6 Of The Smallest Pubs & Bars In London!

From Guinness World Records holders to the smallest pubs in the Capital, London is home to several small bars and pubs.

If you wish to explore the smallest pubs in London that are Guinness World Record holders too or want to make new acquaintances quickly, have a beer at one of these small pubs.

  • Beasy
  • Cask & Glass
  • The Dove
  • The Brig
  • The Rake
  • The Euston Tap

1. Beasy

In 2019, Beasy opened its doors in Soho.

The barbershop was renovated into a hideaway cocktail bar that held parties on the weekends by a group of close friends with a passion for great-tasting drinks and a discriminating palate for delicious bar food.

Friends invited additional friends, and Beasy became an instant favorite, with the majority of customers becoming regulars.

The founder of Beasy revived the bar in early 2022 with a new site in Soho, a novel drinks concept, and the inclusion of food and a concealed bar for private gatherings.

The bleacher patio can accommodate customers who wish to soak in the Soho ambiance on Greek Street.

Contact info:

Tel: 07930 008464

Email: info@beasybar.co.uk

Website: https://beasybar.co.uk/

Address: 58 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 3DY, London.

2. Cask & Glass

The Cask and Glass, rumored to be the smallest pub in central London, is the perfect antidote to the city’s enormous pub franchises.

It is the perfect venue to sip a pint of beer from Britain’s oldest brewery, Shepherd Neame, as it is quaint, traditional, and brimming with local history.

In summer, the facade is adorned with flower boxes and baskets, and a couple of seats under the awning provide the opportunity to observe passersby.

The pub is now a haven of tranquility in the busiest metropolis in the world.

This is the place to find relief, relaxation, and pleasant service, whether you’re waiting for a train at Victoria station, going to a concert in the West End, or returning home after a long day.

Contact info:

Tel: 0207 834 7630

Website: https://www.caskandglass.co.uk/

Address: 39/41 Palace Street, Victoria, SW1E 5HN.

3. The Dove

Sitting next to the fireplace or on The Dove’s riverfront patio, you are not just sitting in a random pub; you are part of London’s rich history.

The Dove, a quaint, well-liked tavern with a remarkable history, has been a London institution for generations.

It is the smallest pub in Hammersmith and offers an amazing atmosphere, delicious fresh food, and, of course, a refreshing pint of ale due to its location on the Thames.

In recent years, the bar has hosted some of London’s finest actors, playwrights, and politicians.

If you have a moment between drinks, peruse the patrons’ list that is framed and hung above the basement bar’s fireplace. It is written as if it were a Who’s Who of the last several decades.

Not only the clientele, but even the building itself has incredible claims to renown.

The little area to the right of the bar, which can be accessed by a hidden door that only the most observant customers will see, is the smallest bar room in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Inside, you’ll find a brass plaque indicating the peak water level during the catastrophic flood of 1928.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 8748 9474

Website: https://www.dovehammersmith.co.uk/

Address: 19 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London, W6 9TA.

4. The Brig

The Brig is an intimate and concealed section of the bar of Merchant House of Bow Lane.

The smallest bar can be reserved by the hour for 2-4 persons, inclusive of all drinks and a personal bartender.

You can even play your own music, sample any spirits that strike your fancy, interact with your own bartender, and even make your own concoctions.

Moreover, their team is one of the most experienced and personable in the beverage industry.

They take great pleasure in their excellent levels of friendliness and their capability to provide you with a really unique and unforgettable experience.

Contact info:

Website: https://merchanthouse.bar/

Address: 13 Well Ct, London EC4M 9DN, United Kingdom.

5. The Rake

The Rake is a reputable bar situated beneath Borough Market that offers one of London’s largest beer selections in one of the city’s smallest pubs.

Their choice of beers and premium spirits changes frequently. The Rake opened during the beginning of the craft beer boom.

It was here that many American craft beers debuted in the United Kingdom, and as the British craft beer industry has evolved, they have collaborated with many of the industry’s pioneers and observed its evolution.

Over the years, the Rake’s wall has received autographs from numerous craft brewing industry luminaries.

It initially debuted with two cask taps and six keg lines but has since increased its draft selection to include four cask and sixteen keg lines.

The bar, its managers, and its staff have won numerous honors over the course of time, which proves how good it is even if it is extremely small.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7407 0557

Website: https://www.utobeer.co.uk/the-rake

Address: 14 Winchester Walk, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AG.

6. The Euston Tap

The Euston Tap features 47 lines of tap cider and ales to provide the finest assortment of beer from across the world.

31 of these brands are ciders and beers, featuring an ever-changing selection of the greatest ales, lagers, stouts, wheat beers, and other genres.

In addition, they have sixteen cask lines serving perfectly crafted and maintained cask ales and authentic ciders, and are considered one of the smallest pubs in London.

The little Euston Tap, with its lovely metal wall of craft beer, is one of the favorite parts of Euston Station.

They estimate that 30 people can be crammed in if necessary, but it is a small bar where usually a few people are accommodated.

If you are still concerned about fitting in, the good news is, the Northern Tap will soon be constructing a neighboring bar.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 3137 8837

Email: info@eustontap.com

Website: https://www.eustontap.com/

Address: 190 Euston Road, London, NW1 2EF.