Best Restaurants in Angel: A Guide to the Top Eateries in the Area

Angel is a neighbourhood in Islington that has a lot to offer when it comes to dining. With a wide range of cuisines and top-tier eateries to choose from, Angel has become a popular dining destination. From affordable options to high-end restaurants, there is something for everyone in this area.

For those looking to explore the best restaurants in Angel, there is no better way to do so than by indulging in the most delectable dishes the neighbourhood has to offer. Tasting the food is a perfect way to experience the flavourful essence of the area and discover hidden gems. So, get your knives and forks ready because it’s about to get drop-dead delicious in Angel.

Key Takeaways

  • Angel is a neighbourhood in Islington that offers a wide variety of cuisines and top-tier eateries.
  • Tasting the food is the perfect way to experience the flavourful essence of the area and discover hidden gems.
  • From affordable options to high-end restaurants, there is something for everyone in Angel.

Best Restaurants in Angel

Thai Square

If you’re looking for an authentic and quality Southeast Asian cuisine, Thai Square is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. The restaurant boasts a picturesque and inviting atmosphere with evergreen botanical decorations and impressively illustrated interior walls. The menu offers mouth-watering dishes like Thai dumplings and jungle curry that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Hot Stone

For adventurous and exquisite Japanese cuisine, Hot Stone is a must-visit restaurant in Angel. The ishiyaki grilling stone on the table provides an authentic and immersive experience for patrons to test their cooking skills and create unforgettable memories. Hot Stone is also one of the few restaurants in the United Kingdom that serves the elusive meaty delicacy of Kobe beef. Top tip: try bringing along a pair of reusable chopsticks to reduce one-use utensil waste.

Meat People

Meat lovers will find paradise at Meat People, a restaurant with strong Argentinian roots that show in its flavourful and aromatic atmosphere. The restaurant stocks British Angus beef all the way from Pampa Valley, and these grass-fed beauties thrived in certified ethical conditions. The menu offers a long list of tasty pleasures, from juicy fillet to beef empanadas. The restaurant has a low-key bistro vibe that becomes enveloped by a romantic candlelit glow when night falls.

The Breakfast Club

Specializing in comfort food and down-to-earth goodness, The Breakfast Club is the perfect place for an all-day breakfast. The canary yellow exterior of the restaurant is hard to miss, and the energetic atmosphere will have you pumping your fist in the air. Whether you prefer the banana and pecan french toast or the simple pleasures of The Greasy Spoon, this joint is the place to be.


For a contemporary and elegant dining experience, Frederick’s is one of the best restaurants Angel has to offer. The restaurant exudes elegance and innovation with captivating artwork and modern European cuisine. The menu offers plated culinary works of art, from succulent duck leg confit to melt-in-your-mouth toffee and banana crème brûlée.

Tas Firin

This small and quaintly decorated Turkish restaurant in Angel provides an exotic getaway for your taste buds. The warm embrace of the stone stove and scrumptious starters will prepare you for a night filled with diverse delights. The menu offers authentic and traditional Turkish cuisine that provides a wide variety of flavors, including hummus and halloumi.

Mangia Bene

Bringing a cultural flair to your dining experience, Mangia Bene is an Italian restaurant in Angel that will have you intoxicated by its hearty cuisine. The rustic decor and traditional cooking will momentarily transport you to the wondrous plains of Italy with just a few bites. The menu offers cheesy pizzas and an extensive wine list, making it the perfect first date spot to feel your nerves melt away in its homey and vibrant atmosphere.

Tofu Vegan

For delectable cuisine with an earth-conscious kick, Tofu Vegan is the perfect restaurant in Angel for a fancy plant-based feast. The restaurant uses mushrooms, tofu, and bean protein substitutes to provide all the meat-free goods. The menu offers Chinese cuisine minus animal by-products, including deep-fried mushroom and tofu balls and veggie spring rolls. While this establishment offers exclusively meat-free dishes, you’ll have your vegan and carnivorous friends alike racing for the last dumpling on the shared plate.

Tortilla Islington

Tortilla is one of the best restaurants near Angel Subway Station, perfect for satisfying your carb-heavy cravings after a day of exploring. The neon sign beckons you to experience their delicious quesadillas and nachos. The restaurant provides an extensive nutritional calculator on their website, making it easy to keep track of your calorie intake.