedicated team that strives to offer a pleasant and professional shopping experience

They understand the passion and enthusiasm K-pop lovers show as they are also big fans. They also attend many events to meet K-pop fans and love sharing their experience with them.

People who purchase from KYYO have always had a pleasant experience because their albums are always well packaged and delivered on time. Their packages are never peeled, crushed, or have any dents whatsoever.

It is basically a one-stop shop for K-pop lovers, because not only do they offer albums, but they also supply other Korean products, showing their love for the Korean culture.

Their team is highly professional and really helpful with any questions you may have. They run a fantastic business, offering reasonable rates, great shipping costs, amazing customer service, and super fast delivery.

You will keep coming back for more once you purchase from them. They are a legit supplier of high-quality products and make sure all their customers leave with a smile on their faces.

With their extensive range of records and other Korean products, consider all your needs met.