Top Places For All You Can Eat Sushi in London

One of the top cities in the world for food is London. You won’t run out of the best places to dine in this large metropolis because of the rich culture, large population, and thirst for variety.

Since there is a significant Japanese and Asian community in London specifically, there are numerous excellent Sushi places spread out all throughout the city.

Although there are all-you-can-eat sushi places in London, they aren’t as common as you might imagine. Only a few places offer it, but we have already done all the research and found the best Sushi London has to offer.

Sushi is more than just raw fish, rice, and seaweed paper, though the capital has many good examples of this type. No, sushi comes in a variety of flavors, including fishy, meaty, and vegan varieties.

Sushi restaurants in London offer a wide variety of sushi that will more than likely satiate your sushi cravings.

In this article, you will find out the top all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in London that offer so many sushi options. Get ready for your upcoming reservation for a sushi meal.

List of top places for all you can eat sushi London:

  • Ai Sushi
  • Sushi Cafe
  • Dinings SW3
  • Sticks’n’Sushi Greenwich
  • Sushi Salsa – Camden
  • Sushi Tetsu
  • Super Sushi

Ai Sushi

The best sushi buffet in London is now considered to be Ai sushi by its patrons. The personnel is always available and the atmosphere is really welcoming.

The sushi is expertly made, and it is always served fresh. There are also various varieties to choose from!

They only offer expert services and every item they serve is absolutely excellent. If you’ve experienced a variety of restaurants and chefs, you must eat this sushi buffet in London to truly understand what nirvana is like.


830 High Rd, London N12 9RA, United Kingdom

Sushi Cafe

It’s a fairly reasonably priced alternative with an AYCE buffet option for £19.99. Compared to the other restaurants on our list, Sushi Cafe’s AYCE option has a lot more restrictions, but these are made up for by the Buffet’s extensive menu.

With Tempura, Okonomiyaki, Black Cod, Katsu Curries, Fried tofu, and Gyozas all available, the menu of Sushi Cafe perhaps offers the most variety of meals of any restaurant on our list.

You can only order a certain amount of items from a solitary Sushi menu. For instance, the number of pieces of Nigiri and Sashimi you can order per person is only two and three, respectively.


555 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 3BL, United Kingdom

Dinings SW3

The long-awaited Dinings W1 sequel is not inexpensive but the sushi is worth it if that’s what you want to eat on your desert island. It has all the same wonderful qualities as the earlier Dinings, but with a little more refinement.

This place, inside a Grade I-listed building, is magnificent in comparison to the wonderfully poky Marylebone location. You can sit at tables or a huge, opulent marble counter and marvel at the cooks as they execute their micro-surgery.

Their sushi is “contemporary”. It not only tastes good but looks really gorgeous as well, very pretty sushi that is picture-perfect for your Instagram stories.


Walton House, Lennox Gardens Mews, Chelsea, London SW3 2JH, United Kingdom.

Sticks’n’Sushi Greenwich

If there were a restaurant in London that embodied inventiveness, deliciousness, and affordability, it would unquestionably be Sticks’n’Sushi Greenwich.

This sushi buffet in London is the one for you if you enjoy the warm and romantic ambiance of dining establishments.

You may get outstanding and top-notch sushi here. You can select from a wide range of choices based on your preferences and taste. The menu won’t be finished, but your stomach will be.


1 Nelson Rd, London SE10 9JB, United Kingdom

Sushi Salsa – Camden

This place is located in the well-known Camden Town neighborhood makes it the ideal place to go if you’re visiting the Camden Market because it’s smack dab in the midst of this popular tourist attraction.

Originally this place was known as “Hi Sushi” but now this restaurant is known as Sushi Salsa.

The fish in their sushi is incredibly fresh and delicious, and their plates are really nicely presented. With the all-you-can-eat buffet at £19.80 per person, the value you will receive at this location is equally excellent.

Think about the area, the price, and the respectable sushi it offers. If you’re in this part of North London, Sushi Salsa is well worth a visit.


3A, Camden Wharf, Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7BY, United Kingdom

Sushi Tetsu

When you consider the experience and the quality of the sushi, this place is unquestionably the best. It competes head-to-head with some of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo. As a result, it earns top honors as London’s greatest sushi alternative on a per-pound basis.

This is a central and easy-to-reach place located in Farringdon. Only six seats are available for each sitting. Despite the higher than average costs, the options in their menu and quality make it well worth it.

If you want to eat Sushi Tetsu, please make sure to book reservations in advance because it might be very difficult to find a table there. There is no website for this establishment, thus reservations must be made via phone.

Here is their contact no: +44 20 3217 0090


12 Jerusalem Passage, London EC1V 4JP, United Kingdom

Super Sushi

It’s unquestionably the best AYCE sushi restaurant available in greater London so traveling here will be undoubtedly worth it.

The sushi here is delicious and fresh, the service is excellent, and the AYCE choice is £22 here which is quite reasonable. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Also, they have so many options on their menu to choose from. Your sushi cravings will definitely be fulfilled.

Additionally, their sushi is evidently produced just before serving, which isn’t often the case at these AYCE restaurants.

This AYCE option’s only restriction is that you can only order nine pieces of sashimi at a time, but to be honest, it will be more than enough.


89-91 Old Church Rd, Chingford Mount, London E4 6ST, United Kingdom.