Top 5 Tennis Walls In London

Nowadays, people are starting to take interest in exercise, at-home workouts, gyms, and various sports.  

Londoners who are interested in tennis, particularly squash, have access to many great clubs. These clubs are affordable. The capital city of the UK is home to a number of reasonably priced public courts, some of which are even free. 

List of the top tennis walls in London: 

  • Coolhurst Tennis & Squash Club
  • Grafton Tennis & Squash Club
  • Finchley Manor Tennis Squash & Health Club
  • Brondesbury Cricket Tennis & Squash Club
  • Hills Road Sports & Tennis Centre

1.  Coolhurst Tennis & Squash Club

At Coolhurst, they have more than 100 years of experience in providing members of all ages with excellent teaching and some of the greatest sports facilities in London. 

Being passionate about sports, they offer coaching as well as kids’ tennis and squash summer camps. 

They also have high-end gyms if you love working out. They have the newest equipment and highly-qualified personal trainers. 

Contact info:



Address: Coolhurst Road, Crouch End, London N8 8EY, United Kingdom.

2.  Grafton Tennis & Squash Club

Grafton Tennis and Squash Club is a neighborhood club that proudly serves people of all backgrounds. It is located in London at Thornton Road and is administered by a group of dedicated volunteers. 

Their clubs are peaceful and offer a calm environment where you can practice your favorite sports. 

They have tennis clubs, squash clubs, and qualified coaches who can provide either private lessons or group programs for both adults and kids. If you are serious about raising your level of play over the long run, coaching is a crucial component of game development. They make sure their highly-qualified coaches help you polish your skills. 

They take great pleasure in being hospitable and pleasant, and they have a full social calendar all year long. They strictly enforce their equality policies and take care of the club to make sure everyone is in a secure setting and receives an equal amount of care.

They warmly welcome players of all standard ages. Their clubs are great to have fun with friends and families. 

Contact info:



Address: 70A Thornton Road, London SW12 0LF, United Kingdom.

3.  Finchley Manor Tennis Squash & Health Club

At Finchley Manor Tennis Squash & Health Club, the squash club was founded in 1881, which was later expanded and two squash clubs were formed. 

As the sport’s popularity grew, four squash clubs were formed. As of now, they offer top-notch facilities in a warm and welcoming setting. These clubs have been around for more than 125 years.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 8346 1327




4.  Brondesbury Cricket Tennis & Squash Club

They provide great tennis clubs for both adults and kids as well as tennis lessons. They also offer sports camps, cricket lessons, membership for squash, tennis, and cricket. 

They have stunning and spacious grounds that are safe and well-kept. You can practice all kinds of sports and have a great time with your friends.  

Contact info:



Address: 5A Harman Dr, London NW2 2EB, United Kingdom.

5.  Hills Road Sports & Tennis Centre

At Hills Road Sports & Tennis Centre, their squash court is well-liked by the locals. If you wish to unwind before pr after your lunch break, you can pay them a visit. You can also borrow their racquetball equipment. 

Contact info:

Tel: 01223 500009



Address: Purbeck Rd, Cambridge CB2 8PF, United Kingdom.

What Is Tennis With A Wall Called?

A two-person game played on a four-walled court with rackets is called squash tennis, where you hit the ball at the walls. 

Squash rackets and an inflatable ball that bounces quickly are used to play this game. It is a popular and very entertaining sport to play. 

Where Can I Play Tennis For Free London?

The majority of tennis courts are inexpensive to rent and many people can afford them, but if you still want to play tennis for free, there are many grounds and parks that offer such an opportunity. Tennis is a great activity to play with your friends and family as well as for improving health and fitness. 

You can explore the following places to play tennis for free in London: 

1.  Croydon Recreation Ground

Address: 319 Croydon Rd, Beckenham BR3 3FD, United Kingdom.

2.  Southwark Park

Address: Gomm Rd, London SE16 2TX, United Kingdom.

3.  Bush Hill Park

Address: Enfield, London, EN1, United Kingdom.

4.  Streatham Vale Park

Address: Abercairn Rd, London SW16 5AL, United Kingdom

5.  Old Dagenham Park

Address: Ballards Rd, Dagenham RM10 9AR, United Kingdom.

Where Can I Play Real Tennis In London?

There are a total of twenty-seven real tennis courts in the whole United Kingdom. These tennis courts are present in various countries. Based on many people’s experience, the following top real tennis courts are found in London. 

  • Middlesex University Real Tennis Club
  • Cambridge University Tennis Court
  • Lord’s Cricket Ground, The Tennis Court
  • Queen’s Club