Here’s Where To Buy A Kitten In London!

The vibrant capital of the United Kingdom, London, is home to many animal enthusiasts who are constantly hunting for the ideal feline companions.

If you’re considering adding a kitten to your family, London offers a wide selection of options.

This article will guide you through some of the greatest options and trustworthy breeders in London so you may bring a happy, responsible kitten into your house.

1.      Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

The South West London-based Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is one of the most respected organizations for animal protection in the UK.

There is a huge variety of cats and kittens there waiting for forever homes. Every kitten receives the best care possible before being matched with a caring family, including vaccines, microchipping, and spaying/neutering.

In addition to providing deserving kittens a home, when you adopt a kitten from Battersea, you support the organization’s mission to rescue, care for, and rehome vulnerable animals.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 800 001 4444


Address: 4 Battersea Park Rd, Nine Elms, London SW8 4AA, United Kingdom

2.      Mayhew Animal Home

Mayhew Animal Home is yet another renowned shelter with a large selection of kittens available for adoption, which is located in North West London. 

They guarantee that each kitten receives the attention and socialization they require in addition to offering thorough veterinary treatment. 

Additionally, Mayhew Animal Home provides assistance after adoption, including guidance on kitten upkeep, temperament, and health. 

An excellent approach to finding a kitten and helping the well-being of other animals in need is to adopt through Mayhew.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 8962 8000


Address: Trenmar Gardens, London NW10 6BJ, United Kingdom

3.      Acton Pets

Acton Pets is a small, family-run firm with many years of expertise, which is located in West London.

Their family has employed four generations in the shop. This provides their consumers with continuity and a variety of information.

Their inventory is extensive, and they are constantly seeking out fresh concepts and new goods. 

The best move, in their opinion, is returning pet care to nature. This is reflected in their inventory, where they are offering more organic foods, GM-free goods, and homeopathic treatments to treat minor illnesses.

Their concern is for the little creatures, and they also keep a variety of birds, including cockatiels, budgies, and canaries, as well as tiny animals like hamsters, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Moreover, Persian and exotic kittens are sporadically available. For availability and a list of animals that can be ordered, you can always visit their website.

Contact info:


Address: 22 Crown Street, London, W3 8SB

4.      Pets4Homes

Pet4Homes is a well-known online community that connects pet lovers and owners in the vivacious city of London.

It is a trusted online marketplace that provides a wealth of information for people looking to purchase, sell, or adopt pets in the city.

Promoting responsible pet ownership is one of their main objectives. They offer a secure and dependable setting for breeders, sellers, and adopters to interact, ensuring that animal welfare continues to be of the utmost importance. 

Before introducing a new pet into their homes, they advise prospective pet owners to conduct extensive studies and carefully weigh their alternatives.

The platform also provides articles and tips on many subjects pertaining to pet care, training, health, and behavior, as well as other useful resources for pet owners. 

These tools are meant to help both novice and seasoned pet owners provide their beloved pets with the finest care possible.

The thriving community of Pets4Homes is a reflection of its popularity. 

Users of the platform can rate and evaluate breeders and vendors, which promotes transparency and builds trust in the pet adoption process. 

Additionally, there are forums and message boards in the community where pet owners can interact, exchange experiences, and get suggestions from like-minded others.

Contact info:



Address: Pet Media Ltd, 24 Old Queen Street, London, United KingdomSW1H 9HP

5.      Purrfect Pets

A family-run company called Purrfect Pets, which is based in Covent Garden, is committed to helping cats find loving homes. 

To provide a variety of breeds, including Ragdolls, Bengals, and Scottish Folds, they collaborate closely with respected breeders. 

All of the kittens at Purrfect Pets are healthy, well-socialized, and up to date on their vaccinations. 

The company takes pride in its ethical and honest business processes. The experienced team is always available to answer questions and offer advice on kitten care.

Contact info:

Address: 634 S Laurel Rd, London, KY


It may be a thrilling quest to discover the ideal kitten to bring into your life, and London has many respected pet stores where you can select your feline friend. 

Each store or platform on this list offers a distinctive experience with an emphasis on the care and well-being of the cats.

Prioritizing ethical breeding procedures, medical examinations, and sufficient socialization is crucial when thinking about buying a kitten. 

Additionally, keep in mind that there are many devoted cats waiting to find their permanent homes in shelters and rescue groups.

Visit the stores, engage with the cats, and ask questions to make sure they reflect your expectations and values before choosing a choice. 

In order to ensure your kitten’s pleasure and well-being, keep in mind that having one is a long-term commitment.

Make a good choice, and may your search for the ideal kitten in London be joyful and exciting as you begin a lifetime of companionship with your new feline friend.