7 Of The Biggest Electronics Stores In London

There are various prominent electronics retailers in London that offer a variety of high-quality electronic products at really affordable costs. From mobile phones and laptop devices to tablets, speakers, amplifiers, and much more are available.

We have enlisted some of the biggest electronic stores that are based in London, and have received top ratings time and time again. The best and most well-known electronic stores in London are listed below:

List of the biggest electronic stores in London:  

  • Currys
  • Richer Sounds
  • Atlantic Electrics
  • BaseO Lewisham
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Digital Outlet
  • The Electronic Centre

1.  Currys

They offer top-tier electronic items at cheap rates. Their products will always match or be cheaper than the lowest pricing from the previous year.

It is an electrical retailer company and one of the largest suppliers of high-quality laptops, computers, mobile phones, home appliances, and much more. 

They sell numerous computer accessories, including keyboards, webcams, mice, speakers, cables, headsets, and monitors. Along with computers, they also provide a wide range of devices and appliances that are ideal for people of all ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Their large store accommodates all kinds of products to suit your needs.

Contact info:

Tel: 0344 561 0000

Website: https://www.currys.co.uk/

Address: Unit A 51, 57 Effra Rd, London SW2 1BZ, United Kingdom.

2.  Richer Sounds

Richer Sounds carries all the cutting-edge technology at affordable rates. They have a broad collection of home appliances, computer goods, TV, and home theatre goods.  

They also offer budget-friendly noise-canceling products, headphones, and earphones. Additionally, to save you from having to carry heavy products on public transportation, they have also set up a choice of quick and simple delivery solutions.

They take great pleasure in providing in-depth knowledge and advice to all their clients. They are known for taking good care of their clients. Even outside of their standard business hours, they make sure all your queries are dealt with. 

You can also test their electronic goods, such as music systems, TV, and mobile phones. You can browse their website to check the prices and specifications of their products.

Contact info:

Tel: 0333 900 0021

Website: https://www.richersounds.com/stores/london-bridge

Address: 100 Tooley Street, SE1 2TH.

3.  Atlantic Electrics

Atlantic Electrics provides its clients with affordable electronic goods. They strive to process and ship out all their goods within one working day of receiving payment. Even during busy days, they make sure you receive your product on time. This proves their dedication.

Many people, sharing their experiences, say that they are satisfied with their orders, especially with Atlantic Electrics’ fast shipping service.

You will be pleased with your purchase if you choose their electronic goods. Their excellent customer service will make you come back for more.

Contact info:

Tel: (020) 8208 6999

Email: sales@atlanticelectrics.com

Website: http://www.atlanticelectrics.co.uk/

Address: 970 North Circular Road, London NW2 7JR, United Kingdom.

4.  BaseO Lewisham

They started their first store in 2011 with the goal of providing their customers with the finest quality used electronic goods at cheap rates.

They have six branches and a great online business. They strive to make it easier and more reasonable for their customers to obtain the highly desired tech.

They offer an extensive selection of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming computers, consoles, speakers, DJ equipment, portable devices, and home appliances. Furthermore, they deal with all their clients with great love and respect.

Contact info:

Tel: 020853344120

Email: contact@baseo.co.uk

Website: https://baseo.co.uk/

Address: Baseo , Unit 82 The Mall Stratford E15 1XQ.

5.  Bang & Olufsen

At Bang & Olufsen, they offer high-quality TVs, headphones, speakers, special editions, and seasonal collections at really low costs.

If you are looking for affordable electronic items or just want advice on how to improve your experience, you can simply browse their website and check their extensive selection.

Moreover, they offer top-notch customer service and a very calm, helpful, and relaxing experience. Consider all your needs fulfilled with their extensive collection of affordable goods.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7318 2405

Website: https://stores.bang-olufsen.com/

Address: 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB, United Kingdom.

6.  Digital Outlet

Digital Outlet is based in London. They are more than just an internet merchant. Their staff is extremely pleasant and helpful. You can visit their shop and explore all kinds of electronic goods. They are always delighted to assist all kinds of customers. They are here to provide you with the knowledge and assistance you need to choose the product that best meets your needs.

You can also test the products that are on display. As they are an independent retailer of computers, laptops, and personal technology products, they take great pride in the level of customer service they provide. They will certainly leave you satisfied.

They also sell a wide range of accessories to complete your purchase. Their goal is to make your purchasing experience as good as it can be. With more than one and a half decades of experience, they know what they do. Their experts are always ready to guide you. 

Lastly, they make sure all their electronic goods are up-to-date and affordably priced so that all their consumers can afford their products.  You will receive a one-of-a-kind experience at their store. 

Contact info:

Tel: 020 3538 5472

Email: support@digitaloutlet.co.uk

Website: https://digitaloutlet.co.uk/

Address: 51 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 2EQ, United Kingdom.

7.  The Electronic Centre

The Electronic Centre has been selling electronic goods for ages. They have over 30 years of experience, and it was founded in 1985.

They offer sound systems, speakers, lights, and DP equipment at affordable rates. They also repair electronic products and custom-make DP equipment.

They make sure they pick the finest quality products for their customers so that each customer gets the best of the best.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 8801 7121

Email: electroniccentre@aol.com

Website: https://www.theelectroniccentre.co.uk/

Address: 418 High Rd London N17 9JB, United Kingdom.