Where To Buy Yerba Mate In London

High tea, afternoon tea, and tea time. Whatever name you give it, this British custom, which revolves around a steaming cup of tea, is deeply embedded in English society and associated with the capital city of London.

Tea has been the nation’s favorite beverage since the 18th century and has the greatest per capita consumption in the entire world.

Although still the most popular option, many Londoners in more recent years have looked for alternatives to the classic cup of tea. In London, Yerba Mate has gained popularity as a unique and healthful option.

An herbal beverage called yerba mate is made from the leaves and twigs of the shrub Ilex paraguariensis. Usually, the leaves are air dried over a fire before being steeped in boiling water to make tea.

The consumption of yerba mate has become very popular among Londoners. It is becoming acknowledged as a safe and effective stimulant with few side effects and a plethora of health advantages, in contrast to conventional teas and other caffeinated beverages.

We have found some of the authentic tea shops and cafes in London that offer original Yerba mate. If you are unable to reach their location, you can simply order online from their websites.

List of Yerba Mate stores in London:

  • Bird & Blend Tea Co.
  • Casa Argentina
  • Algerian Coffee Stores
  • Porteña
  • Camden Tea Shop
  1. Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Bird & Blend Tea Co. is on a mission to share happiness and reinvent tea. They are an eco-conscious, independent, people-centered, and award-winning Tea Mixology Company.

They use extraordinary blending elements including herbs, flowers, fruits, caramel, chocolate, and even cake sprinkles to create enticing flavors in their tea blends.

They offer 100% original yerba mate. It is available blended with different elements as well.

Contact info:

Tel: 01273 325 523

Email: info@birdandblendtea.com

Website: https://www.birdandblendtea.com/

Address: 7 Park St, London SE1 9AB, United Kingdom.

  1. Casa Argentina

Casa Argentina exclusively provides its consumers with the highest-quality goods, which are typically imported straight from Argentina or Latin America.

If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth stopping to drink their yerba mate and a quick bite to eat.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 8946 9944

Website: https://casaargentina.co.uk/home

Address: 156 Arthur Road, Wimbledon Park, London, SW19 8AQ.

  1. Algerian Coffee Stores

One of the most well-known and prestigious suppliers of coffee and tea in the world is Algerian Coffee Stores.

With over 80 different coffees and 120 different teas to choose from, the list keeps expanding as they continue to source specialty coffees and teas from remote regions of the world.

They have the best yerba mate sourced from Argentina. It has a pure green flavor without stems.

Contact info:

Tel: 0207 437 2480

Email: sales@algcoffee.co.pk

Website: https://algeriancoffeestores.com/

Address: 52 Old Compton St, London W1D 4PB, United Kingdom.

  1. Porteña

Porteña represents all that Argentina has to offer with pride. They stand for warmth, taste, and enjoyment.

All of their classic recipes were established as a result of the incredible culinary fusion that people from a wide range of nations made when presented with novel ingredients.

This is the location to go if you want authentic yerba mate. This site will bring happiness to any Argentine who is missing even the tiniest things.

Contact info:

Tel: +442035408268

Email: info@portena.co.uk

Website: http://portena.co.uk/

Address: 7A Stoney St, London SE1 9AA, United Kingdom.

  1. Camden Tea Shop

Camden Tea Company is committed to offering delicious beverages made from natural ingredients that are free of artificial flavoring and coloring.

To bring you our best assortment of infusions back to their renowned Camden Market Tea Shop & Tea Bar, they travel the globe, trying and sampling hundreds of new variations and combinations.

Just a few herbal kinds were used when Camden Tea first began. Since then, it has expanded into six incredible global collections.

They have also started blending their own blends, and they have finally switched from selling packets in their shop to also offering hot brews in their Tea Bar.

Their yerba mate is 100% Pure and available in open crushed form. Each of their pouches contains 9g, 50g, 200g, or 100 servings of loose leaf tea.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7428 9211

Email: hello@camdentea.shop

Website: https://camdentea.shop/

Address: Camden Lock Market, L7, Lower Dingwalls Gallery, London NW1 8AF, United Kingdom.

Do They Sell Yerba Mate In London?

Yes! There are many different suppliers of Yerba Mate in London, each with unique advantages, different blends, and flavors.

They sell an Argentinian-imported Mate that is as authentic as Mate gets, and they sell Yerba Mate in London in their stores as well as online through their websites.

To create tempting flavors in their yerba mate, they use amazing blending ingredients including herbs, flowers, fruits, caramel, and chocolate.

What Is The English Name For Yerba Mate?

Yerba is a word that can mean “herb,” “grass,” or “weed.” Yerba only refers to the yerba mate plant in Argentina.

In other words, yerba mate was initially translated as the “gourd herb,” or the herb one drinks from a gourd.

Mate, sometimes written maté, is a tea-like beverage that is popular throughout South America. It is made from the dried leaves of an evergreen tree or shrub (Ilex paraguariensis), which is related to the holly plant.

Do They Have Yerba Mate In Europe?

The energizing and healthful mate tea, originally from South America, is also available in Europe.

Similar to South America, where mate tea is traditionally made from calabash and Bombilla, mate tea, also known as Yerba Mate, is becoming more and more popular in Europe.

Over the next five years with increasing imports, yerba mate has the potential to overtake kombucha as Europe’s favorite health beverage.

Yerba mate tea has a variety of health advantages that will help it stand out in an increasingly crowded market as more and more health-conscious consumers look for alternatives to regular coffee and tea.