Eating Around the World in London: A Culinary Adventure

London is a city that boasts an incredibly diverse population, with nearly 40% of its residents born outside of the UK. With this multiculturalism comes an array of cuisines from around the world, making London a gastronomic hub for foodies. In fact, experts estimate that around 300 languages are spoken in London, which is a testament to the city’s diverse and vibrant culture.

For those who are unable to travel the world, London offers the next best thing. From Spanish tapas to Sri Lankan cocktails, London’s dining scene has it all. This article will explore the best global restaurants in London, providing practical tips for those looking to embark on a round-the-world-tour of the city’s culinary offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • London is a multicultural city with a diverse population that has brought an array of cuisines from around the world to the city’s dining scene.
  • The article will explore the best global restaurants in London, providing readers with practical tips for embarking on a culinary tour of the city.
  • London offers an opportunity to experience a range of cuisines from around the world without leaving the city.

Eating Around the World in London

London is a melting pot of cultures, and with that comes a diverse range of cuisines. From Armenian to Vietnamese, London has it all. Here are some of the best restaurants in the city to experience the flavors of the world.

Armenia – Lusin

Located in Mayfair, Lusin is Mayfair’s first Armenian restaurant. The restaurant takes traditional Armenian food and adds a high-end flair to it. The food is still rooted in tradition, but it is served to ambient house music and signature cocktails.

Argentina – La Patagonia

La Patagonia, located in Camden, serves up traditional Argentine food. The restaurant is known for its hunks of steak cooked over a grill or coated in breadcrumbs Milanesa style. The sauces are so good that choosing just one can be difficult. The restaurant also boasts an enormous white and blue Argentine-flag facade.

Belgium – Lowlander Grand Cafe

Located in Aldwych, Lowlander Grand Cafe is laidback and unpretentious. The restaurant is styled off the cafes of Brussels and serves a great spread of food from the broader Low Country region. The restaurant is known for its moules frite, hearty stews, and the best Belgian beer.

Brazil – Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chão, located in Soho, is a meat lover’s paradise. The restaurant offers a menu of wildly delicious steaks cooked on skewers, as steaks, on the bone, and even wrapped in bacon.

Canada – West 4th

West 4th, located in Fulham, brings the food of west Canada to London. The restaurant offers an eclectic range of dishes that reflect the multiculturalism of Canada. The plates are highly likely to end up on your Instagram due to the eye-catching plate presentation.

Cuba – Escudo de Cuba

Located in Stoke Newington, Escudo de Cuba is all about the atmosphere. The decor is distinctly Cuban, as is the music. The restaurant offers traditional Cuban cuisine, and their mojitos are a must-try.

China – Hunan

Located in Bloomsbury, Hunan has done away with menus. Instead, the restaurant offers tailored dining experiences based on Chinese cooking and flavors. The diner gets to pick the flavors at the start of the meal, making it quite the experience.

Ethiopia – Lalibela

Located in Tufnell Park, Lalibela has an extensive, cross-region menu of all the best Ethiopian cuisine. The restaurant’s version of tibs, a hybrid somewhere between stir fry and stew, is a must-try.

France – Casse-Croûte

Located in Bermondsey, Casse-Croûte is a great French restaurant. While it may not be the most fancy, having a meal at Casse-Croûte is like signing up to be transported to Provence for a few hours.

Greece – Lemonia

Located in Primrose Hill, Lemonia has become something of a local institution. The restaurant’s reputation has drawn in stars like Kate Moss and Harry Styles. Prices remain very reasonable, and the cooking is straightforward, traditional Greek.

Germany – German Gymnasium

Located in King’s Cross, German Gymnasium is known for its stunning ceiling of the old German gym that the restaurant gets its name from. The restaurant offers a menu of hearty German classics that are as delicious as they are filling. The wine list is also worth trying.

India – Gunpowder

With multiple locations, Gunpowder is known for nudging its head against the boundaries of what Indian food can be while still keeping its feet very much on traditional ground. The restaurant is known for its soft shell crab.

Indonesia – Bali Bali

Located in Soho, Bali Bali is passionate about Indonesian cuisine and likes to keep it close to its roots. The restaurant offers delicious satay skewers, hearty curries, and zingy salads.

Israel – Bala Baya

Located in Borough, Bala Baya brings the flavors of Israel to London. The restaurant serves up Israeli cuisine in a playful environment that’s always full of life. Bala Baya has become a bit of a London institution.

Italy – Padella

With multiple locations, Padella serves up some of the best pasta in town. The restaurant can do it so cheap that you won’t ever have to think twice about ordering that extra glass of wine.

Jamaica – Fish, Wings & Tings

Located in Brixton, Fish, Wings & Tings is a cornerstone of the Brixton Village food and drink world. The restaurant is known for its great-quality portions of everything from curry goat to jerk chicken. The fact that they source all their ingredients locally is just a bonus.

Japan – Aqua Kyoto

Located in Piccadilly, Aqua Kyoto serves up excellent, highly inspired Japanese cooking.

Eating Around the World in London: Practical Tips

  • Booking in advance is crucial for popular restaurants.
  • Japanese, Korean, and Indian restaurants are recommended for spice lovers.
  • British and French restaurants are great for those who prefer milder flavors.