Peckham Rye Waiting Room: A Guide to Facilities and Amenities

A historic waiting room at Peckham Rye Station is set to undergo a major transformation. The room, which has remained unused for over 60 years, is being refurbished and repurposed into an exhibition space. Despite its location above the station’s ticket hall, the waiting room has been forgotten by most people.

The waiting room dates back to 1865, when Peckham Rye Station was one of the largest stations in the country’s train network. Although the room has been neglected for decades, its restoration promises to breathe new life into the historic site. In this article, we will explore the details of the transformation and what visitors can expect from the new exhibition space.

Key Takeaways

  • A long-abandoned waiting room at Peckham Rye Station is being transformed into an exhibition space.
  • The waiting room dates back to the construction of the station in 1865.
  • The restoration of the waiting room promises to bring new life to the historic site.

Peckham Rye Station Waiting Room

The Peckham Rye Station Waiting Room originally served as a congregation area for commuting passengers to wait for their trains until it became unused in the early 1900s. The room was then repurposed as a recreational space for off-duty rail workers to play billiards and relax. The room remained empty for several decades until a restoration project began in 2009. The restoration is now almost complete, and the waiting room is set to open as a home for an exhibition of works by Sarah Sze. The exhibition will mark the first use of the waiting room in many years.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition will take place from May 19th to September 17th. It is uncertain what will happen to the space after the exhibition, but several grassroots organizations are interested in preserving the old waiting room. Visitors can access the works by tapping in through the gates, as if boarding a train, and heading up the stairs.

Who is Sarah Sze?

Sarah Sze is an American artist who is recognized for her innovative approach to painting and sculpture. She has gained significant recognition for her works, which have been exhibited in high-profile galleries, including the Tate Modern. Sze is known for her intricate and detailed sculptures, which are grand in scale and often fill forgotten spaces. Her ability to fill large spaces with her sculptures has made her an ideal candidate for commissions, such as the one she received to fill the Tate Modern with her work. Sze’s works are often filled with minutiae, which makes them extremely fiddly but also visually stunning.

Peckham Rye Station Waiting Room: Practical Information

Peckham Rye Station is a major transportation hub located in the heart of Peckham, South London. The station is served by both the London Overground and Southern Railways, providing easy access to various destinations within and outside of London.

The station waiting room is a convenient area for passengers to wait for their trains. The waiting room is located on the platform and is accessible to all passengers. It is equipped with comfortable seating, heating, and lighting, making it a comfortable place to wait for your train.

Passengers can also make use of the station’s free Wi-Fi to browse the internet or catch up on work while waiting for their train. There are also several vending machines located within the waiting room, providing passengers with a range of snacks and drinks.

In addition, the station waiting room is equipped with toilet facilities, including accessible toilets for passengers with disabilities.

Passengers are reminded to keep their belongings with them at all times and to report any suspicious behavior to station staff or the British Transport Police.

Overall, the Peckham Rye Station waiting room provides a comfortable and convenient space for passengers to wait for their trains, with a range of amenities and facilities to make their journey more enjoyable.

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