Here’s When London Decorates For Christmas!

Christmas is a magical time of the year, and few cities embrace the holiday spirit quite like London.

From dazzling light displays to enchanting decorations, the British capital truly comes alive during the festive season.

If you’re planning a visit to London during Christmas or are simply curious about when the city starts to sparkle, this article will help you navigate London’s festive decorations.

When Do The Christmas Lights Get Switched On In London?

The switching on of Christmas lights is a significant event in London, marking the start of the holiday season.

Every year, the dates may vary slightly, but generally, the lights are turned on from mid to late November.

The famous Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Carnaby Street are some of the prominent locations where extravagant light displays can be enjoyed.

When Does The Iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Arrive?

Trafalgar Square is home to a stunning Christmas tree, generously gifted to the city of London by Norway each year.

The tree is typically lit in early December and remains a centerpiece of festive celebrations until early January. It’s a cherished tradition that adds an extra touch of magic to the capital.

When Do The Christmas Markets Open In London?

London boasts numerous Christmas markets, offering a range of delightful treats, unique gifts, and a festive atmosphere.

The markets usually start opening in mid-November, and some continue until early January.

Southbank Centre’s Winter Market, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, and the Christmas Market at the Tate Modern are just a few of the popular choices to explore.

When Does The Famous Ice Skating Rink At Somerset House Open?

The ice skating rink at Somerset House is an enchanting winter experience. This iconic venue usually opens its ice rink in mid-November and operates until early January.

Skating under the twinkling lights with the grand architecture of Somerset House as the backdrop is an unforgettable Christmas memory.

When Does Covent Garden Unveil Its Christmas Decorations?

Covent Garden is renowned for its festive decorations, transforming the area into a winter wonderland.

The decorations are typically unveiled in early November, and you can expect intricate displays, giant Christmas trees, and a charmingly festive atmosphere throughout the holiday season.

When do the major department stores unveil their Christmas window displays?

London’s famous department stores, such as Harrods, Selfridges, and Liberty, are renowned for their spectacular Christmas window displays.

These displays are usually revealed in mid-November, capturing the imagination of shoppers and visitors alike, and remaining a cherished tradition throughout the festive period.

How Long Does The Festive Decor Stay Up?

London’s festive decorations usually remain in place until early January, allowing everyone to enjoy the holiday ambiance well beyond Christmas Day.

However, some specific displays, such as Christmas markets or temporary installations, may have different closing dates.

Visitors planning a trip to London during the festive season can generally expect to revel in the magical atmosphere throughout December and into the first days of the new year.