Who Owns Heathrow Express? Explained!

Heathrow Express is a private train service that operates more than hundred and fifty daily trips between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport.

This express train service is operated by the Heathrow Express Operating Authority, a completely owned subsidiary of BAA, which is owned by the same company that owns Heathrow Airport.

In fact, it is run by both Heathrow Express Operating Authority and Great Western Railway together.

It was inaugurated in 1998 by Tony Blair, who was the Prime Minister at that time.

Legally, it is not part of the National Rail system, despite sharing the track with National Rail trains.

How Old Is Heathrow Express?

The Heathrow Express is almost 24 years old as it first began operating in 1998.

It is a high-speed transport link delivering the quickest travel time between Heathrow Airport and London.

The service is distinct from Railtrack’s franchising agreements, under which private firms pay to operate trains on its rails.

Ever since it began operating, it has expanded. In fact, recently, a further £30 million service increase was announced as a result of the station’s success.

How Many Heathrow Train Stations Are There?

London has three independent Heathrow train stations, two of which serve Heathrow Express transport services.

These two train stations include:

  • Heathrow Central, serving airport terminals 2 and 3.
  • Heathrow Terminal 5, serving, of course, Terminal 5.

The stations collectively offer a variety of useful amenities to anyone wanting to travel. These services include:

  • Free public WiFi
  • ATM machines
  • Many cafes, eateries, and shops
  • Car parking
  • Rental services
  • Waiting rooms, washrooms, changing rooms
  • Assistance for differently-abled people
  • Ticket office
  • Currency exchange bureau

How Quickly Do Heathrow Trains Depart?

Heathrow Airport is located on the edge of London, and its train stations have excellent connections to the center of the city.

Many cities are easily accessible from there, including Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Canterbury, and South East England.

There are three independent Heathrow train stations at London Heathrow Airport that provide easy access to all four terminals.

Also, there is no requirement to take additional shuttle buses from train stations, which is good news for many people.

Now, two trains connect Heathrow Airport train stations to London, namely:

  • The Heathrow Express
  • The Heathrow Connect

Every seven days a week and 15 minutes, these trains depart carrying a large number of people from here and there.

Since numerous passengers take the train to Heathrow Airport, it is considered the busiest airport in Britain, for local and international flights.

Heathrow trains are far quicker than traveling on the London Underground or bus.

How Often Do People Visit Heathrow Express?

The Heathrow Express carries around 17k passengers each day, and it takes almost 15 minutes to move between Heathrow Central and London Paddington.

For passengers, a free shuttle service operates between Heathrow Central and Terminal 4 every 15 minutes for a total duration of 4 minutes.

Moreover, each day, around 150 Heathrow Express services operate.

Numerous passengers take the train to Heathrow Airport, making it the busiest airport in Britain, for local and international flights.