Parks in North London: A Comprehensive Guide

North London is home to some of the most beautiful parks and open spaces in the city. With 47% of the city being green space, there’s no shortage of places to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to relax or an adventure-filled day out, North London has something for everyone.

From the well-known Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park to the lesser-known hidden gems, this insider’s guide will take you on a journey through the best parks in North London. Discover the beauty of these green spaces and all they have to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • North London is home to a variety of beautiful parks and open spaces.
  • There are plenty of lesser-known green spots waiting to be explored.
  • This insider’s guide will take you on a journey through the best parks in North London.

The Best Parks in North London

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a well-known park situated in North London. This park spans 791 acres and is a personal favorite of many. The park is known for its meandering woodlands, open spaces, and bathing ponds. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views from Parliament Hill and the gorgeous Hampstead Pergola. The park also offers some of the best walks in North London.

Getting There

Visitors can access Hampstead Heath through Hampstead, Golder’s Green, and Archway tube stations. Hampstead Heath and Gospel Oak overland stations are also available.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is a beautiful stretch of parkland situated at the top of Regent’s Park. This park offers stunning views of central London and is one of London’s six protected viewpoints. The stone atop the summit of the hill features a fitting quotation from William Blake that reads “I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill.”

Getting There

Visitors can access Primrose Hill through Chalk Farm/Camden Town tube station.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is one of the most formal of London’s Royal Parks and is a personal favorite of many. The park was designed as a pleasure park by Victorian architect to the crown, John Nash, and features a meticulously planned layout. The park is home to some of North London’s prettiest green spaces, including the riot of colorful roses in the Queen Mary’s Garden. The park also features a boating lake, outdoor theater, and London Zoo.

Getting There

Visitors can access Regent’s Park through Baker Street, Marylebone, Regent’s Park, Camden Town, and Great Portland Street tube stations. Marylebone railway station is also available.

Alexandra Palace Park

Alexandra Palace Park is situated in the shadow of an imposing Victorian exhibition center that hosts an ever-changing rotation of exhibitions and events. The park offers gorgeous views of London and is a great place to escape the crowds that often visit Hampstead Heath.

Getting There

Visitors can access Alexandra Palace Park through Alexandra Palace railway station and Wood Green tube station.

Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park is one of the many North London parks that the Victorians created from a large stretch of woodland in the 19th century. The park remains one of the lesser-known parks in North London. The park features a skate park, American football field, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a small boating pond.

Getting There

Visitors can access Finsbury Park through Finsbury Park railway and tube station and Manor House tube station.

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery is one of the Magnificent Seven Cemeteries that were built outside of central London in the 19th century. It’s the best known of those seven and is home to a number of famous occupants ranging from George Eliot to Karl Marx and Christina Rosetti. The cemetery is split into two halves: the older West Cemetery and newer (slightly less impressive) East Cemetery. Visitors can access the East Cemetery during opening hours, but they can only access certain parts of the West Cemetery with a tour.

Getting There

Visitors can access Highgate Cemetery through Archway tube station.

Highgate Wood

Highgate Wood is a 28-acre spread of ancient woodland situated in Highgate. This Green-Flag space is a sanctuary for Londoners seeking an urban escape and wildlife alike. The woods are a peaceful sanctuary worthy of a day’s exploration on foot. There’s also a large children’s playground where the kiddos can blow off steam.

Getting There

Visitors can access Highgate Wood through Highgate tube station.

Clissold Park

Clissold Park is a charming park situated in Stoke Newington that has long been a local favorite. The park features a small farm, Grade II listed Clissold House, skatepark, five-aside, and table tennis areas dotted throughout 55 acres of lush outdoor space.

Getting There

Visitors can access Clissold Park through Manor House tube station and Stoke Newington overground station.

Waterlow Park

Waterlow Park is situated almost right on the edge of Highgate Cemetery. A trip to Waterlow Park can be combined with a visit to see the final resting place of some of history’s most notable names. The sprawling greens here make a very nice place to while away an afternoon if the sun’s out, and on a clear day, visitors can see the city center’s skyscrapers off in the distance.

Getting There

Visitors can access Waterlow Park through Archway tube station.

Priory Park

Priory Park is situated on the northern edge of London and offers enough space for visitors to stretch out on the grass and plenty of nice paths for strolling. Visitors can also find