These Are the Smallest Police Stations In London!

The people of London trust the City of London Police to provide policing with professionalism, honesty, and compassion as a local agency with national responsibility.

If we talk about the dedication of the London police, each of their four directorates collaborates closely to deliver their service, and serve as the nation’s leader in fraud and economic crime.

With so many police officers patrolling London on motorcycles, foot, and horseback, there must be a large number of police stations.

In fact, there are 75 police stations between the City of London Police, who monitor the entire city, and the police, who oversee the remainder of Greater London.

These police stations vary in size and shape. However, this guide will provide you with information about the smallest police stations in London.

Is Trafalgar Square Home To The Smallest Police Station In London?

The tiniest police station in London is a small box, not much larger than a Tardis, located on the southeast corner of Trafalgar Square, as is commonly rumored on the internet and among people with extensive knowledge.

This tiny edifice from the 1920s is fashioned from a hollowed-out lamppost and is only large enough to hold two prisoners at a time (if it actually took prisoners).

It resembles a neoclassical Tardis more than a police station, and you won’t find a gaggle of tourists taking photos of it.

It was constructed so that the Police could keep a close eye on the more unruly protesters, and its history is similarly shrouded in mystery.

Before the commencement of World War I, a momentary police box outside the Trafalgar Square underground station was scheduled to be refurbished and made permanent during the 1926 general strike.

It was decided to make this box a permanent installation so that a watchful eye could be kept on the actions of the widespread protesters who were muttering about expressing their constitutional right to vent their grievances in Trafalgar Square.

Controversially, the officials began to investigate the type of surveillance box that could be placed in the area without causing too much trouble, as the proposal was formally shelved in response to the public outcry.

However, because of public opposition, it was chosen to build a police box that was less objectionable.

Once the light fixture was hollowed out, a series of tiny windows were constructed to allow a view across the central plaza.

A direct phone line to Scotland Yard was also built in case reinforcement was required during times of conflict.

In fact, when the police phone was picked up, the decorative light fixture atop the box began to flash, notifying any nearby policemen on duty that danger was imminent.

Today, Westminster Council cleaners utilize the box as a broom closet and a storage room.

Hence, if you look through the windows these days, you will not see a bored police officer, but rather a large number of mops.

If the subject of where to find the tiniest police station in London ever arises, you now know where to go.

Address: Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DN.

Was The Smallest London Police Station Located At Wellington Arch?

Going back in time and further west brings us to what was the second smallest police station prior to the 1950s.

It was located within Wellington Arch, close to Hyde Park Corner, and contained ten police officers, two sergeants, a dartboard, and a cat. 

Since then, English Heritage has converted the station into an art gallery called Quadriga, a decent use of space, maybe, but again thwarting our research into London’s tiniest police station.

Now, you might be thinking what precisely constitutes a station?

Clearly, it serves a purpose other than that of a lookout station, as we have already determined.

The Metropolitan Police, who should know about such matters, defines a station as any building that is open to the general public.

Therefore, Marble Arch, unlike Welling Arch, never served as a police station in the traditional sense.

The Wellington Arch as it appears today was originally topped by a statue of the great man on horseback until 1912 when it was rebuilt with a monumental work of art.

Moreover, visitors can tour three stories of exhibition space inside the arch and then take in breathtaking views of London’s Royal Parks from the arch’s top-story balconies.

It also offers a side view of the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Address: Wellington arch, Green Park. London.

Where Is London’s Smallest Police Station Today?

Under this criteria, the tiniest police station in London is the Poplar Police Office, a police building with a contact point that is open to the public.

This is, however, essentially only a contact point.

Due to the fact that they are officially seeking a fully working station, they should consider police facilities that are not only open to the public but also serve other operational functions.

Under this description of a police station, the formal claimant of the title ‘smallest police station in central London’ would be Pinner Police Station, located in the Borough of Harrow and inside the Metropolitan Police Service’s Greater London coverage area.

At this small police station, local police teams are composed of officers who are committed to helping their people. They are backed by officers from the surrounding area to form teams.

Their teams determine policing objectives in close collaboration with local agencies, institutions, partners, and communities. This assists teams in identifying long-term solutions to regional issues.

Address: 2 Market Way Poplar, E14 6AH, London.