10 Of The Biggest Coffee Shops In London!

London is a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant culture, iconic landmarks, and love for a good cup of coffee.

With a rich coffee scene, the city boasts numerous cozy cafes and trendy coffee shops.

In this article, we dive into the world of London’s biggest coffee shops, where size meets flavor, and coffee aficionados find solace in the comforting aroma and rich brews.

1. Monmouth Coffee Company (Borough Market)

Nestled in the heart of Borough Market, Monmouth Coffee Company is renowned for its exceptional coffee and cozy atmosphere.

Although it may not be the largest coffee shop in terms of space, its reputation for quality and taste makes it a must-visit.

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air as customers enjoy the smooth, full-bodied flavors of their meticulously brewed beverages.

Monmouth Coffee Company takes pride in sourcing its beans directly from farmers, ensuring ethical and sustainable practices are upheld.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7232 3010

Website: https://www.monmouthcoffee.co.uk/

Address: 2 Park St, London SE1 9AD, United Kingdom

2. Workshop Coffee (Marylebone)

Situated in the heart of Marylebone, Workshop Coffee is a favorite among coffee connoisseurs.

Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Workshop Coffee takes a meticulous approach to every aspect of the coffee-making process.

Their spacious interior allows guests to immerse themselves in the art of coffee, witnessing the magic unfold behind the counter as baristas create exceptional brews.

Workshop Coffee also offers coffee-tasting sessions and brewing workshops for those eager to expand their knowledge and appreciation of coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7251 6501

Website: https://workshopcoffee.com/   

Address: 1 Barrett St, London W1U 1DN, United Kingdom

3. Grind (Shoreditch Grind)

Grind is a thriving coffee brand in London, and its Shoreditch location stands out as a true coffee powerhouse.

Combining a vibrant atmosphere, expertly crafted espresso-based drinks, and a trendy industrial-style interior, this coffee shop captures the essence of East London’s coffee culture.

Alongside its exceptional coffee, Grind serves delectable brunch options and hosts live music events, making it a must-visit destination for coffee lovers and social butterflies alike.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7490 7490

Website: https://grind.co.uk/pages/shoreditch-grind

Address: 213 Old St, London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom

4. Ozone Coffee Roasters (Old Street)

Ozone Coffee Roasters in Old Street is a spacious coffee haven that showcases the art of specialty coffee.

With a focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, they create extraordinary blends that tantalize the taste buds.

This expansive coffee shop not only offers a tranquil space to enjoy a cup of coffee but also serves delectable brunch and lunch options, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely meal.

Ozone Coffee Roasters also houses their own coffee roastery, allowing customers to witness the roasting process firsthand and appreciate the craft behind their brews.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7490 1039

Website: https://ozonecoffee.co.uk/

Address: 11 Leonard St, London EC2A 4AQ, United Kingdom

5. Notes Coffee (Covent Garden)

Located in Covent Garden, Notes Coffee offers a spacious and elegant setting with a touch of sophistication.

This coffee shop is known for its meticulous attention to detail, from the carefully sourced beans to the artful presentation of its beverages.

With a wide selection of single-origin coffees and an array of pastries, Notes Coffee provides a delightful experience for coffee lovers seeking a refined atmosphere.

They also offer coffee cupping sessions and educational events, inviting customers to explore the nuances of different coffee profiles.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7240 0424

Website: https://notescoffee.com/

Address: 31 St Martin’s Ln, London WC2N 4DD, United Kingdom

6. The Attendant (Fitzrovia)

The Attendant stands out among London’s coffee shops for its unique setting.

Housed in a converted Victorian-era underground public toilet, this spacious coffee shop retains much of its original charm with its tiled walls and vintage decor.

The Attendant serves exceptional coffee alongside a menu featuring gourmet sandwiches, pastries, and brunch options.

The combination of history, ambiance, and quality brews make it a must-visit for coffee lovers seeking a truly distinctive experience.

Contact info:

Email: Info@the-attendant.com

Website: https://www.the-attendant.com/pages/fitzrovia

Address: 27a Foley Street, Fitzrovia,  W1W 6DY, London

7. Caravan King’s Cross (King’s Cross)

Caravan King’s Cross is a sprawling coffee destination located in the bustling King’s Cross area.

With its industrial-chic design and impressive seating capacity, this coffee shop offers a vibrant atmosphere for both locals and tourists alike.

Known for its meticulous sourcing and roasting practices, Caravan serves a wide range of single-origin and blended coffees, prepared by highly skilled baristas.

Complement your coffee with their scrumptious all-day menu, featuring dishes inspired by global flavors.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7101 7661

Website: https://caravanandco.com/pages/kings-cross

Address: 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA, United Kingdom

8. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is a chain of coffee shops spread across several locations in London, with each venue featuring a spacious and contemporary design.

Emphasizing community and social responsibility, this coffee shop strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs takes pride in its ethically sourced beans and dedication to sustainability. From espresso-based beverages to pour-over coffees, they cater to all taste preferences.

Contact info:

Email: shop@departmentofcoffee.com

Website: https://www.departmentofcoffee.com/

Address: 3 Lowndes Ct, Carnaby, London W1F 7HD, United Kingdom

9. Prufrock Coffee (Farringdon)

Prufrock Coffee, located in the vibrant neighborhood of Farringdon, is a spacious and stylish coffee shop that has gained recognition for its dedication to excellence.

This specialty coffee destination offers a diverse range of brewing methods, including espresso, pour-over, and cold brews.

Prufrock Coffee is also known for its barista training programs, where coffee enthusiasts can learn the art and science behind crafting the perfect cup of joe.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7242 0467

Website: https://prufrockcoffee.com/

Address: 23-25 Leather Ln, London EC1N 7TE, United Kingdom

10. Kaffeine (Fitzrovia)

Nestled in the heart of Fitzrovia, Kaffeine is a bustling coffee shop renowned for its commitment to quality and attention to detail.

This spacious café is beloved by locals and tourists alike, serving exceptional specialty coffee sourced from around the world.

With a focus on sustainability, Kaffeine ensures that each cup is brewed with care and precision.

The shop’s welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff make it a popular spot to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Contact info:

Website: https://kaffeine.co.uk/

Address: 66 Great Titchfield St., London W1W 7QJ, United Kingdom