The Biggest Hamleys In London!

Looking for the ideal gift for a child? In London, you will be spoiled with options.

From teddy bears to Legos, board games to the most recent computer games, you will find everything you need at Hamleys.

Hamleys should be the first stop for any prospective gift. It has delighted children and parents for over two centuries and has steadily developed to become one of the world’s largest toy stores.

Packed with cuddly toys, Lego, dress-up clothes, ball games, Barbies, and much more to inspire the imaginations of children and adults alike.

The store is located on Regent Street, one of the most exclusive shopping streets in London.

Hamleys has become an iconic London location. As soon as you enter the store, it is pure, unadulterated fun.

Since its opening in 1881, Hamleys, the oldest and largest toy store in the world, has been an emblem of Regent Street.

Originally founded as Noah’s Ark in Holborn in 1760, it was a big success and one step closer to creator William Hamley’s aim of creating the best toy store.

Over 40,000 toy lines are available for purchase at the Regent Street Hamleys store, which has seven floors and a total floor area of 5000 square meters.

On each of the seven floors, there are departments for a range of toys, such as soft toys, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Barbie, Lego, and Playmobil.

With its red flags flying outside and entertainers blowing bubbles and showing the newest toy fads to attract passersby, it is tough to miss.

It draws approximately five million tourists annually. An Indian firm owns the chain, which has 15 sites in the United Kingdom and more than 90 franchise locations worldwide.

How Big Is Hamleys At Regent Street?

The Regent Street Hamleys store has seven levels and a total floor area of 5000 square meters, with over 40,000 toy lines for sale.

Each of Hamleys’ seven floors contains an assortment of toys.

On the first floor, which is almost exclusively devoted to stuffed animals, you can find everything from standard teddy bears to exotic critters and giraffes and elephants that are practically life-size.

The basement is filled with interactive toys, the first floor with games, the second with preschool toys, the third with toys for girls, the fourth with hobbies, and the fifth with toys for males.

The store carries over 450,000 toys of over 10,000 distinct varieties.

It draws approximately five million tourists annually. An Indian firm owns the chain, which has 15 sites in the United Kingdom and more than 90 franchise locations worldwide.

In addition to worldwide shipping, the website usually provides special bargains and discounts. For instance, NEW 10 is currently providing a discount if you spend at least £ 40 on items.

What Will You Find In Store At Hamleys?

Hamleys is far more than a simple store. There are live demonstrations of the toys and games on every floor, as well as a large number of employees to answer questions and help you select the ideal present.

At frequent in-store events, you might even get to meet a superhero or your favorite cartoon character.

On each of the seven floors, there are departments for a wide variety of toys, including plush toys, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lego, Barbie, Playmobil, and more.

Here are some of the items available in London’s Largest Toy Store, Hamleys!

  • Sylvanian Families toys
  • Barbie toys
  • Hamleys Water Color Easel set
  • Electronics
  • Harry Potter’s capes, wands, maps, and broomsticks in the special Harry Potter shop downstairs
  • Action figures
  • Puzzles and jigsaws
  • Little Live toys
  • Scruffaluv toys & KindiKids
  • K’s Kids baby toys & squeaky babies
  • Breyer horses and ponies
  • Popco Blocs building blocks
  • PAPO toys
  • Disney toys and dolls
  • LOL surprise toys

Each of the seven floors of Hamleys is equipped with a variety of toys. You can discover anything from typical teddy bears to exotic creatures and nearly life-sized giraffes and elephants.

The basement is home to interactive toys, the first level to games, the second to preschool toys, the third to girls’ toys, the fourth to hobbies, and the fifth to boys’ toys.

The store carries over 10,000 types of over 450,000 toys.

What Activities Does Hamleys Arrange?

Hamleys offers incredible children’s goods for purchase. But they’re making it more difficult to resist a visit with a variety of entertaining activities to keep the children occupied.

Events include puppet shows, performances by Hamley’s costumed entertainment crew, an entire floor devoted to Lego with Jurassic planet constructions, and live toy demos and creation stations.

The store also organizes themed birthday parties for lucky boys and girls, hosted by the renowned Hamleys performers and packed with activities, delicious party food, and take-home goodie bags.

For those who wish to splurge on a truly enchanted experience, the entire store can be reserved for a sleepover party.

At Christmastime, the top floor is transformed into Santa’s grotto for their Father’s Christmas Experience, and tickets to meet the man himself sell out quickly!

What’s So Special About Hamleys?

Hamleys is much more than just a regular toy shop.

Every floor features live toy and game demonstrations, and there are plenty of staff members available to answer your questions and assist you in making the perfect gift choice.

You might even get to meet a superhero or your favorite cartoon character at regular in-store events.

The seven-story toy store makes it difficult to make a decision and leave, especially when accompanied by children. No one desires to go from this exquisite assortment of treats!

Every floor has a theme and is intermingled with toys and fun activities, including coving you in glitter tattoos, cool stationery, and pop-up stands that will make you personalized jewelry.

Here you will also find limited edition Legos, fun London souvenirs, and life-sized teddy bears.

Even the sales staff at Hamleys have some pretty good perks for working in the store.

In addition to the standard goods discount, employees also receive birthday off, an interest-free travel loan, and a pension plan. There are 335 employees in the main store, so it must be appealing.