Sunday Markets London: A Guide to the Best Markets in the City

London is home to some of the best Sunday markets in the world, offering a variety of experiences for visitors and locals alike. From food markets to vintage treasures, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The city comes alive on Sundays, with traders selling everything from delicious meals to unique trinkets.

While there are many markets to choose from, not all of them are worth the effort. In this article, readers will discover the top 24 markets in London that are definitely worth a visit. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, this guide will provide practical tips and insights to make the most of your Sunday market experience.

Key Takeaways

  • London is home to some of the best Sunday markets in the world, offering a variety of experiences for visitors and locals alike.
  • Not all markets are worth the effort, but readers can discover the top 24 markets in London that are definitely worth a visit.
  • This guide provides practical tips and insights to make the most of your Sunday market experience.

The Best Sunday Markets in London

London is home to a plethora of markets that cater to different tastes and preferences. From food to vintage clothing, jewelry, and art, there’s something for everyone. Sunday markets, in particular, are popular with both tourists and locals alike. Here are some of the best Sunday markets in London:

Maltby Street Market

Located near London Bridge, Maltby Street Market is a pint-sized version of the Borough Market. It’s a great place to sample some of the best foodie stalls in London. Visitors can indulge in Little Bird gin cocktails or indulge in hot chocolates from Fattie’s Bakery. The market is bustling but not as frenetic as some of the other weekend markets in London.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market is a must-visit for anyone who loves colorful blooms. The market is famous for its spectacular variety of flowers and has a well-deserved reputation as one of London’s most beautiful markets. Nearly all of the sellers here are independent, so visitors can grab a bouquet to beautify their homes and support local small businesses.

Camden Market

Camden Market is more than just a market; it’s a pop culture icon. The market is actually five separate markets dotted around central Camden, each with its own unique vibe. Despite its mega-famous reputation and the crowds, it still has an authenticity about it. Visitors can find quirky shops and stalls like the Everything 5 Pounds clothing stall and indulge in incredible food stalls near the water.

Flea at Flat Iron Square

Flea at Flat Iron Square is one of the best flea markets in London. With about 30 stalls, visitors can find retro and vintage items, mostly clothing, jewelry, and records. Live music adds to the festive and friendly atmosphere.

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market in East London is arguably the best Sunday market in the area. It has a great variety of mainly independent stallholders, selling all kinds of quirky and handmade items, including jewelry and art. Visitors can also find retro items such as clothing, records, and cameras. The market is open seven days, but some sellers only attend on the weekend, making it the perfect London market to visit on Sunday and find some unique pieces.

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is a charming historic market nestled amongst a World Heritage Site in south-east London. The market is full of quirky stalls and bright colors, and visitors can find independent jewelry stores, such as Laura Lees Morgan Jeweler. The market also boasts a good selection of food, including Munchies, who do awesome Cuban sandwiches.

Tooting Market

Tooting Market is one of the best markets in south London, offering up an eclectic selection of goods, including antique furniture, clothing, books, and more. As the market is indoors, it’s a perfect option if the weather is grey, and the delicious food options, from Guyanese to Mauritian, are sure to warm visitors up.

Covent Garden’s Markets

Covent Garden boasts three markets in one: the Apple Market, the East Colonnade Market, and the Jubilee Market. Visitors can find mainly jewelry and artworks at the Apple Market, while the East Colonnade Market sells everything from magician’s accessories to children’s clothing. The Jubilee Market focuses on arts and crafts and offers unique pieces and activities for the whole family.

Southbank Food Market

The Southbank Food Market is one of the best London street markets on Sunday if visitors are looking for delicious food. The market offers local and international wine, perfectly roasted coffee, and yummy baked goods. There’s also fresh produce on offer, and an ever-changing roster of multicultural street food completes the experience.

Canopy at Kings Cross

The Canopy Kings Cross market is one of the best in London, offering food, design, and music. The producers here are all high-quality, offering beautiful designer goods as well as scrumptious small goods, preserves, and cheeses. As the stallholders are nearly all independent creators, visitors can feel great about splurging here, as the money goes to supporting up-and-coming artisans in London.

Brick Lane’s Many Markets

Brick Lane is a great choice for visitors looking to spend a whole day exploring some of the best London markets open on Sunday. There’s a total of five excellent markets in the area, each with its own theme. The Sunday Upmarket or the Vintage Market is for fashion, the Backyard Market is for art, and the Tea Rooms are for vintage furniture. The Boiler House Hall offers more than 30 delicious multicultural food stalls.

Chatsworth Road Market

Chatsworth Road Market has a distinctly vintage feel and a history to go along with it. It was one of the most popular markets in London in the 1930s, with more than 200 stallholders selling their wares to fashionable Londoners. The market

Practical Tips for Visiting London’s Sunday Markets

When planning a trip to London’s Sunday markets, it is important to keep in mind some practical tips to make the most out of your visit. Here are some suggestions:

  • Bring cash with you as some traders may only accept cash payments.
  • Use public transportation instead of driving to avoid parking issues and expenses.
  • Arrive early to avoid the crowds, especially in the more popular markets.
  • Consider taking a market tour to get a unique and immersive experience of London’s markets. There are many tours available, from tasting traditional British foods to exploring Camden Market.

By following these practical tips, visitors can have a smooth and enjoyable experience exploring London’s vibrant Sunday markets.