Here’s Where To Get Cheap Clothes In London!

London can be a pretty costly place to live in, but you can still get affordable stuff from a variety of cheap stores and markets. 

If you enjoy shopping and are looking for some affordable options, London has no shortage. In fact, every area of London has something to offer. 

Here are some of the greatest locations to shop in London without spending a fortune, from high street shops to cheap markets offering the cheapest yet the most high-quality products.

Cheap High Street Shops In London:

1.      New Look

New Look is committed to making all its customers feel good because they recognize the transformational potential of a truly fantastic outfit. 

They strive to be the go-to place for clothing that helps their customers feel like their absolute best self whenever and wherever they are. 

Not only do they offer a fine assortment of clothes but they also offer cheap clothing for all types of people.

Contact info:


Address: 73/89 Oxford St, Soho, London W1D 2ES

2.      Primark

Primark is a leading global clothing company that employs thousands of people across 15 countries and is expanding. 

Every aspect of what they do at the company is centered on everyday affordability, from high-quality clothing to distinctive accessories for everyone.  

Without Primark, no list of affordable stores would be complete. They provide exceptionally low rates on all kinds of clothing, footwear, makeup products, accessories, cosmetic products, and home goods.

All their retail locations offer cheap products that won’t have to spend a fortune on. 

In order to build authentic retail destinations, we are constantly looking ahead and introducing high-quality products and amazing in-store services.

The company has always placed a priority on affordability. To them, it is of utmost importance to produce only sustainable and eco-friendly clothing lines in an attempt to safeguard the environment and enhance the lives of those who produce it. 

With their improved strategies, they are trying to accomplish a comprehensive set of goals to alter the way their clothing is created.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7495 0420


Address: 499-517 Oxford St, Mayfair, London, W1K 7DA

3.      TK Maxx

At TK Maxx, they offer exceptional value on a wide assortment of high-quality designer clothes at cheap rates. 

So, if you are looking to purchase expensive brands but at affordable rates, TK Maxx is the one! 

You can also go through their extensive collection of furniture, kitchenware, accessories, shoes, and much more.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7240 8042


Address: 15-17 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9LH, UK

4.      H&M

Shopping at H&M is always a fun experience, especially when you realise that you can obtain amazing shirts and dresses at really low costs.

You can get inexpensive blouses, t-shirts, dresses, and much more at cheap rates, and high-quality plus inexpensive clothes for kids too.

Although not the cheapest in town, their makeup selection is still pretty reasonable. The quality is amazing and their collection of velvety lipsticks is to die for!

In addition, it offers a wide selection of accessories, footwear, and makeup products starting at £2.99 only. 

Also, watch for their partnerships with well-known designers to score haute fashion at high street pricing.

Contact info:

Tel: 0344 736 9000


Address: 174-176 Oxford St, Fitzrovia, London, W1D 1NX, UK

Cheap Shopping Markets In London:

1.      Portobello Road Market

The street market on Portobello Road offers beautiful antiques and other trinkets for all types of customers.

But there are other things to purchase as well, such as affordable clothes.

Additionally, a lot of stalls provide a variety of goods, including accessories, footwear, homeware, and much more. 

If you are ever in town, make sure you visit this market. You will definitely find what you’re looking for. 

Contact info:

Address: London W11 1LJ, United Kingdom

2.      Camden Market

Camden Market is a fantastic location to find bargain stores. You can get high-quality clothes and souvenirs from a variety of stalls. 

It is one of the best markets to purchase cheap clothes for men, women, and children of all ages. 

Moreover, you may find a large range of stores and stalls to browse in this market, and you are sure to find something you like. 

People of all ages can purchase from this market as it has something for everyone.

Contact info:

Address: 54-56 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF, United Kingdom

3.      Old Spitalfields Market

Look no further than Old Spitalfields Market for affordable shopping in London. It is yet another amazing market for cheap clothing and accessories.

It’s a piece of cake to discover excellent deals on anything from clothes to antiques at this historic market in London’s East End. 

Make sure you visit the market since it is open from Tuesday through Sunday. The Northern Line takes just 30 minutes to get to our Camden and Kentish Town locations.

Contact info:

Address: 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW, United Kingdom

4.      Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is the ideal location if you want to go vintage shopping in London on a tight budget. 

This amazing market is packed with shops offering everything from affordable clothing to homeware. 

It’s simple to lose a few hours looking through the many stalls and negotiating with the sellers. You can make a day of it because there are a ton of additional activities nearby.

Contact info:

Address: 5B Greenwich Market, London SE10 9HZ, United Kingdom

5.      Borough Market

Borough Market is the place to go if you want to have a more traditional market experience while hunting for cheap apparel in London. 

This market has been established for more than a thousand years and is packed with stalls selling a variety of goods, including flowers, handmade products, vintage accessories, and fruits.

While looking for cheap clothes, you can also get matching accessories and footwear without spending a fortune.

Contact info:

Address: London SE1 9AL, United Kingdom