5 Hospitals In London That Have Helipads!

Due to London’s size and density of population, it is crucial that hospitals have helipads so that seriously injured or unwell patients can be transported to specialized care rapidly. London hospitals with helipads include some of the following:

1. Royal London Hospital

The Royal London Hospital’s helipad is situated 284 feet above London’s streets on the top of the hospital’s 17th level. It was constructed in 1989 and is one of the tallest helipads in Europe.

The London Air Ambulance and other air ambulance services operating in London both use the helipad. The military and other emergency agencies also use it.

The hospital’s helipad is a crucial asset since it enables speedy and safe transportation of seriously ill or injured patients. The 28m2 helipad is equipped with a fire suppression system, flood lights, and perimeter illumination.

The patient can be transported from the rooftop to the emergency department on the ground floor in under two minutes thanks to an incredibly quick elevator. The helipad is constantly examined and maintained to guarantee user safety.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7377 7000

Website: https://www.bartshealth.nhs.uk/the-royal-london

Address: Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1FR, United Kingdom

2. St George’s Hospital

On the roof of the hospital’s St. James Wing in Tooting, London, is where the helipad for St. George’s Hospital is located. The HELP Appeal provided the funding for its construction in 2013.

The London Air Ambulance and other air ambulance services that run throughout south London utilize the helipad. Additionally, the military and other emergency services make use of it.

DIFFS, a deck integrated fire fighting system, was installed at the helipad in 2018 with additional funding provided by the HELP Appeal of £400,000.

The helipad and hospital are protected, the people on deck are kept secure, and there is no need for a hospital evacuation thanks to DIFFS’s swift and efficient fire suppression capabilities.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 8672 1255

Website: https://www.stgeorges.nhs.uk/

Address: Blackshaw Rd, London SW17 0QT, United Kingdom

3. King’s College Hospital

The King’s College Hospital helipad is situated on the roof of the hospital’s Ruskin Wing in Denmark Hill, London. Its construction in 2016 was made possible by a £3.5 million gift from the HELP Appeal.

The London Air Ambulance uses the helipad, as do other air ambulance services that run in south-east London. The military and other emergency agencies also use it.

King’s College Hospital has a designated air ambulance landing zone in Ruskin Park in addition to the helipad. When the helipad is unavailable, such as when the weather is unfavorable for landing on the helipad, air ambulance services use this landing zone.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 3299 9000

Website: https://www.kch.nhs.uk/

Address: Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS, United Kingdom

4. Harefield Hospital

Patients who require heart transplants are transported via the helipad at Harefield Hospital in Harefield. The helipad was built in 1988 and was funded by the HELP Appeal.

The hospital’s neighboring helipad is utilized by both the London Air Ambulance and other air ambulance services that serve the region to the north and west of London.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 1895 823737

Website: https://www.rbht.nhs.uk/our-hospitals/harefield-hospital

Address: Hill End Rd, Harefield, Uxbridge UB9 6JH, United Kingdom

5. Queen’s Hospital

Queen’s Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Romford, London. It has a helipad that is located in a public park next to the hospital. The helipad is open to air ambulance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The helipad at Queen’s Hospital is one of the few helipads in London that is located in a public park. This means that the public can sometimes see helicopters landing and taking off from the helipad.

The helipad at Queen’s Hospital is used by a variety of air ambulance services, including London’s Air Ambulance, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, and London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. The helipad is also used by the military and by other emergency services.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 330 400 4333

Website: https://www.bhrhospitals.nhs.uk/

Address: Rom Valley Way, Romford RM7 0AG, United Kingdom

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Helipad At A Hospital In London?

The presence of a helipad at a hospital in London has numerous advantages. The following are a few of the more crucial ones:

  • Faster transport of seriously ill or injured people to expert treatment. This could make the difference between a person’s life and death, or between a full recovery and a permanent handicap.
  • Patients who require immediate medical assistance run a lower risk of dying or becoming disabled. A patient has a better chance of surviving and recovering if they receive expert care as soon as possible.
  • A rise in the effectiveness of air ambulance services. Helipads make air ambulance services more productive, enabling them to reach patients more swiftly and provide the care they require earlier.

Helipads can also increase hospitals’ employee morale in addition to these advantages. A helipad demonstrates the hospital’s dedication to giving patients the finest treatment possible, and it can also provide staff members with more assurance that they can manage emergencies.