7 Of The Biggest Gyms In London!

Want to feel good, energetic, and even live longer? Just work out regularly, and if you already do, then you’re in luck.

It is difficult to overlook the health advantages of regular physical activity and exercise. Exercise is beneficial regardless of age, gender, or physical ability.

There are numerous benefits of exercise. It has been demonstrated to increase mood and reduce emotions of stress, despair, anxiety, and despair.

It alters the regions of the brain responsible for regulating stress and anxiety. It can also increase the brain’s susceptibility to the antidepressant chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine.

In addition, exercise can boost the production of happy hormones, which are believed to cheer you up and diminish the sense of pain.

Physical activity provides enormous benefits that can enhance practically every part of your well-being. Regular exercise can increase the synthesis of hormones that improve mood and sleep quality.

Since exercise is so beneficial, it is important to work out regularly, and even more important to find the best gyms in your area.

For this reason, we have found some of the best and biggest gyms in London.

List of the biggest gyms in London:

  • Equinox Kensington
  • Third Space Soho
  • The PureGym
  • Muscleworks Gym
  • Digme Fitness Covent Garden
  • Roar Fitness
  • GymOnLondon

1. Equinox Kensington

With a vast, open-plan strength floor located beneath a glittering dome skylight, Equinox Kensington resembles a premium exercise playground.

This visually beautiful environment is dominated by a lighted circular dome that evokes vitality, opulence, and impeccable craftsmanship.

The club features the following:

  • Yoga Studio
  • Boxing Studio
  • Pilates Studio
  • Cycling Studio
  • Personal Training
  • Full-service Spa

Whether you want to enhance your skill in a high-intensity class or just want to freestyle on your own, you will discover that their well-equipped studio delivers a powerful punch.

Contact info:

Tel: 866-332-6549

Email: Concierge@Equinox.com

Website: https://www.equinox.com/

Address: Kensington Roof Gardens, London W8 5SA, United Kingdom.

2. Third Space Soho

In the center of Soho resides a big health club that is unique in style and dedication to excellence.

From some of London’s most active streets, you may enter a sanctuary of overall fitness, which includes a combat area, a number of high-quality gym equipment, and training space.

There are 3 levels of exercise space filled with the most advanced performance equipment, including a functional rig and a strength training area.

So, immerse yourself in this gym and work out for as long as you want. Moreover, they also feature a huge pool that is pure and less chlorinated, which is great news for both your hair and skin and even better for those with respiratory illnesses and allergies.

Contact info:

Tel: 0207 439 6333

Website: https://www.thirdspace.london/soho/

Address: 67 Brewer St, London W1F 9US, United Kingdom.

3. The PureGym

At the PureGym, everyone is welcome, irrespective of their age, size, religion, race, or gender. Their gym, located at Regent Street is an encouraging and judgment-free location where anyone may exercise freely.

They are dedicated to bringing affordable, high-quality gyms to everybody, everywhere. They achieve this by keeping their pricing low, making it as simple to leave as it is to join, keeping their gyms open around the clock, and offering their members the assistance and motivation they require, whenever they need it.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 3444770005

Website: https://www.puregym.com/

Address: Rex House, 4-12 Regent Street, London SW1Y 4PE, United Kingdom.

4. Muscleworks Gym

If you are a regular member of Muscleworks, you must be aware that their motivation is derived from their desire to amaze their clients, rather than from their drive to surpass their competition.

Even if you have never visited this gym, once you go there, you will come across a very welcoming group of trained professionals, leaving you in awe.

Since its establishment in 1985, its objective has been to increase the value for its members. They are internally motivated to improve their service by adding benefits and features.

Once you become a member of their big fitness center, it feels like you’ve moved into your own house.

Contact info:

Tel: 0207 247 0434

Website: https://muscleworksgym.co.uk/

Address: 114 Vallance Road, Bethnal Green, London, E1 5BL, United Kingdom.

5. Digme Fitness Covent Garden

With the most effective yoga flows and cycle workouts, CYCLE workouts, there is no question that Digme Fitness has something for everyone.

You’ll come for the exercise, but you’ll stick around for the atmosphere and the friends you make. It is more than just a gym, it is a community.

The studio is located in the center of Seven Dials and is a short distance from the tube stations at Leicester Square.

Contact info:

Tel: 0204 553 1306

Website: https://www.digmefitness.com/

Address: 4-10 Tower Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9NP, United Kingdom.

6. Roar Fitness

Roar Fitness is the only personal training firm in London capable of providing its clients with a unique Olympic training experience.

Their staff of highly trained professional trainers, therapists, nutritionists, and strength coaches collaborate to provide their customers with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge personal training experience imaginable.

They have built their reputation on results, and while you won’t have to look too hard to find their famous transformations on various news channels and magazines, their number one passion remains to transform the lives and bodies of ordinary men and women.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7626 1684

Website: https://www.roar-fitness.com/

Address: Liverpool Street, 24 Bevis Marks House, London, United Kingdom.

7. GymOnLondon

It is a two-story functional and features lifting weights, squat racks, gymnastic rings, and much more.

Moreover, there are numerous machines, a cardio area, indoor and outdoor classes, lockers, a café, and a powder room with hairdryers.

They have selected the finest fitness experts to ensure that you receive the best possible instruction and encouragement, regardless of your fitness goals.

Also, as their memberships are non-contractual, you are free to begin and end your fitness adventure at any moment.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 8063 5939

Email: info@gymonlondon.com

Website: https://www.gymonlondon.com/

Address: 2 Chatfield Road, SW11 3SD, London, United Kingdom.