11 Of The Smallest Tube Stations In London!

London’s vast and intricate underground transportation system, known as the Tube, is not only a practical means of commuting but also an iconic part of the city’s identity.

While some stations are bustling and grand, there is a hidden charm in the smaller, more intimate stations that dot the city.

In this article, we will explore the world of London’s smallest tube stations, uncovering their unique characteristics and the stories they hold.

1. Roding Valley Station

Tucked away in the suburban area of Redbridge, Roding Valley Station is often overlooked by visitors exploring London.

It boasts the title of being the smallest tube station in terms of its ticket office, which is no larger than a traditional British telephone booth.

Despite its petite size, this station provides access to the beautiful Epping Forest and the picturesque Roding Valley Nature Reserve, making it a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts.

Address: Station Way, Buckhurst Hill IG9 6LN, United Kingdom

2. North Greenwich Station

While it may seem contradictory to include a station that serves the bustling O2 Arena on this list, North Greenwich Station has a unique design that merits its inclusion.

The distinct shape of the station, resembling a giant blue-tiled tent, leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

The station’s location on the Jubilee Line also provides convenient access to the Greenwich Peninsula, where you can find attractions like the Emirates Air Line cable car and the iconic Cutty Sark.

Address: 5 Millennium Way, London SE10 0PH, United Kingdom

3. Chalk Farm Station

Situated in the vibrant borough of Camden, Chalk Farm Station is renowned for its proximity to the popular Camden Market and the iconic Roundhouse venue.

Despite its modest size, this station has witnessed numerous significant musical performances by renowned artists over the years.

Chalk Farm Station’s charming vintage-style platform shelters and its close-knit connection to Camden’s alternative music scene make it a must-visit for music enthusiasts exploring London.

Address: Underground Ltd, Adelaide Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW3 2BP, United Kingdom

4. Covent Garden Station

Located in the heart of London’s West End, Covent Garden Station is another small tube station worth exploring.

Its entrance, nestled within the famous piazza, immerses visitors in the atmosphere of one of the city’s most vibrant areas.

The station itself may be compact, but it is just steps away from world-class theaters, luxury boutiques, and the picturesque Covent Garden Market, making it an ideal starting point for a day of shopping and entertainment.

Address: Underground Ltd, Long Acre, London WC2E 9JT, United Kingdom

5. Borough Station

Often overlooked by tourists, Borough Station lies in close proximity to the renowned Borough Market, a food lover’s paradise.

This small station effortlessly blends into the local surroundings, with its charming facade resembling an old railway station.

From Borough Station, visitors can embark on a culinary adventure, exploring the market’s diverse array of stalls offering delectable food and fresh produce from around the world.

Address: Borough High St, London SE1 1JX, United Kingdom

6. Swiss Cottage Station

Nestled in the leafy neighborhood of Swiss Cottage, this compact tube station offers a serene and residential ambiance.

Its distinctive circular design and minimalistic architecture add to its charm.

Swiss Cottage Station serves as a gateway to nearby attractions such as the picturesque Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, and the renowned Hampstead Theatre.

Address: Finchley Rd, London NW3 6HY, United Kingdom

7. Mornington Crescent Station

Steeped in a sense of whimsy and popularized by the radio show “I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue,” Mornington Crescent Station has gained a cult following.

This compact station features a distinctive red brick exterior and captures the imagination of those who appreciate its quirky reputation.

While its surrounding area may not be as prominent as other parts of London, it serves as a gateway to the vibrant neighborhood of Camden, known for its alternative music scene, street art, and unique marketplaces.

Address: Underground Ltd, Mornington Crescent Station, Eversholt St, London NW1 2JA, United Kingdom

8. Holland Park Station

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Holland Park, this small tube station offers a delightful escape from the bustling city.

Holland Park Station is nestled in a leafy enclave, surrounded by elegant townhouses and the serene green spaces of Holland Park itself.

The station’s charming facade blends seamlessly with its picturesque surroundings, making it an ideal starting point for a leisurely stroll through the park’s Japanese gardens, tranquil woodlands, and the renowned open-air opera venue, Holland Park Opera.

Address: Holland Park Ave, London W11 3RB, United Kingdom

9. Archway Station

Situated in the lively borough of Islington, Archway Station boasts a distinctive architectural feature that sets it apart.

The station’s entrance is built into a former Victorian tollgate arch, offering a unique and historical setting for commuters and visitors.

Archway Station provides easy access to notable attractions like the historic Highgate Cemetery, the vibrant Upper Street, and the quirky shops and eateries of Camden Passage.

Address: Junction Rd, Archway, London N19 5RQ, United Kingdom

10. Elm Park

Elm Park station, situated in the London Borough of Havering, is considered one of the smallest tube stations in London. It features a modest design with limited amenities.

The station is served by the District line of the London Underground, providing convenient transportation options for commuters and locals in the surrounding area.

Despite its small size, Elm Park station plays a significant role in facilitating travel and connecting passengers to other parts of London.

Address: The Broadway, Hornchurch RM12 4RW, United Kingdom

11. Theydon Bois

Theydon Bois is a small tube station located in the Epping Forest district of London.

Serving as a stop on the Central Line, it is recognized as one of the smallest stations in the London Underground network.

Despite its compact size, Theydon Bois station provides essential transportation services for the local community.

Its small-scale design adds to its charm, and it remains an important hub for commuters and residents in the area, connecting them to various destinations across London.

Address: Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Epping CM16 7EU, United Kingdom