Penge Street Art: A Guide to the Best Murals and Graffiti in the Area

Penge, a lesser-known area in South London, has recently emerged as a hub for street art. With a proliferation of murals, the area has caught the attention of art enthusiasts and tourists alike. The street art scene in Penge boasts an impressive level of skill and talent, with internationally recognized names such as Zabou, Mr Cenz, Dan Kitchener, and Ant Carver showcasing their works.

Visitors can take a self-guided tour of Penge’s street art hotspots, which takes around 2.5 hours to complete. The tour covers a large number of works and is perfect for a leisurely weekend stroll. With a handy Google Map, visitors can easily navigate the area and discover the impressive murals that adorn the walls of Penge.

Key Takeaways

  • Penge is home to an exciting street art scene with a proliferation of murals.
  • The area boasts an impressive level of skill and talent, with internationally recognized artists showcasing their works.
  • Visitors can take a self-guided tour of Penge’s street art hotspots, which takes around 2.5 hours to complete.

Self-Guided Tour of Penge Street Art Hotspots

Penge is a neighborhood in London that has been gaining popularity for its vibrant street art scene. This self-guided tour will take you to some of the best street art hotspots in Penge, starting and finishing at Penge East Station. The tour will cover a variety of street art styles and artists, showcasing the diversity of the Penge street art scene.

Penge East Station Car Park

The tour starts with a visit to the car park at Penge East station, where you can find an old-school piece by the Coal Yard Youth Group. This mural dates back to 1982 and is considered the OG of Penge’s murals. It was painted on the back of what used to be the Park Tavern.

Little Things Cafe

Walking over the railway bridge to the other side of Penge East station, you’ll find Little Things Cafe. The cafe is home to two stunning pieces of street art by Aspire and Woskerski. Aspire’s piece features a bird and nightscape, while Woskerski’s piece is a vibrant depiction of a black woman.

Linden Grove

Walking down Linden Grove and following the road as it bends to the left, you’ll come across two pieces of street art. The first piece is a snorkeling duck by Roo, while the second piece is an excitable dog mural by Layla.

Parish Lane

Taking the small alleyway to Parish Lane and turning left, keep an eye out for a sliver of work depicting a mythical seahorse woman on the side of one of the houses. The artist is unknown. Continuing down Parish Lane towards Alexandra Nurseries, you’ll find a dog clutching his spray can by Irony.

Bycroft Street

Walking down Bycroft Street and turning right after Stitch & Clean Dry Cleaners, you’ll find a cat by Irony. Continuing straight, you’ll come across two pieces of street art underneath the railway bridge. The first piece is Bot Apocalypse by an unknown artist, while the second piece is a glorious piece of letterwork by Sky High. Continuing straight along Bycroft Street, you’ll find an old man and a camera by Zabou, as well as a quirky little neon number by Fat Cap Sprays. At the end of Bycroft Street, you’ll find a bird by Aspire and a striking falcon by WRDSMTH on the shutters of Capital Wines.

Penge Lane

Walking straight down Penge Lane towards Himalayan Kitchen, you’ll find a Dot2Dot by Dotmaster. Continuing down Penge Lane, you’ll find a cheeky little piece from Sr. X peering down at you. A few paces further down, you’ll find a surrealist piece by Elno perched just on the corner of Southey Street.

Southey Street

Walking down Southey Street, you’ll find a piece by Dreph and a punchy floral piece by Sophie Mess. Turning into the alley leading to Southey Brewing behind you, you’ll find an eye-catching piece by Stink Fish. This colorful work by Dharma is a few paces further down the alley, as are pieces by Mr. Christa, WRDSMTH, and Airborne Mark.

Unnamed Alley

Walking down the unnamed alley, you’ll find a fox on a royal blue backdrop by Aspire and the delicately-rendered Fragile by 0707.

Maple Road

Walking down Maple Road, you’ll find a piece by an unknown artist under the awnings of Taylor & Abel. Peeking around the corner on the hoardings over the building next to it, you’ll find a stunner by Dave Plants and Curiouser. Further down Maple Road, you’ll find a piece by Woskerski and a work by Ant Carver in his distinctive pastel style. A few more paces will take you to Empowering by Elno and LourS from the WOM Collective.

Padua Road

Walking down Padua Road, you’ll find a cluster of pieces by Atila, Fiya 101, Fat Cap Sprays, and Dotmaster. Though each piece has its own distinct style, they work incredibly well together, playing off each other to form a cohesive whole.

Evelina Road

Turning left onto Evelina Road, you’ll find Tokyo Street Racers by Dan Kitchener. Turning left into the alley next to it, you’ll find a woman in a haze of smoke by Irony and a rather startled looking hare by Dzia.

St John’s Road

Walking down St John’s Road, you’ll find a social distancing statement from Forrest Gump by Trust Icon and a flowery piece by Artista.

This self-guided tour of Penge street art hotspots showcases the diversity of the Penge street art scene. From old-school pieces to vibrant

Penge Street Art Map

The Penge Street Art Map is divided into two sections due to Google Maps limitations.

Practical Information and Tips for Exploring the Street Art in Penge

For those interested in exploring the street art scene in Penge, a good starting point is Penge East Station. Trains depart frequently to London Victoria and Bromley South, making it easily accessible. The walk takes approximately 2.5 hours, but visitors are encouraged to take their time and explore the surrounding areas of Sydenham, Anerley, and Crystal Palace. With new pieces of art around almost every corner, visitors could spend all day discovering the vibrant street art scene in Penge.

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